Painted Vanity Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

In the quest to makeover our master bedroom and save money, I’ve been painting several pieces of furniture to coordinate with the new bed I built.

One of the pieces I painted was this small desk that doubles as a nightstand. Our bedroom isn’t very large and our master bathroom is even smaller than what can be described as a “master” anything! Doing my hair and makeup in our bathroom isn’t a viable option, especially when both Pretty Handsome Guy and I wake up at the same time. When I saw this little desk at a local thrift store, I grabbed it. Especially because she was only $20!

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

She had lots of age, but not much character.


However, she was the perfect size and had just enough storage for a makeup vanity.

With a light sanding, primer and a coat of Benjamin Moore Advance paint, she is now showing her more glamorous side.

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

Speaking of glam, take a closer look at the gold handles I found at House of Antique Hardware:

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

The tray, mirrored box and little wooden box for the makeup brushes are from TJ Maxx.

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

The gray herringbone boxes and the tufted ottoman are from Target.

Painted Bedside Vanity | Pretty Handy Girl

Although—like most things at Target—I can’t seem to locate a link anymore. I suspect they may be gone now. I did paint the corners on the boxes gold to fit in with the button pendant light and the gold handles.

Nothing like a double duty piece of furniture to keep a small bedroom from becoming over crowded.


Are you excited to see our master bedroom reveal? Stick around, coming soon to a blog near you ;-).



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Painted Vanity Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl

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  1. Mary B Tyner
    Mary B Tyner says:

    You can find them often at Thrift Stores or the Rehab Store. Often the seat will lift like a lid for even more storage,

  2. Wanda Morat
    Wanda Morat says:

    Love your ideas. I have an old desk that I’m moving in my craft room and going to paint it to match the decor. Hope I can make my desk look as wonderful as your makeup vanity. Great idea for a small bedroom and not enough room in the master bath!! Enjoy your creativeness!

  3. Colleen Taylor
    Colleen Taylor says:

    Awesome job on this desk & what a great find. I would have grabbed that one too! I’m loving those gray boxes for little storage compartments. Anxious to see the entire reveal.

  4. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    What a lovely little desk! Great idea for a smaller bedroom too. We currently have a large master bedroom but will be moving back to our home country in the next year or two and the houses there tend to be smaller (for what we can afford in that crazy market anyway!) so I am gathering ideas for my future smaller spaces. I love double duty furniture plus I love seeing someone save an old piece. Looking forward to the reveal!


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