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Metallic Color Block Canisters | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Metallic Color Blocked Canisters

I'm back with another easy Lowe's Creative Idea this month. When you get tired of your cobalt blue canisters you can easily spray paint them with a metallic color block pattern. That's exactly what I decided to do with my thrift store canisters. I've…
Build Your Own Giant Chalkboard | Pretty Handy Girl
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Build a Giant Vintage Chalkboard

Have you scoured antique stores or Craig's List looking for a big giant vintage chalkboard? Those vintage school green chalkboards are highly sought after. But, hard to find. I have good news for you! You can build a Giant Chalkboard any…
Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Restoration Hardware Weathered Gray Stain Recipe

I've fallen in love with the Restoration Hardware Salvage Gray wood stain. But, try as I might, I haven't found a pre-mixed stain that produces the same look. That never deterred me, and I don't like to give up. Therefore, I created my…
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Aging Galvanized Metal Quickly

Hey everyone, it's Jacque here from The DIY Village!  I am so excited to share this DIY tutorial with you.  I love the look of old metal buckets, but finding them with the nice patina is easier said than done. I am constantly coming across…
Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Liner | Pretty Handy Girl
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Day 11 – Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Liner

I love to paint rooms! It's one of those meditative tasks that leaves you with instant gratification when  you are done. But, I don't like the clean up afterwards. Several years ago I came up with an Easy Clean Up Paint Tray Liner that…
Benjamin Moore Yellow Highlighter Painted Interior Doors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Good Day Sunshine – Yellow Painted Doors

I painted my interior front doors Benjamin Moore's Yellow Highlighter. It's my way to start my day off on the right foot. When I get up in the morning and head downstairs, I see my front doors and immediately Good Day Sunshine starts to…
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DIY Block Print Stamped Tea Towel

Hey there! It's Melissa from The Happier Homemaker back again with a fun and easy DIY tutorial you can even get the kiddos involved with! I've been noticing block printing coming up a lot in my home decor magazines and catalogs lately. Last…
Updating a Knotty Pine Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Updating a Nightstand {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

The best way to give your room a makeover on a budget is if you can use your existing furniture. Notice that I didn't say using it "as is". Heck no! Update your solid furniture by adding moulding, paint and new feet! (Pretty Handy…
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DIY Personalized Wall Shelf

Happy Wednesday Pretty Handy Readers!  Today's project is a DIY personalized wall shelf and I'll show you how to make it.  I'm Jaime from That's My Letter, a fellow DIY blogger who builds, paints and sews.  I made this wall shelf as a…
Painted Vanity Nightstand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Vanity Nightstand

In the quest to makeover our master bedroom and save money, I've been painting several pieces of furniture to coordinate with the new bed I built. One of the pieces I painted was this small desk that doubles as a nightstand. Our bedroom…
Facelift for a Knotty Pine Dresser | Pretty Handy Girl
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Aqua Dresser Makeover – What’s Knot to Love?

You know you've seen those knotty pine dressers from yesteryear. Their spotlight has faded and they are finding themselves at thrift shops, ReStores or worse the curb. I'm begging you to let this knotty eyesore back into…
How to Paint an Ombre Wall Technique | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique

How to Paint an Ombré Wall Technique Ombré painting is EVERYWHERE. Clothing, home décor and even wall paint techniques. An ombré wall is the paint technique I chose to create a misty and ethereal look in our master bedroom. It started…
HomeRight PaintStick vs. EZ Twist Review | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint Your Room Twice as Fast – HomeRight PaintSticks Review

Remember when I declared that I only use a handful of painting products that I've used for 15 years? I usually detest "new and improved" painting gadgets. I've tried many and they are usually a flop or not as efficient as my current arsenal…
Seaside Theme Bathroom Refresh #LowesCreator | Pretty Handy Girl
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Boy’s Bathroom Refresh {#LowesCreator Project}

You know those projects that you complete 80% of the room and think to yourself, "This is good for now. I'll do the rest in a day or two." Yup, the boy's bathroom was one such 80 percenter. I finally took the time to finish the last 20 percent…
How to Make a Chalkboard Surface Desk | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Make a Chalkboard Surface Desk

As part of the makeover of my son's bedroom, I wanted to create a fun chalkboard desk surface for him to write and build legos on. The idea of a chalkboard coated surface came to me when I remembered how much he liked the mini-chalkboard…
DIY Loft Bed | Pretty Handy Girl
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A Blue Loft Bed for My Son

Guys and Gals, I am here today to tell you that you can build a loft bed for your child! However, unlike most of the tutorials you find on my site, building this loft bed is not one of them. Instead, loads of gratitude goes to Ana White…
How to Make an Old Sign
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How to Make an Old Sign from a Foot Board

One project I really wanted to make was an old wooden-looking sign. I hoped to stumble upon a salvaged piece or something found. Lucky enough, I happened to find a foot board from a bed right down the street. It was the perfect shape to…
Easy Added Color to a Dresser | Pretty Handy Girl
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An Easy Way to Add Color to a Dresser {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

Adding color to dresser drawers is definitely an easy way to add a pop of color to an otherwise boring piece of furniture. Add some new knobs and your dresser will look like a new piece of furniture! (Tutorial for creating custom knobs coming…
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Knock off Garden Table

I often find myself searching online looking at furniture and decor on sites that I consider full of unique items.  I recently came across the Anthropologie Partridge Garden Table and fell in love.  The creative use of old mismatched legs…
Faux Weathered Gray Wood Grain Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Faux Finish Weathered Wood Grain

