Turning a Mid-Century Modern Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity
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Turning a Mid-Century Modern Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

Do you love the mid-century modern style, but find the selection for bathroom vanities severely lacking? Today I'll show you how to turn a modern dresser into a vanity including how to alter those drawers to work around the plumbing. Turning…
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Drawer Box Plans

Learn the simplest and most accurate way to build drawer boxes with this easy tutorial. Drawer Box Build Welcome back, this is Kristen from In Her Garage Woodworking here with another build plan for you.  When I first began my DIY woodworking…
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DIY Wall Bookshelf

Looking for a way to organize and free up floor space in your home? Expand your DIY talents and build this adorable DIY wall bookshelf.  I built this as the final addition to my daughter's new room and although the joinery is slightly more…
diy french cleat
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How to Make and Use a French Cleat

I am going to teach you how to securely hang heavy objects on the wall with a board and a few screws. Using a French Cleat has been a tried and true method for hanging heavy objects and is used by professional cabinet makers and DIYers alike.…
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DIY Modern Boho Side Table

I built this side table as part of the bedroom furniture set for my daughter's new room. It may look a little complicated, but can be built with a circular saw or a table saw.  Let's make this DIY Modern Boho Side Table! DIY Modern Boho…
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DIY Spider Stool

Halloween is lurking around the corner like a stray black cat. Luckily I'm here with the perfect project for Halloween that will use up some of your scrap wood pieces. Let's make a DIY Spider Stool! DIY Spider Stool I have a spooky little…
DIY Platform Bed
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DIY Platform Bed

Build this simple DIY platform bed for your home!! This platform bed is a minimalist's dream and it fits in perfectly with the new and trending BoHo decor style. DIY Platform Bed Hey everyone, this is Kristen from In Her Garage and I am…
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DIY Circle Cutting Jig for the Table Saw

So, you love making DIY projects but want to expand your talents further than squares and rectangles. I’m going to show you how to make DIY Circle Cutting Jig for the Table Saw. Yes!! Your table saw. DIY Circle Cutting Jig for the Table…
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How to Create a Faux Zinc Texture (with Spray Paint)

Want to give something the look of zinc metal without spending money on zinc metal? You can create the look with spray paint and this technique. How to Create a Faux Zinc Texture (with Spray Paint) A while ago I was thrifting with a few friends…
How to Make a Super Simple Bar Stool

How to Make a Super Simple Bar Stool

How to Make a Super Simple Bar Stool Have you ever wanted a bar stool that is a specific height or stain color? I bet you thought you'd have to search all over town for just the right bar stool, right? Well today, I'm back again from Woodshop…
Aging and Antiquing Finishes Roundup Social Media Image
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The Best DIY Aging and Antiquing Techniques

Aging and Antiquing Technique Tutorials: Do you love the idyllic vintage or rustic look? If your answer is yes, then this round up is for you! I've curated some awesome projects with full details for aging and antiquing techniques that every…
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DIY Mobile Mudroom

DIY Mobile Mudroom Hello Pretty Handy Girl readers! I'm Sarah from The Created Home, and I'm thrilled to meet you. I love versatile designs that makes life a little easier. This mobile mudroom is sure to help keep your entryway more organized.…
How to Build a Simple Mission Style End Table
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DIY Side Table Plans

DIY Side Table Plans This little end table is a perfect fit for tight spaces or it would make a great plant stand! My sister asked me to make her a simple side table to sit between her chairs on the front porch, so here I am with the DIY Side…
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The Best Piece of Furniture for My Growing Son

Can we take a moment and talk parent-to-parent? You know how parents of grown children will tell you to cherish the moments you have with your children because they grow up so fast. You know it's true, but you can't really fathom the speed…
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How to Make a Headboard Bench

Today's Rockstar is one of the bloggers that I aspired to be when I started blogging. This gal truly paved the way for DIY Bloggers. Gail is here to show us how to make a headboard bench. Watch closely as she deftly converts an old headboard…
Turn a Chair into a Stool
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Upcycled Stool from a Chair

I love this upcyled project from Jessica! Today's Rockstar is probably familiar to you because she performs as a monthly contributor on Pretty Handy Girl. Jessica is here with the tutorial to Upcycle a Stool from a Chair. When Jessica…
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Refinishing a Mid-Century Sideboard

Have you ever turned down a piece of furniture that looks ruined? Aha, today's rocker is Emily and she has the superpower to make furniture look brand new again!  On the Rockstar DIY stage today is a performance you won't forget. Emily…
Pretty Handy Girl Living Room Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Living Room Reveal

