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Jaime here today from That’s My Letter and it’s officially holiday prep time!  Today I’m sharing a DIY snow globe ornament with a wood base that makes a perfect gift for anyone big or small.

This snow globe ornament is constructed on a wood base where all the interior pieces can be glued to the base and then the clear globe is placed over the scene.  The globe is plastic and the entire ornament is very lightweight so it won’t weigh down your tree branches!

snowglobe ornament 4

You can put nearly anything inside the snow globe as long as it fits under the dome.  I used bottle brush trees, wire candy canes and a wood dowel sign with the family name printed on cardstock.  Add a little faux snow and you have the cutest little winter scene.

snowglobe ornament 2

The faux snow will cover any unsightly hot glue and adds just that tiny bit of sparkle.

snowglobe ornament 3

Add a small wood ball on top to compliment the wood base with a string for hanging and you have a keepsake ornament that will look beautiful on or off the tree.

snowglobe ornament 1


snowglobe ornaments supplies

  • 3″ clear plastic craft ornament
  • 2″ circle (cut from cardstock, only used as a template)
  • 3″ wood square (1/4″ plywood)
  • mini pom poms
  • mini wire candy canes
  • mini bottle brush tress
  • 1/8″ dowel
  • small wood balls with hole in center
  • red string
  • white glue
  • paint brush
  • faux snow
  • x-acto knife
  • sandpaper
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • black sharpie marker


Step 1: Using an x-acto knife cut around the ornament opening enough to remove the neck portion.  Don’t worry about being neat here the goal is to remove the neck and have a wide enough opening for scissors.

snowglobe ornament step 1

Step 2: Place the 2″ circle paper template over the opening and trace with a black sharpie.

snowglobe ornament step 2

Step 3: Cut around the marker line for a perfect circle.  TRY TO BE AS NEAT AS POSSIBLE HERE and be sure to cut off all of the black marker.

snowglobe ornament step 3

Step 4: Sand edges of plywood square smooth.  Again using the circle paper template place it in center of wood square and trace, this space is your “creative field”. Inside the circle is where you will build your scene.

snowglobe ornament step 4

Step 5: Build your scene by hot gluing objects onto the wood square.

snowglobe ornament step 5

Step 6: Prepare the dome covering by making a small hole in the top (which was the bottom) of the ornament (step 6-1).  Insert 2 ends of red string down into hole keeping the loop on the exterior then make a knot in loose ends (step 6-2).  Slide wood ball onto loop end (step 6-3) then place a dab of hot glue right on top of ornament to secure wood ball in place.  Make a final knot in red string next to wood ball.

snowglobe ornament step 6

Add the faux snow using a paintbrush to ‘paint’ white glue on the wood base ONLY inside the creative field.  Sprinkle faux snow over the wet glue and shake excess off.  All pieces are now ready for assembly.

snowglobe ornaments prep

Step 7: Hot glue the clear dome onto the wood base then hot glue mini pom poms around the edge.

snowglobe ornament step 7

All done! You and the kids will have a lot of fun making these snow globes.

snowglobe ornament 5

These customized snow globes make great gift ideas for family friends or make one for your own family to hang and enjoy.

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