Make Your Own Clock Sign | Pretty Handy Girl
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Make Your Own Clock Sign

Making a clock is an easy project. All you need is a flat surface that you can drill a hole into and BOOM, you can make a clock. Let's get started and I'll show you How to Make Your Own Clock Sign. Materials: Chalkboard sign (I…
Faux Aged Metal Pulley | Pretty Handy Girl
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Faux Aged Metal Pulley

Do you love rustic metal pulleys, but don't like the hefty price tag? Wouldn't you rather have a rustic metal pulley for less than $5? Ah, I have a secret. That beautiful rustic metal pulley above is actually: Plastic! Ready to see…
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Home is Where the Heart Is – Door Decor

How about an unusual front door decor idea today?  Jaime from That's My Letter here to share this house shape door decor project with free plans to make your own. A little play on "home is where the heart is," this door decor is…
Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall | Pretty Handy Girl
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12 Tips to Create a Perfect Gallery Wall

When you Don't Love It, a room in your home can become a place to avoid. Last week I hung our TV on the wall in our living room, but was cringing because that big fat TV was screaming "Look at me! Look at me!" It was killing the cozy vibe…
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Natural Accents & New Ceramic Surface Design – Book Reviews

It's time to make room on your bookshelf for two more beautiful books. The first is Natural Accents by Stacy Risenmay. Stacy is a good friend and fellow DIY blogger. She's also a power tool rock star. Stacy recently released this colorful…
Spring Foyer Vignette | Pretty Handy Girl
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Love Your Home Challenge

My blogging friend Melissa Michaels just published a wonderful new book to help you "Love the Home You Have." She focuses on simple things you can do to embrace the home you live in. With easy suggestions and achievable goals, she breaks…
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Egg Place Cards

Finally Spring is on the way!  Hello Pretty Handy Readers, I'm Jaime from That's My Letter here to share a simple DIY project for your Easter table: DIY Egg Place Cards. Or as my kids like to call these: eggs on a stick.  These egg…
Family Organization Door | Pretty Handy Girl
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Family Organization Center Door

It's hard to stay organized when you are a DIY blogger, Mom, wife, cook, cleaner, taxi driver, and a student (taking evening classes for the general contractor exam.) I'll be the first to admit that I've dropped a few balls in this massive…
Laundry Room Sink Skirt | Pretty Handy Girl
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Hidden Storage Under a Laundry Room Sink

Having a utility sink in the laundry room rocks! Having everything that we store underneath it on full display isn't so rockin'. It was time to create some Hidden Storage Under our Laundry Room Sink. In the previous incarnation of…
How to Mount Antlers
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How to Mount Antlers

Hello! It's Jessica from Decor Adventures.  One very popular home decor item that we are going to get pretty handy with this month is antlers. If you love rustic or outdoor style, this project is perfect for you. You'll see all kinds of…
Cute Sock Snowmen | Pretty Handy Girl
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Cute Sock Snowmen

I have a very special guest for you today. This woman is a very talented artist and art instructor in Northern Virginia. She is the one responsible for my artistic genes and half the equation for my DIY passion. This woman is my fabulous…
La-Z-Boy Living Room Decisions | Pretty Handy Girl
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Please Help with my La-Z-Boy Design Decisions

Remember when I admitted to you that we sit on a dead couple's sofa? I'm ashamed to admit it, but Pretty Handsome Guy and I have the same sofa that was handed down to us by my godfather when his parent's died. Several years ago I agreed…
Racing Stripe Mirror Makeover | Pretty Handy Girl
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Racing Stripe Mirror Makeover

While my sister and I were renovating the Topsail Beach condo we had a strict budget. Finding a large mirror for less than $15 was challenging until I found this mirror with potential. I know my sister was doubtful, but I had a vision. Some…
DIY Constellation Wall Art
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DIY Constellation Wall Art

Happy New Year! It's Jessica from Decor Adventures, back with a fun project for your walls this month.  In late November, my husband and I had a baby girl! We are enjoying every minute of her and on the side I've been working on decorating…
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Floating Wood Block Picture Frames {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

We are days away from Christmas and I'm sure there is someone on your list that you just can't figure out what to get for them. I have the perfect solution! Make them a wood block floating picture frame using scrap 2x4" lumber and plexiglass. If…
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DIY Paper Bag Ornament

Looking for a fast and easy ornament or gift tag?  I'm Jaime from That's My Letter here to share a diy ornament you can make from a readily available paper bag.  This project will have you looking at grocery and retail paper bags in a…
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Home, Garden and Design Books for Your Collection

I love being able to peruse real bound books! Browsing through blogs and online is fine, but there is no substitute for the printed word in a book. Lucky for you, I've reviewed three new home, garden and design books that I think you'll…
Holiday Tablescape | Pretty Handy Girl
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Holiday Tablescape

Can we be honest for a minute? This year when Jen Woodhouse from The House of Wood asked me if I wanted to participate in a holiday tablescape blog tour I nearly replied, "No way!" Not because I was too busy... ... and not…
Pretty Handy Girl's Holiday Home Tour 2014
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Pretty Handy Girl’s 2014 Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to my Holiday Home Tour 2014! If you are just arriving here from The DIY Showoff, welcome! If you came here first, be sure to catch up on the other tour participants by following the links at the end of my post. A special thanks…
Starry Night Christmas Tree | Pretty Handy Girl
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Starry Night Christmas Tree

This year I might have taken the tree decorating a bit far. I couldn't stop at just decorating the tree. No, I had to decorate up the walls around the tree and onto the ceiling. The tree is literally surrounded by a multitude of shimmery…