I'm so excited to finally reveal our living room makeover to you. I partnered with La-Z-Boy to furnish our living room almost exclusively with La-Z-Boy furniture and accessories. The furniture from La-Z-Boy arrived a while ago, but the rug…
Cory Rolling Storage Ottoman from La-Z-Boy | Pretty Handy Girl
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I’m in Love with Cory…

I'm in love with Cory and all the things he does for me. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence, but it's true. Cory has been with me for about two months now and he has easily won over my heart. Honest, I'm not cheating…
Installing a Wall Mount Flat Screen TV + Hiding Cords | PrettyHandyGirl
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Wall Mounted TV with Hidden Wires Tutorial

Do you have a flat screen TV? Do you have children? Wish you could mount your TV on the wall for space and safety? Or have you already mounted your TV, but the wires are visible and hang below your screen? GASP—not the dreaded visible…
Aging and Antiquing Furniture | Pretty Handy Girl
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Aging and Antiquing Furniture Legs

Aging and antiquing furniture legs is an easy task if you want to fake age on a table or chairs. With some stain, paint and glaze you can fool most people into believing that your new furniture is an antique. There are many ways to age…
Bali Dream Deck for Thompsons Water Seal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Thompson’s WaterSeal Bali Dream Deck Reveal

Last month while most of the US was under heavy blankets of snow and ice, I flew to Dallas. I was hoping to find warm temperatures and lots of sun. And if I couldn't find any, I'd create my own with my sister, Caitlin's help. Thompson's…
Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro
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Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro

Hello friends! It's Jessica from Decor Adventures, back this month with tips on The Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro! I have some tips to make your furniture finishes look like they were professionally done. Help you pick…
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How to Turn a Bunk Bed into a Loft Bed

How to Turn a Bunk Bed into a Loft Bed Remember when I built a loft bed for my younger son? No sooner had I made his bed, when my oldest son was begging me to build him a loft bed too. Instead of starting from scratch, I was able to turn…
Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösh Chalk Paint Powder
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Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösch Chalk Powder

It seems I have a penchant for painting my late grandmother's old furniture. You may remember the coffee table I wrote on of her's. This kitchen cart was Grandma's, but it had seen better days. It has been hanging out in my Dad's kitchen…
La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl
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Please Help with my La-Z-Boy Design Decisions

Remember when I admitted to you that we sit on a dead couple's sofa? I'm ashamed to admit it, but Pretty Handsome Guy and I have the same sofa that was handed down to us by my godfather when his parent's died. Several years ago I agreed…
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12 DIY Storage Projects to Organize Your Home

It's January and you know what that means! Time to clean and purge the house of all the excess stuff. Last year I was too busy with projects to purge, so this year I'm taking advantage of some warmer days to clean out our home. I hope you'll…
Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe

I've fallen in love with the Restoration Hardware Salvage Gray wood stain. But, try as I might, I haven't found a pre-mixed stain that produces the same look. That never deterred me, and I don't like to give up. Therefore, I created my…
Rustic IKEA Hack Cabinet Transformation | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rustic IKEA Hacked Cabinet

Rustic is not usually a word used to describe IKEA. IKEA is better know for their modern furniture, simple lines, meatballs and funny Swedish words. Today I'm going to change how you perceive IKEA furniture forever! Are you ready for this?…
Updating a Knotty Pine Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Updating a Nightstand {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

The best way to give your room a makeover on a budget is if you can use your existing furniture. Notice that I didn't say using it "as is". Heck no! Update your solid furniture by adding moulding, paint and new feet! (Pretty Handy…
Painted Vanity Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Vanity Nightstand

In the quest to makeover our master bedroom and save money, I've been painting several pieces of furniture to coordinate with the new bed I built. One of the pieces I painted was this small desk that doubles as a nightstand. Our bedroom…
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Farmhouse King Size Bed with Storage

The master bedroom is almost finished. If you've been following along, I decided to give our bedroom a makeover when we upgraded our mattress to a king size. That decision has resulted in a few "give a mouse a cookie" decisions. Every…
Facelift for a Knotty Pine Dresser | Pretty Handy Girl
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Aqua Dresser Makeover – What’s Knot to Love?

