La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl
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Please Help with my La-Z-Boy Design Decisions

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Remember when I admitted to you that we sit on a dead couple’s sofa? I’m ashamed to admit it, but Pretty Handsome Guy and I have the same sofa that was handed down to us by my godfather when his parent’s died. Several years ago I agreed to stop bringing home inexpensive big furniture pieces. Instead, we decided to wait and save for quality furniture that would last a long time. During the wait, I made the best of an ugly situation and covered that old sofa in hunter green plaid in the 90’s.


Then I bought a bright red slipcover for it in the early 2000’s.


A few years ago, I added a white slipcover to hide it’s true identity.


But, when guests sit on it, they know. I know it by the looks on their faces as their rear ends collide with the hard cushions. It’s like sitting on concrete. Not to mention that the sofa is small. Not just in width, but in height too.

I was talking to my sister the weekend we were working on the beach condo. She is an interior designer and she expressed her disgust with my poor excuse for a sofa, “Brittany, for heaven’s sake, you are in your 40’s! Grow up already and buy a new sofa.” I was shamed and agreed that we needed to find some time to go furniture shopping again. But, this was akin to driving a broken ox to plow through a muddy field (Amazing Race reference.) Handsome Guy hates shopping…especially when it involves looking at multiple colorful swatches and fabrics. I on the other hand don’t mind that part, but I’m particular about quality and comfort. Finding furniture that will last the abuse of our boys and last for decades is important to me.

We set out one date night to hunt down the perfect sofa and drag it home to our lair. We went to half a dozen furniture stores, but none of the showrooms felt right. One was too modern. One had cheap quality sofas. One store had a pushy salesman. (Am I sounding like Goldilocks here?) Sadly, we returned home empty-handed.

In a twist of fate, I was introduced to the new look of La-Z-Boy when they approached me about participating in the Design Dash. Before then, I never considered buying a sofa at La-Z-Boy because — you know — my grandfather had a big fat roll filled La-Z-Boy and it wasn’t stylish! Boy was I wrong!

I walked into that showroom and was blown away…as in “Shut the Front Door! This can’t be a La-Z-Boy showroom.”

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Everywhere I looked, there was gorgeousness.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

I had to double check that I was in the right place because some of the room settings looked more like Pottery Barn than what I expected of La-Z-Boy.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

And that’s why I knew that I wanted to select furniture for my living room from La-Z-Boy. After the Design Dash each blogger was promised a sofa or other furniture as a thank you for working so hard on our rooms. I asked if I could have a rain check because I wasn’t ready to work on our living room. After the holidays I decided to use that raincheck and made an appointment at our local showroom. I was greeted by a design consultant named Lexie. (Isn’t she the cutest?!)

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Lexie insisted that before I begin picking fabrics and colors I needed to sit down. For the next half hour I did a lot of this:

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

My tushie sat down on every sofa in that showroom. And honestly not one of them felt like that brick we have at home. I wanted to move into the showroom and sit on sofas all day! Lexie asked me a lot of questions about what I liked and disliked about each sofa. She gently guided me to the back where I met this gal:

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Readers, meet Bree.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

To me she has the right balance of elegance and comfort without being overly pretentious. She has stylish curves and beautiful piped trim. But, best of all, she is soft and plush, but supportive of my backside! 😉

As we finished up the initial consultation, I quickly pointed to a few fabrics I liked. Lexie said, “Great, I’ll bring them to your home when I come over for the next step in the design consultation.” Say WHAT?! You heard me correctly, La-Z-Boy has designers that come to your home to help measure your space and make suggestions based on your home! This has to cost money, right? Nope. It’s a FREE service they offer!

