Painting & Antique Techniques

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Doodle-Painted Birdhouse

If the birds are out in your area, chances are they are looking for a place to nest. Try your hand at doodle-painting a cute little birdhouse to help them start a family. Who knows, they may be lurking in your yard like a depressed House Hunter's…
thumbprint pillow tutorial
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How to Make Thumbprint Design Envelope Pillows

Envelope pillows are the easiest pillow covers to sew. Combine a beautiful pillow with a personalized thumbprint design and you have a great gift idea for parents or grandparents! How to Make Thumbprint Design Envelope Pillows Hello, it's…
farmhouse serving tray close up view. Letter J Monogram
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DIY Farmhouse Style Serving Tray

A common decor item with farmhouse style is a wood serving tray. Trays are an easy way to add style and function. This DIY Farmhouse Style Serving Tray with handles is so easy to create, I can't wait to show you how it's done! DIY Farmhouse…
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How to Paint Doors (The Professional Way)

Many of us have been staring at the same walls and doors in our homes for many years (or maybe many decades.) If you've wanted to give your home an update, painting a door is a quick and easy way to do just that. Today I'll to show you how to…
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Creative Block Desk & Art Utensil Holder

Need a quick gift using scrap wood? A Creative Block Desk & Art Utensil Holder is an easy and fun gift to make and certainly a project that you can customize to meet your needs. Best of all, the kids can help with the painting step! Creative…
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How to Create a Faux Zinc Texture (with Spray Paint)

Want to give something the look of zinc metal without spending money on zinc metal? You can create the look with spray paint and this technique. How to Create a Faux Zinc Texture (with Spray Paint) A while ago I was thrifting with a few friends…
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How to Fake a Fake Pumpkin (Faux Painting Tutorial)

How to Fake a Fake Pumpkin Have you seen those neon orange fake pumpkins and nearly vomited because you wouldn't dream of decorating with them. I mean—get real—everyone would know they were fake. Ah ha, but have you seen the price tags?…
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Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle

Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle Spring is right around the corner and I'm itching to cut some fresh flowers to bring inside. I love displaying them in jars placed inside rustic wooden caddies. Making a little caddy or tote out of salvage…
Off white farmhouse exterior house color, green door
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Saving Etta: Exterior Paint Choices

I'm so excited to show off the colors I chose for Etta's exterior! However, I'm equally excited to share with you a new paint line from Magnolia Paint by KILZ. (This post is a sponsored post for Magnolia Home Paint by KILZ.)  When KILZ…
DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Create this DIY Chalkboard Calendar to get you and your family organized. It will only take you about half an hour to create but it will save you the headache of double booking yourself and get the kids on board with upcoming activities and…
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How to Make a SMOOTH Chalkboard Wall {For Imperfect Walls}

Have you ever wished you had a chalkboard wall in your home? But, those bumpy textured walls or damaged drywall are not smooth enough? Well, today I'm about to rock your world by showing you How to Make a SMOOTH Chalkboard Wall For Imperfect…
Can You Create a Mirrored Window with Spray Paint
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Can You Make a Mirrored Window with Spray Paint?

Can You REALLY Make a Mirrored Window with Spray Paint? I have to admit, I was skeptical when I picked up a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. According to the directions, you can Make Your Own Mirrored Glass with Spray Paint. I decided…
Aging and Antiquing Finishes Roundup Social Media Image
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The Best DIY Aging and Antiquing Techniques

Aging and Antiquing Technique Tutorials: Do you love the idyllic vintage or rustic look? If your answer is yes, then this round up is for you! I've curated some awesome projects with full details for aging and antiquing techniques that every…
Green and purple hydrangeas in rustic wood trough. Build Your own Rustic Trough Centerpiece tutorial.
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The Perfect Rustic Paint Technique {with Video Tutorial}

The Perfect Rustic Paint Technique {with Video Tutorial} I have been painting and distressing furniture and home décor for almost ten years now. Over the years I've tried a lot of different techniques, but the one I'm going to show you today…
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How to Repaint Dated Decor

Want to know How to Repaint Dated Decor? Raise your hand if you are a thrift shopper? No, what about yard sales? Have you ever seen any ugly ceramic decor items that shouldn't have survived the 70's or 80's? Nodding your head YES? I thought…
Vintage Map Lampshade | Pretty Handy Girl
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Vintage Map Lampshade

Do you want to update a plain vanilla lamp shade? Do you have a vacation you want to remember? You can do both with this vintage map lampshade! The process to create a Vintage Map Lampshade is easy, especially if your lamp shade is close…
How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign | Pretty Handy Girl How cool! You can use this technique to make or transfer any sign graphic.
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How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign

How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign: You guys, I'm super excited about this Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign I made using scraps from my workshop. This sign turned out 200 times better than I imagined in my head. I knew I had to…
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Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles

Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles Have you ever stumbled across a wine crate and wondered what you could do with it? I have just the idea for you and it will take less than an hour to create. Today I'll show you how to make a Rustic…

How to Get a Smooth Paint Finish without a Paint Sprayer

A smooth factory finish is the ideal paint finish for cabinetry. A professional cabinet finisher would normally use a paint sprayer, but today I'm going to show you How to Get a Smooth Paint Finish without a Paint Sprayer. The first…
How to Save a Dated Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Save a Dated Bathroom Vanity

