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Finally Spring is on the way!  Hello Pretty Handy Readers, I’m Jaime from That’s My Letter here to share a simple DIY project for your Easter table: DIY Egg Place Cards.

Or as my kids like to call these: eggs on a stick.  These egg place cards add a touch of Easter charm to your place settings with a little height and color to boot.

egg placecards 2

You can simply print the names onto heavy white cardstock and cut them into small rectangles to fit into the eggs.

egg placecard name slot

Follow along to see how to make these egg place cards with a few simple tools.


egg placecards supplies

  • craft eggs (I used ceramic painted eggs.)
  • 1/4″ wood dowel (4″ per place card)
  • 1 x 2 pine board cut @ 1 1/2″l (per each place card)
  • drill and 1/4″ drill bit
  • sandpaper
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • wood glue
  • coping saw or other small hand saw


Step 1: The ceramic eggs I used already had a small hole in the bottom but not big enough to fit the wood dowel.

egg placecards eggs

Using gentle pressure enlarge the hole to 1/4″ with the drill bit.

egg placecards step 1

Step 2: Make the slot for the cardstock in the top of the egg with a coping saw.  Because my eggs are ceramic they did chip a tiny bit. Not a big deal, just sand smooth.

egg placecards step 2

Step 3: Drill a 1/4″ hole in the center of the 1 x 2 pine squares, not all the way through just about 1/2″ down.

egg placecards step 3

Step 4: Apply glue to one end of dowel and insert into the bottom of egg.  Use the carton to hold the eggs while drying.  (I used Elmer’s ProBond Advance glue here because of the ceramic egg.)

egg placecards step 4

Step 5: Once the glue is dry in the egg, apply glue into the wood square base then insert the dowel firmly and let dry.

egg placecards step 5

Print out the names on cardstock in your favorite font or hand write for a personal touch.  Cut the cardstock to fit and slide into the top of the egg.

egg placecards 1

And now everyone will have their own spot at your Easter table.

egg placecards 3

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!

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