Fast forward a few weeks (because we had to contend with the holidays and an out of town trip) and Lexie showed up as she promised. She came with several catalogs of furniture and rugs…

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

…and with the fabric samples I had chosen plus some more she thought I might like.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

While Lexie carefully measured the room, I laid all the fabrics onto our existing furniture to see how they looked in the lighting in our house. I also tried to envision them on the entire sofa and ottoman, etc.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Lexie helped me coordinate fabrics and made some suggestions, but she also let me make my own selections. She offered the perfect balance of design assistance without pushing her style on me.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

A few days later this arrived in my email:

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

Lexie had put in our room measurements and worked on some furniture placement suggestions.

Itching to see how new furniture would look (or fit) in your room? There is a 3D Room Planner on the La-Z-Boy site if you want to play with your own layout and furniture arrangements.


La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

This is feeling so REAL now! I am biting my fingernails as I need to actually decide what to choose for our living room. This is where I need your help. Will you be my BFF and virtually come to the La-Z-Boy showroom with me and help me pick out my fabrics and furniture? Lexie and I have already narrowed it down to the pieces I want, but I need help with fabrics. (If you really want to be involved you can actually go to your local showroom and ask to see the fabric swatches in person!)

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

You could walk around the showroom and lay swatches on different pieces. Then turn your eyeballs into a ping pong game and look back and forth at the fabrics to see if you think they coordinate. Just don’t sue me if you get dizzy and pass out. On second thought, maybe see if a designer there can help you.

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

I will be painting our living room a beautiful soft Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. And I chose a gorgeous watercolor rug to coordinate with the walls. Here are the choices:

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

a. Bree Sofa in Piccolo Stone, Daphne Storage Ottoman in Bradstreet Lemongrass, Bradley Low Profile Recliner in Pearl Leather, Cosmopolitan Wingback in Ikat Fret Pewter, Crossnore Sofa Table

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

b. Bree Sofa in Piccolo Stone, Daphne Storage Ottoman in Bradstreet Lemongrass, Bradley Low Profile Recliner in Ikat Fret Pewter, Cosmopolitan Wingback in Wrigley Oasis, Crossnore Sofa Table

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

c. Bree Sofa in Piccolo Stone, Daphne Storage Ottoman in Bradstreet Lemongrass, Bradley Low Profile Recliner in Ikat Fret Pewter, Cosmopolitan Wingback in Pearl Leather, Crossnore Sofa Table

La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl

d. Bree Sofa in Piccolo Stone, Daphne Storage Ottoman in Tourmaline Ikat Fret, Cosmopolitan Wingback in Bradstreet Lemongrass, Bradley Low Profile Recliner in Leather Powder Blue, Crossnore Sofa Table

I’m so glad you are willing to help me. I definitely appreciate your input and will take your comments into consideration. We’ve waited a looooong time to upgrade our furniture and I’m hesitant to choose furniture that will look dated in a decade or more.


Disclosure: I decided to work with La-Z-Boy because I liked their quality furniture, product selection, and comfort.  I was also impressed with how many readers commented on the durability of their old La-Z-Boy recliners. I approached them about working with me on my living room makeover. They agreed to partner with me. I received complimentary products, but I was not told what to write or share. Please know that I am very selective about which companies and products I chose to work with. And I will always disclose partnerships and sponsored posts to you the reader.




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  1. Sabrina
    Sabrina says:

    Maybe you can help me!! I just bought a chair in the fabric u show earlier, with red, teal, beige flowers. It’s discontinued but I’d love to find out the name and other details, of the fabric, so maybe I can track some down to make pillows! Any help appreciated 🙂

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      Susan, oh I wish I knew the answer to your question. That is a beautiful fabric. Why don’t you download the picture from this post and show it to your local La-Z-Boy designer. They will hopefully be able to remember or help you.