12 Days of Christmas Tablescapes

What do you get when you combine 12 DIYers with a Christmas Tablescape tour? You get bloggers that are so talented that they not only decorate their table, but they can also build their own table! Jen from House of Wood asked me to if…
Hang Stockings Without a Mantel
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Hang Stockings Without a Mantel

Hello, it's Jessica here from Decor Adventures, back this month with a simple solution for holiday decorating. These days we see all kinds of lovely homes with Christmas stockings hung beautifully from the mantel or staircase. But what if…
Build Your Own Giant Chalkboard | Pretty Handy Girl
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Build a Giant Vintage Chalkboard

Have you scoured antique stores or Craig's List looking for a big giant vintage chalkboard? Those vintage school green chalkboards are highly sought after. But, hard to find. I have good news for you! You can build a Giant Chalkboard any…
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DIY Snow Globe Ornament

Jaime here today from That's My Letter and it's officially holiday prep time!  Today I'm sharing a DIY snow globe ornament with a wood base that makes a perfect gift for anyone big or small. This snow globe ornament is constructed…
Screen Porch Decorated for Fall | Pretty Handy Girl
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Screen Porch Fall Decorating

This fall I've spent a lot more time on our screen porch.  It all started with a new ceiling fan. We call it the trickle down effect in our house. You bring something new, nice and beautiful into a room and all of the sudden everything…
Make Your Own Mosaic Tile Lampshade | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Make a Mosaic Tile Lamp Shade #Lowes Creator

Want to make a lamp shade that will bring some style and bling to your home? All you need are a few mosaic tile sheets, a lamp shade top piece, and some thread. In no time you'll have a beautiful Mosaic Tile Lamp Shade! Materials: (I've…
Birch Tree Pillow
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Birch Tree Pillows

One thing that gets me ready for the fall season is to bring natural elements into my home. Although, they don't actually have to be real, you can create them with some fabric and a little sewing. I've wanted to change up the pillows in…
Benjamin Moore Yellow Highlighter Painted Interior Doors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Good Day Sunshine – Yellow Painted Doors

I painted my interior front doors Benjamin Moore's Yellow Highlighter. It's my way to start my day off on the right foot. When I get up in the morning and head downstairs, I see my front doors and immediately Good Day Sunshine starts to…
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DIY Interior Cedar Shutters

Hello Pretty Handy friends, Jaime from That's My Letter here today to share how to build functional interior cedar shutters using inexpensive AND readily available hardware. I have been itching to build some cedar shutters for our living…
How to Build Custom Rustic Crates | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Build Custom Rustic Wooden Box Crates

Making custom rustic wooden box crates is super easy. You can build your crates to fit in a book case or use them as drawers in a cabinet. When I was giving my IKEA cabinet a makeover, I chose to remove a door and build custom box drawers…
Rustic IKEA Hack Cabinet Transformation | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rustic IKEA Hacked Cabinet

Rustic is not usually a word used to describe IKEA. IKEA is better know for their modern furniture, simple lines, meatballs and funny Swedish words. Today I'm going to change how you perceive IKEA furniture forever! Are you ready for this?…
Easy and Inexpensive Romantic Curtains | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy and Inexpensive Romantic Curtains

Are your windows naked? What's holding you back? Don't have the funds to buy some? Don't have the time to sew some? I have the instant cure for your naked windows. Get ready to make your own easy and inexpensive romantic curtains! Best of…
Updating a Knotty Pine Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Updating a Nightstand {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

The best way to give your room a makeover on a budget is if you can use your existing furniture. Notice that I didn't say using it "as is". Heck no! Update your solid furniture by adding moulding, paint and new feet! (Pretty Handy…
Master Bedroom Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Master Bedroom Reveal

When I mentioned to Pretty Handsome Guy that I was going to give our master bedroom a makeover, he thought I was nuts. I did paint this room when we first moved into our home seven years ago. And I gave it a mini-makeover in 2011. But,…
Painted Vanity Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Vanity Nightstand

In the quest to makeover our master bedroom and save money, I've been painting several pieces of furniture to coordinate with the new bed I built. One of the pieces I painted was this small desk that doubles as a nightstand. Our bedroom…
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Farmhouse King Size Bed with Storage

The master bedroom is almost finished. If you've been following along, I decided to give our bedroom a makeover when we upgraded our mattress to a king size. That decision has resulted in a few "give a mouse a cookie" decisions. Every…
How to Paint an Ombre Wall Technique | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique Ombré painting is EVERYWHERE. Clothing, home décor and even wall paint techniques. An ombré wall is the paint technique I chose to create a misty and ethereal look in our master bedroom. It started…
32 Colorful Doors
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32 Colorful Doors to Adore

Hello Pretty Handy readers! I'm Colleen from Just Paint It! Blog and today I have a collection of 32 gorgeous colorful doors to inspire your next curb appeal project. With warmer temps here, most of us are spending more time outside, sprucing…
5 Minute Ceiling Fan upgrade | Pretty Handy Girl
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5 Minute Update for Your Ceiling Fan

When I was updating my son's bedroom, I gave the ceiling fan a 5 minute update! You can easily change the look of a ceiling fan by quickly swapped out the light shades. I removed the scalloped edged glass shades and replaced them with square…
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Repurposed Vintage Milk Jug Side Tables

Jaime here from That's My Letter sharing a DIY repurpose project that works great outside or inside. Take a vintage milk jug, add a pre cut circular wood top and you have a functional and stylish side table.  If you want to get fancy…