If you have a dated vanity, you may think you have to rip it out and buy a new one. Well, think again. It's not hard to save that dated vanity and make it look like new without spending much money! All you need is a little prep work and…
Chalk Painted Wooden Stool | Pretty Handy Girl

Chalk Painted Wooden Stool

While helping my client get her house ready to sell, I've been looking through her furniture and decor for items to use for staging. She had this old stool that had seen a lot of wear and tear. I asked her if I could paint it and use it…
My Home Paint Colors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Paint Colors in My Home

I owe you an apology. This post has been on my "to do" list for at least two years. But like many of my "to do" list items, it got pushed back many times. I get many questions about the paint colors I use in my home. Each color has been…
How to Remove Spray Paint from Metal
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How to Remove Spray Paint from Metal

Spray paint is a great product to use to makeover almost anything. It comes in many colors and finishes and is great for imperfectly shaped pieces that you can spray much easier than brush with paint. It's a DIYer's dream! But someday…
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Top 15 Must Have Painting Tools

I have painted almost every room in our home now. Make that almost every room in two homes! You could say that over the years I've learned a few tricks of the trade and have acquired quite a few painting tools. But, only a handful are my…
How to Paint a Room Like a Pro | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint Your Room Like a Pro

Welcome back, I hope you are ready to paint with me today! Paying a professional to paint your room is a waste of money. I'm here today to show you all the tips and tricks to Paint Your Room Like a Pro! If you're just popping in, this week…

Prepping to Paint Your Room Like a Pro

Today's post contains the most important lessons I can impart on you. Prep work is 80% of a professional paint job. If you take the time to prep your room, it will make your paint job look flawless. If you're just popping in, welcome…
Types of Paint and Sheen | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Pick the Right Sheen and Types of Paint

Welcome to Paint Week everyone! This week we'll be giving you the best tips and tricks for painting your home and beyond. Yesterday we learned How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color! If you missed any of paint week, here's the recap: …

How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color

After painting every room in two houses (trim, windows and doors included), I've amassed a bunch of tips and tricks for achieving the perfect paint job. This week will be devoted exclusively to painting your home. Five Days with five different…
Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl
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Faux Aged Metal Pulley

Do you love rustic metal pulleys, but don't like the hefty price tag? Wouldn't you rather have a rustic metal pulley for less than $5? Ah, I have a secret. That beautiful rustic metal pulley above is actually: Plastic! Ready to see…
Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl
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Chalkboard Arrow Sign {Mystery Thrift Off}

Are you having a yard sale, a lemonade stand or an open house? This Chalkboard Arrow Sign is an easy DIY project that will bring more attention to your event. But, let me back up to explain exactly how this Chalkboard Arrow Sign came…
Aging and Antiquing Furniture | Pretty Handy Girl
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Aging and Antiquing Furniture Legs

Aging and antiquing furniture legs is an easy task if you want to fake age on a table or chairs. With some stain, paint and glaze you can fool most people into believing that your new furniture is an antique. There are many ways to age…
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File Cabinet Makeover Using Chalk Paint

Hey there everyone!  I'm working in my craft room to give it a major overhaul and make it a much more functional and creative space.  It also doubles as an office that I share with my husband.  It's not always the easiest thing to do,…
How to Refinish Rusted & Scratched Appliances | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Refinish Scratched & Rusted Appliances

Do you have an appliance that has scratches and/or rust spots? Unfortunately over time the rust will get worse if you don't deal with it. Today I want to show you how to refinish scratched and rusted appliances so you can extend the…
How to Paint a Deck Mandala Tattoo | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint a Giant Mandala Deck Tattoo

As promised, I'm back today to show you how to paint a giant mandala tattoo on your deck. Painting a design on your deck can turn an ordinary deck into a beautiful retreat. Add a few colorful accessories and you'll have a backyard Bali…
Bali Dream Deck for Thompsons Water Seal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Thompson’s WaterSeal Bali Dream Deck Reveal

Last month while most of the US was under heavy blankets of snow and ice, I flew to Dallas. I was hoping to find warm temperatures and lots of sun. And if I couldn't find any, I'd create my own with my sister, Caitlin's help. Thompson's…
Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl
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New! Shur-line Pro Paint Edger Product Review

Last month I received a little care package from Shur-line. I opened the kit and assessed the products with speculation. As you probably remember, I don't generally like new painting gadgets. I have my tried and true painting tools that…
Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro
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Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro

Hello friends! It's Jessica from Decor Adventures, back this month with tips on The Fool Proof Way to Update Furniture Like a Pro! I have some tips to make your furniture finishes look like they were professionally done. Help you pick…
Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Inexpensive Faux Copper and Patina Metal

Do you love the look of copper, but the price makes your head whip the other way? Have no fear my dear! You can create inexpensive faux copper and patina for a fraction of the cost. I was introduced to Modern Masters Metal Effects at…
Painted Chandelier Sleeves | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Chandelier Sleeves

When you were perusing my holiday tablescape post did you see my fancy copper chandelier sleeves? My chandelier was looking a bit dingy with the aged yellowing sleeves. I decided to spray paint them copper for a new look. To update chandelier…
Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösh Chalk Paint Powder
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Quick Kitchen Cart Makeover with BB Frösch Chalk Powder

It seems I have a penchant for painting my late grandmother's old furniture. You may remember the coffee table I wrote on of her's. This kitchen cart was Grandma's, but it had seen better days. It has been hanging out in my Dad's kitchen…