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Drawer Box Plans

Learn the simplest and most accurate way to build drawer boxes with this easy tutorial. Drawer Box Build Welcome back, this is Kristen from In Her Garage Woodworking here with another build plan for you.  When I first began my DIY woodworking…
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Build a Fireplace Insert Draft Stopper

I'm a little bit of a fanatic when it comes to drafts. (Remember the time I weather-stripped my garage doors?) Over time I've addressed most of the pesky cracks and crevices that invite cold air into our home. But, there was one draft that I've…
Fixing Common Door Problems
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Fixing Common Door Problems

Do you have a door that sticks or doesn't close properly? You are not alone. Many factors can contribute to this problem. Let's learn how fixing common door problems can be easy. Fixing Common Door Problems Do you have a door that sticks…
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How to Fix Cracks in Door Panels without Taking the Door Apart

How to Fix Cracks in Door Panels without Taking the Door Apart Wooden doors will develop cracks over time, especially if the panels aren't free to expand and contract. Most of the time, years of paint or caulking the seams around the panels…
cut off old hose end
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How to Easily Fix a Leaky Hose

How to Easily Fix a Leaky Hose A garden hose is a valuable tool around my yard in the summertime. It's vital to keep my yard looking beautiful, keeping plants watered, and occasionally for a fun water fight with my kids. But what happens when…
8. Complete with "L" brackets on corners. Add gifts and deliver!
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DIY Sheet Metal Gift Trays

DIY Sheet Metal Gift Trays The holidays are fast approaching and it's time to start thinking about gift giving ideas! Gift trays are a great way deliver gifts to your friends, neighbors or teachers. The best part of a gift tray is it can be…
How to Repair Your Dishwasher - Control Panel Replacement
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How to Repair a Dishwasher

How to Repair a Dishwasher: Control Panel The holidays are here and your kitchen will surely be getting a work out! Now is NOT the time for your dishwasher to break. Recently we found ourselves with a non-functional dishwasher. The control…
Installing Cabinet Handles the Easy Way | Pretty Handy Girl
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Install Cabinet Handles the Easy Way

After installing my fair share of cabinet knobs and handles over the years, I've made my own templates out of cardboard or scrap wood. But, after trying this new gadget, I can honestly say this is how you too can Install Cabinet Handles…
How to Fix a Wobbly Chair or Side Table | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Fix a Wobbly Chair or Table

Do you have a wobbly chair or table? Don't throw it away because today I'll show you How to Fix that Wobbly Chair or Table! You'll only need a few supplies for this project and it won't take you very long, so let's get fixing! Materials: (I've…
How to Build a Rock Solid Gate | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Build a Rock Solid Gate

If you googled "Sad Excuse for a Gate", this is the image that would pop up: Rotted, sagging and falling apart are all words you could use to describe it. One of the main reasons this gate is in poor shape is because it wasn't…
11 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer | Pretty Handy Girl
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11 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer this Winter

That bugger, Old Man Winter is peeking around the corner. He's ready to put the chill in your bones and push drafts through every little crack in your home. But, you can be ready for him with these 11 Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer this Winter.…
How to Protect Your Pipes from Freezing | Pretty Handy Girl
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Protect Pipes from Freezing

In the same vein as Monday's post about adding insulation, let's continue preparing for winter. While you are under the house looking at insulation, take notice of your water pipes. Are they insulated too? If not, it's important to protect…
Is Your Home Ready for Winter? | Pretty Handy Girl
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Is Your Home’s Insulation Ready for Winter?

The folks at Duluth Trading Company want you to stay warm and comfortable this winter. They have sponsored this post to help you get your home ready for winter.  And to help you stay warm and comfortable while taking on these energy conserving…
How to Fill Holes and Knots in Wood | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Fill Voids and Knot Holes in Wood

Occasionally, you will get a piece of gorgeous wood that has voids or knots in it. You wouldn't want to add wood putty, because it wouldn't retain the look of the knots. But, you want a smooth surface. The solution is to fill the wood knots…
2 Minute Wiper Blade Change | Pretty Handy Girl
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2 Minute Tutorial to Change Wiper Blades

Have you ever had something get stuck in your wiper and you don't realize it until it is pouring rain. Instead of pulling over to remove the object from the wiper, I tried the old "reach out the window and flick the wiper up." Big mistake! I…
How to Refinish Rusted & Scratched Appliances | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Refinish Scratched & Rusted Appliances

Do you have an appliance that has scratches and/or rust spots? Unfortunately over time the rust will get worse if you don't deal with it. Today I want to show you how to refinish scratched and rusted appliances so you can extend the…
How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding

How to Refinish Wood Floors without Sanding I love our antique heart pine floors! They are beautifully distressed. The round pegs and square nails securing them in place add loads of character. However, the square nails sit flush with the…
How to Securely Install a Towel Bar | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Install a Towel Bar Securely

Have you ever reached for a towel and realized that the towel bar was barely secured to the wall? Installing a New Towel Bar Securely is a fairly simple DIY task if you know how to anchor the brackets. As part of my little laundry room…
Auto Cup Holder Extender | Pretty Handy Girl
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Auto Cup Holder Extender

Do you have a solid cup holder in your car that doesn't hold all size bottles and cups? The console cup holder in our older Honda CRV has been a constant source of frustration for myself and Pretty Handsome Guy. When we drive around a corner…
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Fixing a Leaky Faucet – Take 2

Remember last week when I was showing you how to fix a leaky faucet in 10 minutes? Well, sometimes a fix doesn't always solve the problem. This is not unusual in home repairs. It doesn't mean you did it wrong or it's time to call a plumber.…
10 Minute Fix for a Leaky Faucet | Pretty Handy Girl
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Fix a Leaky Faucet in 10 minutes