Do you love the Restoration Hardware tables that have that beautiful gray (driftwood-like) weathered wood? Me too. But, I can't justify spending thousands of dollars on their furniture. Instead, I found a Craig's List pedestal table that…
Upcycled Metal Rolling Cart Plant Stand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Upcycled Plant Cart Saved from “Above the Rim”

This past summer I spied a metal cart in a dumpster. To be frank, I have never truly actually participated in dumpster diving. The thought of actually climbing inside a dumpster has never been on my acceptable things to do list. But, this…
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How to Stain a Basket

I admit it, I'm a basket addict! Baskets are one of the best ways to organize and accessorize your home but they can be very expensive when purchased new. Thrift stores are a great source of affordable baskets but they are often out-of-fashion…
Unique Wine Rack
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DIY Unique Wine Rack

Hi everyone! It’s Jessica from Décor Adventures, back again and ready to show you a furniture makeover project I’m just in love with. This isn't just any furniture makeover. This is how to turn an old dresser into a rack to hold your…
Radiant Orchid Vases from Recycled Cans & Jars | #upcycling | Pretty Handy Girl
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Simple Vases using Radiant Orchid {Lowe’s Creative Idea}

There I was digging things out of the recycling bin again. Pretty Handsome Guy gave me a raised eyebrow, but he knew better than to question my motives. I had that idea bulb flashing over my head, and I was ready to transform some jars and…
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How to: Build a Wall Chalkboard with a Chalk Ledge

Chalkboards are popping up everywhere (like Brittany's DIY chalkboard calendar from last week) and you can easily make one, but how about upping the usefulness by making a chalkboard WITH a chalk ledge?  Jaime here from That's My Letter to…
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Desk Makeover {Paint Stripping with Citristrip & Painting with Latex Enamel}

One of the unique features of our home's floor plan is a "tech room" with built in desks just off of our mud room.  When we first built our house I thought they would make the perfect place for our older boys to do their homework. The…
DIY Aged Chippy Paint Technique | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Aged Chippy Paint Technique

This is another one of those tutorials that I've been dying to share with you! Like sitting on my hands and anxiously waiting to type it out. But after taking 2 weeks off from blogging, I'm back and ready to give you this fabulous tutorial…
Boy's Red, White & Blue Themed Room | Pretty Handy Girl
Tips for Choosing Paint Colors | Pretty Handy Girl
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Tips for Choosing Paint Colors in the School Library

Choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. Looking at small paint chips at your local Lowe's Home Improvement store can be a bit overwhelming. Especially because there are so many colors to choose from! (That can be a good thing too ;-).) Luckily…
Canvas Quote Art Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Canvas Art with Loads of Fun Laundry Quote

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get your fill of food and family time today. I need to give a big congrats to the Silhouette Portrait Giveaway winner, Kelly Crumpler Kelly! Woo Hoo, you'll be making all your gifts with the Silhouette Portrait…
Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel | Pretty Handy Girl
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Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel

How about a cheap and easy DIY gift idea today? Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towels are sure to please anyone and they cost less than a dollar! I bought several of the red striped Tekla tea towels at Ikea that cost .79 a piece! I came up…
School Library Reveal | Pretty Handy Girl
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Elementary School Library Reveal

For a month I've been working on the school library makeover that was facilitated by a donation from This morning I got my emotional reward. I walked into the library ready to put on the finishing touches in the room. There…
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How to: Hand Painted Monogrammed Ornaments

Jaime from That's My Letter here to share a handmade ornament as part of the Très Frugal gift ideas series running all through November. Today I'm sharing how to make a simple circular handpainted monogrammed ornament with a metal frame. You…
Easy Wooden Chalkboard Sign | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy Wooden Chalkboard Sign {Countdown to Christmas Idea}

Do you keep scraps of wood and say to yourself, "I might need that for something someday." Well, today is your someday! Grab a scrap (or ask Lowe's for their scraps) and create this super easy wooden chalkboard sign. When you're done,…
Stenciled and Dyed Scarves Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Stenciled and Dyed Scarves Tutorial

Once again I've created a DIY gift that I want to keep for myself! It's true, I've fallen in love with these stenciled and dyed scarves that I created this week. In particular, I'm rather fond of the blue/gray and yellow ones. So, my question…
Stenciled Scarf Tutorials | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorating Like Royalty Stenciled Scarves Tutorial

  Sooo, whatcha doing on Tuesday? Say around 2pm EST? Do you wanna come over and play with some paint and stencils? I'd love to have you. As would Melanie from Royal Design Studio & Jesse from Scout & Nimble! Miriam from…
Faux Etched Soap Dispenser
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Faux Etched Glass Soap Dispenser Gift

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to show you a fun Très Frugal DIY gift idea today - a faux etched soap dispenser. Of course you could use this paint technique on any glass item - a vase, votive, or pretty up a simple jar - but, to me, there's…
Painted Lampshade & a Quick Guest Room Makeover | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Lampshade and a Quick Guest Room Makeover {Lowe’s Creator}

My mom was coming to visit his month. Since she's a repeat guest, I wanted to give the guest room a little mini makeover for her. With the addition of some new pillows, curtains and a painted lampshade I gave it a new look in an afternoon. Here's…
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How to Create a Rustic Wood King Headboard

I'm back with more progress on the beach condo. I am really excited to share this tutorial on how to create a rustic wood headboard with you because it caused quite the buzz on Facebook and Instagram. This has to be one of my favorite projects…
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Abstract Art Ocean Painting Tutorial {Video Tutorial}

As promised, I created a tutorial to show you how you too can paint a giant abstract ocean painting. The easiest way for me to show you how was to share the video of the process. If you are viewing this post in your email, you will need…