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Easy Card Table Makeover

I can only imagine that Matt and I are not the only family in America with a less than stellar card table.  In fact both of ours were hand me downs from grandparents and though they may have been fabulous in the 80's, now they are really…
Boy's Red, White & Blue Themed Room | Pretty Handy Girl
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Red, White & Blue Themed Boy’s Room Reveal

Happy Friday!!! I finally finished my son's room makeover. Poor kid has been asking for over two years when I was going to work on his room. It feels so good to be done and be able to share the final reveal with you. The theme started…
Wall-mounted IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet turned Stuffed Animal Storage | Pretty Handy Girl
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Securing an IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet to the Wall (with an outlet cutout)

Have you ever shopped the "As Is" section at IKEA? There are some deals to be found there! Like this IKEA LILLÅNGEN Mirrored Cabinet. The cabinet had a small bent piece at the bottom and was therefore marked down to $60 from $100! Score!…
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DIY Pom Pom Placemat Pillows

Hi Pretty Handy Readers, Jaime here from That's My Letter  sharing another fun DIY project.  Today it's pom pom placemat pillows. Yes, please! We just amped up the fun factor with these cute pom pom placemat pillows and they are…
Hanging Ceiling Art | Spheres & Lanterns | Pretty Handy Girl
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Ceiling Mounted Art – How to Hang Spheres & Lanterns

It's Monday, and I have a cure for the Monday doldrums! Let's hang some fun colorful spheres and lanterns to lift your spirits! I came up with a great way to hang lanterns and spheres from the ceiling (regardless of where the studs were.)…
Spigot Faucet Drawer Knobs Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Spigot Faucet Handle Drawer Pulls

Remember my son's dresser that I gave a pop of color? As promised I'm back today to show you how I made the spigot handle drawer knobs. I purchased my vintage spigot handles from Etsy seller, Anything Goes Here. She has some other vintage…
Installling Brick Mural Wallpaper | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Install a Brick Wallpaper Mural

Today I can't wait to show you how to easily add dimensional interest to a focal wall in your home. Installing a Brick Wall Mural is definitely a DIY project you can tackle if you have a friend or two to help you. When Wallpaper Direct contacted…
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DIY Lollipop Stand

Happy Spring folks!  Jaime here from That's My Letter back to share a fun DIY party decor idea: make your own lollipop stand.  I promise it's fast and easy and adds tons of charm and sweetness to any party. This lollipop stand holds…
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Knock off Garden Table

I often find myself searching online looking at furniture and decor on sites that I consider full of unique items.  I recently came across the Anthropologie Partridge Garden Table and fell in love.  The creative use of old mismatched legs…
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Plans for a Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover Do you know that book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Yeah? I feel like I'm literally living inside that book, only the title is, If You Give a Blogger a King-sized Bed. It was inevitable. We finally made the switch…
Radiant Orchid Vases from Recycled Cans & Jars | #upcycling | Pretty Handy Girl
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Simple Vases using Radiant Orchid {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

There I was digging things out of the recycling bin again. Pretty Handsome Guy gave me a raised eyebrow, but he knew better than to question my motives. I had that idea bulb flashing over my head, and I was ready to transform some jars and…
Breeze Inn Cottage - Tybee Island | Pretty Handy Girl
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Tybee Island – Breeze Inn Cottage Tour

I can't wait to invite you in to tour this adorable Mermaid Cottage on Tybee Island, GA. Breeze Inn is full of charm, color and antiques. This beach cottage is owned by the fabulous fiction author, Mary Kay Andrews. Decorating and furnishing…
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How to: Build a Wall Chalkboard with a Chalk Ledge

Chalkboards are popping up everywhere (like Brittany's DIY chalkboard calendar from last week) and you can easily make one, but how about upping the usefulness by making a chalkboard WITH a chalk ledge?  Jaime here from That's My Letter to…
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Valentine’s Day Garden Flag from a Placemat

I love making unique garden flags. My go-to material for these outdoor accessories are Dollar Tree placemats! You read that right. $1 fabric placemats! But, if you don't live near a Dollar Tree and you have old placemats, you could upcycle…
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An Interview with David Bromstad – HGTV Color Splash Host

If I had to choose one HGTV host that I would like to meet in person, that would be a no-brainer. David Bromstad has always been my favorite designer with the transformation talent. With his "push the color envelope" attitude and ever present…
DIY Wooden Arrows
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DIY Wooden Arrows

Although I don't typically decorate for Valentine's Day, this year I couldn't resist a little craft project to celebrate the holiday. After all, it is about love and chocolate and who can resist love and chocolate? Instead of the usual craft…
All You Need is...Valentine String Art | Pretty Handy Girl
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All You Need Is…Valentine String Art & Engraving

All you need is some scrap wood, and maybe a little string. And a few nails. And how about a gum wrapper? If you had all those you could be like MacGyver and build some kind of cool device that would catch fire. But, since I had everything…
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Double Ribbon Valentine Wreath

Hi, this is Cristina from Remodelando la Casa, I'm so glad to be here once again, sharing with you a cute and easy project just in time for Valentine's day. While walking through Costco (it always happens there, you go for groceries but…
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Topsail Beach Condo Renovation

Take a tour of this Topsail Beach Condo with a top to bottom makeover including new flooring, paint, and bathroom fixtures. Topsail Beach Condo Renovation My stepmom, Diane Chamberlain (the famous author), purchased a fixer-upper beach condo…
DIY Aged Chippy Paint Technique | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Install Shelves (using Corbels) on a Tile Wall