Drip, drip, drip! Is that leaky faucet keeping you up at night? I have a 10 minute fix that will bring you sweet dreams and a lower water bill. Oftentimes the washers in faucets wear out after continuous use. Replacing them is actually…
Seal Gaps Around Pipes with GREAT STUFF | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 30 – Seal Gaps Around Pipes

Do you have an open door policy for drafts and bugs? Of course not! Wait... you might and not know it. Have you looked under your sinks around the water pipes? If you have gaps around the pipes, you have the welcome sign up for cold…
How to Caulk Cracks | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 29 – Caulk Cracks in Siding and Trim

One of the best thing you can do to save money is to prevent water from getting through your home's exterior. Now is a good time to walk around your home and look for gaps and cracks around doors, windows, trim and siding. If you see any,…
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Day 26 – Weatherstrip Your Garage Doors

  Do you have a garage? Are your garage doors insulated or weather stripped? Or do you have big gaps in the sides like this: If you don't have weather stripping on your garage doors, you could be throwing away money on heating…
Do You Open or Close Crawlspace Vents | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 25 – Do You Open or Close Crawlspace Vents

Do you leave your crawlspace vents open or closed? The great debate ends now. If you guessed open, you are right. If you guessed closed, you are also right! Crawlspace vents should be opened in the spring and closed in the fall.…
Quarterly Reminders on Google | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 23 – Remembering to Change Your Air Filters Regularly

I'm sure you already know how important it is to change your air filters in your home. As a Filtrete Ambassador, I'm happy to remind you why you should replace your Filtrete Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen Reduction MPR 1900 filters on…
Is Your HVAC Choking? | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 22 – Is Your HVAC Choking?

  Is your refrigerator running? Then go catch it. Is your HVAC choking? Time to administer CPR! When was the last time you looked at your HVAC unit? Specifically the condenser which is the big box usually located outside the house.  At…
5 Ways to Find a Wall Stud (without a stud finder) | Pretty Handy Girl
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5 Ways to Find a Stud (without a Stud Finder)

Using a stud finder is the quickest and easiest way to find a stud. But, if you don't have one or are too lazy to find yours (I'm often guilty of this), you can use one of these ways to find a stud. 5 Ways to Find a Stud (without a Stud…
2 Ingredient Ant Killer | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 17 – Two Ingredient Ant Killer

It's no picnic when you realize your home has been invaded by sugar ants. Instead of spraying your kitchen (or wherever you find them) try this Two Ingredient Ant Killer. Photo by Stephen Ausmus - Licensed…
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Day 16 – Holes in Your Trash Can

Take out the papers  and the trash...ummm take out the trash? Grrr, don't you hate when the trash bag gets stuck in the trash can? No worries, I have an easy fix that will make taking out the trash a much easier chore. It may sound…
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Day 15 – Use Good Wall Anchors

Curtain rods, towel bars, and other wall mounted accessories are relatively easy to hang. The trick is securing them to a stud so they can hold up to the abuse. But, how often have you found that you don't have a stud where you want it…
Non-Toxic Drain Opener | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 14 – Non-Toxic Drain Opener

A clogged tub or sink is an inevitable situation for any homeowner. Before you reach for the toxic drain cleaner, try this easy and inexpensive Non-Toxic Drain Opener. All you need is a box of baking soda and cheap white vinegar. Day…
Protect Spigot from Frozen Burst Pipes | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 12 – Protecting Spigots from Frozen Burst Pipes

Winter is coming and this year I want to help you protect your home from a burst pipe because it froze. Much like your water pipes (which should have foam insulation sleeves on them,) it's important to protect your spigot on the outside…
Easy Tricks to Remove Walls Scuffs | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 9 – Easy Tricks to Remove Wall Scuffs

Do you have a ghost in your house? I do! Want to know how I know? Because we have scuffs that magically appear on the walls. It doesn't bother me because I know a few easy tricks for removing wall scuffs. Day 10: Easy Tricks for Removing Wall…
Replace Water Lines with Braided Metal Hoses | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 9 – Replace Water Lines with Braided Metal Hoses

Welcome to Day 9 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes. Would you believe that a burst water line can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home? It's true! If one of your water supply lines is not braided metal, you…
vacuum out your dryer duct | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 8 – Replace Foil or Plastic Flexible Dryer Duct Hoses

Welcome to Day 8 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes. Today I have a VERY IMPORTANT tip to prevent a fire from starting in your laundry room.  I'm going to show you how to replace your flexible foil or plastic dryer vent duct with a much…
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Day 6 – Keep Your HE Washer Funk Free

Welcome to Day 6 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes. So you finally upgraded to an HE washer. You have to be careful because if you don't take care of it you'll have a stinky funky mess. Funky music = good. Funky washer = bad! The HE washers…
Adding Foam Weatherstripping | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 5 – Add Weather Stripping to Doors and Windows

Welcome to Day 5 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes. Winter is fast approaching and now is a good time to assess your doors and windows. Do you feel a draft by your window when the wind kicks up outside? Can you see daylight seeping through…
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Day 4 – Removing a Stripped (or Painted) Screw

Welcome to Day 4 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes.  What happens when you strip a screw head just enough that the screwdriver won't get a good grip? Or the screw has been painted over so many times that you can't get the screwdriver…
How to Fix Stripped Holes in Wood | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 3 – Fixing a Stripped Hole in Wood

Welcome to Day 3 of my 31 Days of Handy Home Fixes.  Have you ever tightened a screw 1,485 times before you finally admit that the hole is stripped? Procrastinate fixing that stripped hole no more! Grab some wood glue and tooth picks…