  2. Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport says:

    I, too, am partial to the selections in the “D” grouping. It is beautiful, looks sturdy for some real living
    and the colors are so soft and calming. I think your room would turn out lovely. Good luck on your
    contractor classes. ♥

  3. Arlene
    Arlene says:

    D speaks to me also. And I love my Lazyboy furniture – got it a few years ago and it was the best investment we have made. Couldn’t find a couch long enough to sleep on anywhere else. We love sleeping on the couch (especially when sick). Our LR is completely furnished with Lazyboy, including couch, large chair with ottoman, and recliner. LOVE our ottoman. Always wanted one, and am so glad we got it. Many people told me it was a space waster, but I use it everyday. Plus makes great extra seating for company.

  4. Jeny C
    Jeny C says:

    I have loving the light and airiness of D! I also am a huge fan of La-Z-Boy. I’ve furnished three homes with their products! We are moving again and I can’t wait to shop there. Their furniture really takes a beating, stays comfortable and I love that you can pick your own fabrics.

  5. Lisa E
    Lisa E says:

    Hello. I love La-z-boy. We almost went with them but we went with a local furniture place that also was American made. I was going to chime in with my choices, but realized you might have already made your decision. Have you?

  6. Betty
    Betty says:

    Definitely D with the lamp from C (I like the way it goes with your other wood choice for table) and let hubby have the final say on the leather recliner. I think the pearl is just too light to wear as long as one with more color to it. I have to agree with Ann on the piping on the cushions being nixed..Without wears longer, and if you decide later to slipcover the piping makes it look awkward and the main reason for me is that I am short (5’2″) and my legs stick out straight on most sofas and the piping hits in a very uncomfortable place.

    I’m sure you will love what you come out with. They are all good and it really comes down to your taste and what you want to live with until you die on the

  7. Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Karen Marie Kedzuch says:

    Wow I am excited for you and your family. Alright I have studied the plan and have a few suggestions. First I Love La-Z-Boy! Heck they gave me a beautiful free recliner I have napped in many times at the lake. OK back to your choices. I loooove the sofa choice ti will live on in style for many years. Then the chairs I agree Misters recliner his color choice. I think I would steer him towards the gray or a putty tone, the pearl is to light a for a long wearing fabric choice even in leather. Your final chair I like the Fret Pewter Ikat or Bradstreet Lemongrass. Pop your color on the ottoman because it is the easiest to re do in the future with your teal Wrigley Oasis, plus I think it will ground your room. If you’ve already made your choices I am sure they are beautiful as any of these rooms are stunning. I can’t wait to see. Enjoy your new furniture.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  8. Rachel G.
    Rachel G. says:

    I really like the gray ikat wingback chair in A and I think the yellow ottoman is bright and cheery. However I would definitely avoid the white leather recliner. I just think you won’t be happy with it in the long run. What about switching out the white recliner in A? Could you get it in the beautiful Wrigley Oasis fabric you used in B? I guess looking back it would be all the same patterns you picked in B, but just reversing the fabric on the recliner and wingback. 🙂

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

  9. gabrielle
    gabrielle says:

    I can’t weigh in on your options as I find design to be so incredibly personal – we don’t entertain that much, and my rooms just have to be ‘mine’, like I KNOW I can commit to the furnishings. However, wanted to say that although I knew Lazy Boy was pretty cool and comfy, I did NOT know about their service! You’d mentioned the pushy sales guy at another place, and L.B.’s complete opposite approach is the way to go – build a relationship and end up buying something that excites you & you know you will love and will last!

    Also, wanted to approve of your selection of Surya rug – at any price point they are nice; good quality and just a notch smarter design and colour palette-wise than the others. I am out in the boonies and have to order rugs on-line; this can be tricky but Surya actually lists descriptions of all their colours and their rug selection is fabulous!

    Have fun!

  10. Kori W
    Kori W says:

    I love D (that ottoman!), but maybe with the cream leather recliner from A instead of the green? I like it both ways really. But the floor lamp in C is so great that i almost want to say C just for it! I got a sofa, love seat and ottoman from them over 8 years ago and they have been thru a lot and are still great! You’ll love them! Does that ottoman open for storage? If it does than I think its the same one I have…best choice ever!


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