You know you've seen those knotty pine dressers from yesteryear. Their spotlight has faded and they are finding themselves at thrift shops, ReStores or worse yet...at the curb. I'm begging you to let this knotty eyesore back into…
Wall-mounted IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet turned Stuffed Animal Storage | Pretty Handy Girl
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Securing an IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet to the Wall (with an outlet cutout)

Have you ever shopped the "As Is" section at IKEA? There are some deals to be found there! Like this IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet. The cabinet had a small bent piece at the bottom and was therefore marked down to $60 from $100! Score!…
Wall-Mounted Desk Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Wall-Mounted Desk Tutorial

Need a desk but lack floor space or the funds to buy a desk? This Wall-Mounted Desk tutorial will meet your needs! Plus, you can customize the length to meet your needs. Wall Mounted Desk Tutorial Hey, I hope you had a fabulous weekend!…
DIY Loft Bed | Pretty Handy Girl
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A Blue Loft Bed for My Son

Guys and Gals, I am here today to tell you that you can build a loft bed for your child! However, unlike most of the tutorials you find on my site, building this loft bed is not one of them. Instead, loads of gratitude goes to Ana White…
Spigot Faucet Drawer Knobs Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Spigot Faucet Handle Drawer Pulls

Remember my son's dresser that I gave a pop of color? As promised I'm back today to show you how I made the spigot handle drawer knobs. I purchased my vintage spigot handles from Etsy seller, Anything Goes Here. She has some other vintage…
Easy Added Color to a Dresser | Pretty Handy Girl
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An Easy Way to Add Color to a Dresser {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

Adding color to dresser drawers is definitely an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise boring piece of furniture. Add some new knobs and your dresser will look like a new piece of furniture! (Tutorial for creating custom knobs coming…
Faux Weathered Gray Wood Grain Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Faux Finish Weathered Wood Grain

Do you love the Restoration Hardware tables that have that beautiful gray (driftwood-like) weathered wood? Me too. But, I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on their furniture. Instead, I found a Craig's List pedestal table that…
Unique Wine Rack
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DIY Unique Wine Rack

Hi everyone! It’s Jessica from Décor Adventures, back again and ready to show you a furniture makeover project I’m just in love with. This isn't just any furniture makeover. This is how to turn an old dresser into a rack to hold your…
How to Easily Reupholster Your Chairs | Pretty Handy Girl
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Video Tutorial: How to Reupholster Dining Chairs and Protect the Fabric

In the very beginning of this blog I showed you how to reupholser a yard sale chair. Almost four years has passed and I learned a lot since then. I hope this tutorial will be more helpful to anyone who wants to reupholster a simple dining…
Boy's Red, White & Blue Themed Room | Pretty Handy Girl
School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Elementary School Library Reveal

For a month I've been working on the school library makeover that was facilitated by a donation from Overstock.com. This morning I got my emotional reward. I walked into the library ready to put on the finishing touches in the room. There…
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How to Create a Rustic Wood King Headboard

I'm back with more progress on the beach condo. I am really excited to share this tutorial on how to create a rustic wood headboard with you because it caused quite the buzz on Facebook and Instagram. This has to be one of my favorite projects…
How to replace decorative trim on furniture.
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How to Replace Decorative Trim on Furniture

I found a cute nightstand at an antique mall a while back.  As usual it sat in the garage for some a few years time and then I decided it was time to re-finish the piece. The nightstand had been painted multiple times and needed some…
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How to Build a Rolling Storage Seat

Everyone can always use more hidden storage! What's better than getting organized with more storage? How about combining it with additional seating!  Jaime here from That's My Letter sharing with you this easy tutorial for how to build…
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The Painted Chairs – a Second Chance Makeover

My search for some small chairs for the kitchen table area is finally over!  The chairs I had before blocked the view from my kitchen to the family room and vice-versa, their backs were too high and overall they were too big for that small…
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Why My Grandmother Would Love that I Wrote All Over Her Coffee Table

My grandmother wouldn't mind that I painted and then wrote all over her coffee table. She was one of the most giving people you've ever met. She truly was the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. I…
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Easy Sofa Makeover and Living Room Mini-Makeover

Have you ever been bored with the way a room looks?  For me, it was my living room. It houses the same sofa... The same lamps... The same golden frames surrounding the same prints we loved so much 13 years ago! I have a quick tutorial for…
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Mudroom Tour – 2013

We made some serious progress this past week. Not only did we make a big dent in the "to do" list in the kitchen, but we also finished painting and installing the trim in the mudroom. It's really nice walking past this little paper flower…
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Recovering This End Up Style Kindergarten Chairs

As a parent of two elementary school students, I always ask my kids' teachers if they need anything for their room. Usually the answer is markers, wipes, or snacks. But, my kindergartner's teacher knows about my secret identity after having…
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Rustic Red Pie Safe Painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Over the holidays, I had the good fortune to attend one of Miss Mustard Seed's painting demos here in Raleigh. Marian is such a joy to watch. She's so laid back about her painting techniques, that you want to jump up there with her and start…
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Chalk Painted, Stenciled and Distressed Dumpster Table

Dear Beautiful Table, your scandinavian antique beauty has us mesmerized. What's your story? Did a family of four sit around you and talk about the day's adventures on the farm? Or were you an antique table brought over from Europe and passed…
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Making an Upholstered Bench from a Coffee Table – DIY Talent Madigan Made