After painstakingly tiling my backsplash, I was more than a bit hesitant to drill holes into the tiles to hang the corbels and open shelving. But, I convinced myself to stop being a wussy procrastinating and just do it. I'm so pleased…
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The Denali Dream Drive tour of the 2014 HGTV Dream Home

Can I tell you about my dream home? Well, it would be in a gorgeous natural location with an amazing view out the back door: And maybe a beautiful body of water nearby to witness jaw dropping sunsets. And the house would be wrapped…
School Library Painted with Montpelier Wedgewood | Pretty Handy Girl
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School Library Reveal

Remember last week when we were picking colors for the school library? Well, I'm back to show you how everything came together! But first, I'd like to announce the winners of the Valspar paint samples:   Congrats to Bonnie,…
Pretty Handy Girl's Christmas Home Tour
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Pretty Handy Girl’s Christmas Home Tour 2013

Welcome, welcome! I see you made it here from Songbird's beautiful home. If you are coming here first, be sure to check out Marianne's home: I can not tell you how excited I am to have you in for the tour. Last Christmas we were living…
Tips for Choosing Paint Colors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in the School Library

Choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. Looking at small paint chips at your local Lowe's Home Improvement store can be a bit overwhelming. Especially because there are so many colors to choose from! (That can be a good thing too ;-).) Luckily…
Pretty Handy Girl's Christmas Home
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Holiday Home Tour & A Big Accomplishment

Guess what! BIG NEWS!!! I FINALLY finished our kitchen remodel. I completed most of the work over the summer, but had two key components that I had to install. They are big, chunky and I am truly in love with them. I've been waiting…
DIY Rosemary Wreath & Juniper Garland | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rosemary Wreath, Juniper Garland Tutorial

Winter is upon us and with the temperatures dropping we have our windows closed and doors shut. Thus sealing in the stale air and odors. Not to mention cold and flu viruses. Ugh. But, I have a few easy and inexpensive tips to give your home…
Giant Lighted Christmas Ball Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Make Giant Lighted Ornament Balls

A few years ago we discovered a street in our city that is lit with giant hanging lighted ornament balls. We drove down the street with our low beams on and were truly speechless. It was magical, ethereal and beautiful seeing giant orbs…
How to Make Pine Cone Garland
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How to Make Pine Cone Garland

Happy December! The holidays are such a wonderful time of year and an opportunity to get creative with entertaining, cooking and decorating. Mostly, I love to make things simple and today's lesson on how to make a pine cone garland will be…
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Très Frugal DIY Gift Idea Round Up

Can you believe all the wonderful DIY gift ideas that we had for you this past month? 31 DIY gift ideas that are frugal and attractive in this Très Frugal DIY Gift Idea Round Up. And if that's not enough, you can view 10 DIY Gift Ideas…
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Hanging Ornaments Table Runner by At the Picket Fence

I have half of the dynamic duo from At the Picket Fence today and I couldn't be more thrilled! Heather and Vanessa are the sibling duo who create and blog about their beautiful homes and share scrumptuous recipes! I'm honored to have Vanessa…
School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Elementary School Library Reveal

For a month I've been working on the school library makeover that was facilitated by a donation from This morning I got my emotional reward. I walked into the library ready to put on the finishing touches in the room. There…
Spoon Tealight Candle Holder
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Spoon Tealight Candle Holder

Jacque and I are so excited to be contributing in Brittany's Trés Frugal- 30 DIY Gift Ideas!  We're no strangers to DIY gift ideas!  In fact for as long as I can remember, my family has taken part in a Make-a-Gift tradition.  Each year…
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3-D Snowflake Tutorial by Remodelaholic

3D Paper Snowflake Today's guest is the queen of DIY! She's all about doing it herself from huge home renovation projects down to small ornaments. Please welcome Cassity from Remodelaholic! I think it is fun to let your kids get in…
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Peacock Pride Room Reveal

The day has get to see the room I designed around my La-Z-Boy sofa! When you head over there, you can also watch this short video explaining why I chose this sofa and how I decorated my room around it. So, are you ready…
Stenciled Scarf Tutorials | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorating Like Royalty Stenciled Scarves Tutorial

  Sooo, whatcha doing on Tuesday? Say around 2pm EST? Do you wanna come over and play with some paint and stencils? I'd love to have you. As would Melanie from Royal Design Studio & Jesse from Scout & Nimble! Miriam from…
DIY Scented Room Spray | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Scented Room Spray

I'm not exactly known for my short and sweet tutorials. But, I assure you this recipe for making DIY scented room spray is exactly that...short and sweet! What I like best about this DIY room spray is that it uses natural ingredients and…
DIY Book with Storage Inside | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorative Book with Hidden Storage Inside

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted a super secret place to hide things from your sibling? Having a secret book with a hidden storage compartment would have been perfect! Even as an adult, it's nice to have a spot where you…
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La-Z-Boy Design Dash

Over a month ago I was contacted by La-Z-Boy and asked if I'd like to participate in their La-Z-Boy Design Dash. The idea was to visit my local showroom and design a sofa. Then I'd meet my sofa in High Point, NC and design a room around…
Rustic Wood Cake Stand | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Rustic Cake Stand Tutorial

Day two has arrived and I have ANOTHER fabulous Très Frugal DIY gift idea for you. Honestly, this is one of my favorites. And I owe it all to this little picture from my Instagram friend, Kennesha. She blogs over at Restoration House and…
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Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge – Feathered Nest

I know what you're about to say..."What?! It's not time for Christmas decorations!" Well, I received an email from Michaels asking if I'd like to participate in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge. If you saw last year's contestants and the…