Jaime from That’s My Letter here to share a handmade ornament as part of the Très Frugal gift ideas series running all through November.

circle ornaments

Today I’m sharing how to make a simple circular handpainted monogrammed ornament with a metal frame.

circle ornaments 5

You can choose nearly any font for the monogram, the thicker the letters the easier it is to paint.  You’ll get the best results if you use a small, fine brush, go slow, and have a steady hand.  Then you’ll be making monogrammed ornaments for all your friends and family this holiday season:

circle ornaments 7

The circular wood discs are readily available at most craft stores and the stainless steel metal hose clamp adds the perfect frame and weight to the ornament.  It’s the perfect combination of wood, metal and fabric with the added ribbon:

circle ornaments 6


  • 3″ wood discs
  • adjustable metal hose clamp (be sure it clamps down to 3″ diameter)
  • acrylic craft paint
  • small, fine round paint brush
  • computer & printer
  • ballpoint pen
  • flat head screwdriver
  • wire cutters
  • jute string
  • ribbon


circle ornaments 1Step 1: Print out your desired monogram and font to fit the 3″ wood circle.  I used American Typewriter font at 100 point here and up above Monogram KK font at 75 and 100 point.

Step 2: Fold the printed monogram in half to find the middle and line up the fold with the middle of the wood circle.

Step 3: Using a ballpoint pen and lots of pressure trace the outline of the letters.  See the results below, the pressure of the pen leaves a slight indent in the wood:

circle ornaments 2

Step 4: Using acrylic paint and a fine brush, paint on and inside the indent.

Step 5: Place the wood circle inside a metal clamp and use a flat head screwdriver to tighten the clamp around the wood.

circel ornaments 3

Step 6: To trim excess from clamp use a wire cutter and bend off excess about 1″ from the gear.

Step 7: The excess has been removed and now we are left with a short, sharp metal tail.  (Not so safe!)

Step 8: Grab the short tail with the end of the wire cutters and bend it under itself to tuck away for a smooth edge.  See the results below:

circle ornaments 4

Step 9: Thread jute string under the metal tail portion and around the entire gear leaving the ends long to make a hanging loop for the ornament.

Step 10: Tie decorative ribbon around front of gear (this keeps the jute string in place and adds a nice finishing touch).

This handpainted monogrammed ornament would also make a great party favor or placecard at your holiday table.

circle ornaments 8

A simple personalized holiday gift that costs about $3.00 per ornament in supplies, now that’s Très Frugal.

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