Look up there! It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait...it's Madigan Made! That's right, Shannon from Madigan Made is here and she leads a double life. She's the Clark Kent of the blogging world. By day, Shannon is a pharmacist and by night…
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Industrial Work Table with Vintage Dictionary Top – Guest Post by Hammer Like a Girl

Y'all are gonna love today's guest post! Hammer Like a Girl is in the HOWZZ! Check out that industrial book page topped table that they created. Today's guest post is brought to you by THREE handy gals! I'm seriously thinking about moving…
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Shabby Chic Chest of Drawers – Guest Post by Storywood Designs

Hey y'all! I'm super stoked because I'm on my way to Blissdom in Nashville, TN for a few days. I can't wait to learn some new blogging tricks; network with a few blogging buddies; and listen to some inspiring speakers. Don't you worry,…
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Refinishing a Garden Bench

Recently I decided my garden bench that used to be a Craig's List bed frame, needed to be refinished. I repaired, sanded and repainted the bench before setting it onto our porch where it would get less exposure to the rain. Well,…
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Decoupaging the Dresser Panel with Wrapping Paper

Here is the decoupage tutorial I promised you from the Diva of a Dresser makeover. Materials: Wrapping Paper, Decorative Paper or Wall Paper Fresh Sharp Exacto blade Mod Podge Spray Adhesive (optional) Paint Brush I started by unrolling…
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Using Asphaltum Glaze to Antique Furniture

I've seen several talented furniture rescuers (Miss Mustard Seed comes to mind) using Valspar Asphaltum glaze on their shabby chic creations. Valspar Asphaltum Antiquing Glaze I have to tell you right now, I had not been…
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Adding Decorative Stencil to Dresser

The other day I shared with you my french provincial dresser makeover. I dubbed her the Diva Dresser because of all the changes she pushed me to make. But, in the end I really liked what she wanted. One of the tutorials that I promised you…
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The Perfect Color for a Craig’s List Dresser

I am in love with those adorable french provincial dressers. The flourishy handles are what really get my heart pounding.When I saw this dresser on Craig's List for $35 dollars, I pounced!  Disclaimer: I stole this picture from the previous…
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Trashy Coffee Table Finds Her Beautiful Beachy Self

Okay readers, so the truth is out, I just can't seem to pass up discarded furniture. They look so sad and pitiful awaiting the trash trucks. They plead with me to rescue them from life in the dump. That is how I found this coffee table. It…
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Door & Picket Fence Nightstand – I "Picked It" from the Trash

My best friend from elementary school will be flying in today from New York. I have a sweet little retreat all made up for her in our guest room. I promise to post pictures of the whole room in the near future (when the sun – and sons –…
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Rebuilding Daisy the Discarded Chair

I have a serious problem. I can't bear to see a piece of furniture being thrown away. It could be the ugliest, most broken down chair and I still feel the need to save it from Mt. Trashmore. That was the case with "Daisy" this poor ugly…
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Upholstering Little Bench – A sweet spot to land

If you stuck through my ugly post yesterday. I have some pretty pictures for you today!Two years ago I happened upon a cute little bench being thrown out with a neighbor's trash. (I am addicted to trashed furniture. In fact, I have a NASTY chair…
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Turning a Craig’s List Bed Frame into a Garden Bench

How to Turn a Craig's List Bed Frame into a Garden Bench While visiting one of Raleigh's local shabby chic boutiques, I fell in love with a sweet bench made from an old bed frame. But, the $350 price tag meant that our relationship was not…
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Quick and Easy Bookcase Facelift – I’ve Got Your Back

Now that my re-upholstered office chair is complete, I wanted to address the dark looming bookcase that I sit next to. I am obsessed with natural light and the color of a room can really effect my mood. We recently painted our office and had…
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Adding Nail Head Trim – Give me some bling!

If you are coming here from a link party, this is the final post on my Extreme Rattan Chair Makeover. Click HERE if you want to see the transformation from the beginning. This chair started out as an U-G-L-Y silver painted dining chair that…
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Re-Upholstering the Chair Seat

The next step in my extreme rattan chair makeover is the upholstery. Time to give your tushie a new cushy! Re-Upholstering the Chair Seat: I removed the seat from the chair before I started any of the paint stripping and painting. Removing…
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Make Me Beautiful – The Painting Step

Today I'll show you the painting technique I used on the chair I stripped yesterday. Here is a list of suggested materials: Tarp or drop cloth Brush Primer Rubber gloves Sandpaper (Fine & Medium grits) Spray paint (optional…