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pin collage with text overlay floating shelves

25 Amazing DIY Floating Shelves With Step-by-Step Tutorials

Discover 25 stunning DIY floating shelves with easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials. Transform your space with these creative ideas. From rustic to modern designs, build floating shelves to fit any home decor style. All you need are a few…
Outdoor solar lights

21 Clever and Creative DIY Solar Light Ideas

21 DIY solar light ideas to brighten up your outdoor space. From mason jar lanterns to solar-powered chandeliers in every style and budget. These DIY projects not only add a unique touch to your outdoor decor, but they also utilize the power…
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How to Make a Fir Tree Pegboard

Looking for a last-minute holiday craft you can do with your kids (or alone in your own quiet spot)? How about a fir tree pegboard! This is a festive, fun project you can make in an evening. How to Make a Fir Tree Pegboard There are so many…

Pretty Handy Girl

Hi, I’m Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl. I like the smell of coffee and sawdust in the morning. I live to break stereotypes and empower you to take on your own DIY project.

I despise stereotypes and am working hard to break down the stereotype that women aren’t handy. This site is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs, upgrades, or become a true do-it-yourselfer.


Best Fit Face Mask

Over the weekend I completed something I'm really proud of! Honestly, I worked like a dog because I felt the urgency to share this tutorial with the world. If you happen to follow me on social media, you already know that I created the Best…
71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects
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71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects

If you make things out of wood you know almost every project leaves scrap wood. Why not use up those scraps by making some of these 71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects? 71 Practically FREE Scrap Wood Projects These projects definitely…
My Home Paint Colors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Paint Colors in My Home

I owe you an apology. This post has been on my "to do" list for at least two years. But like many of my "to do" list items, it got pushed back many times. I get many questions about the paint colors I use in my home. Each color has been…
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Drawer Box Plans

Learn the simplest and most accurate way to build drawer boxes with this easy tutorial. Drawer Box Build Welcome back, this is Kristen from In Her Garage Woodworking here with another build plan for you.  When I first began my DIY woodworking…
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Wine Cork Reindeer

Grab a few wine corks and some wire, we're going to make wine cork reindeer with those two supplies and some hand tools. Wine Cork Reindeer Looking for a little craft to do with the kids and maybe you've been drinking a little more wine…
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Festive DIY Napkin Rings for your Holiday Table

Festive DIY Napkin Rings for your Holiday Table Happy Holidays! I thought it would be very apropos to share this easy last-minute holiday napkin ring tutorial with you all. It’s that time of year when time is short and things are busy. …

Screen Porch Makeover with Invisible Mosquito Screens

I'm incredibly excited about our screen porch makeover with invisible mosquito screens. But, I also can't wait to share with you the almost invisible insect window screen material I found to replace our old screen porch screens. It's honestly…
DIY Chalkboard Calendar | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Create this DIY Chalkboard Calendar to get you and your family organized. It will only take you about half an hour to create but it will save you the headache of double booking yourself and get the kids on board with upcoming activities and…
Holiday Home Tour 2017 | Pretty Handy Girl
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Holiday Home Tour 2017

Happy Holidays! I can't believe the holidays are here once again. This will be my seventh holiday home tour shared with you. I honestly can not believe I've been running this little old blog of mine since 2010. (These are my holiday home…

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