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New! Shur-line Pro Paint Edger Product Review

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

Last month I received a little care package from Shur-line. I opened the kit and assessed the products with speculation. As you probably remember, I don’t generally like new painting gadgets. I have my tried and true painting tools that I use and I rarely find new ones that I like better. As I was getting ready to re-paint the living room, I grabbed for the Shur-line Pro Paint Edger. Having been a fan of our old Shur-line edger, I really didn’t think that they could have improved much on the design.

Well, I was wrong, and this is my new favorite paint edger.

The biggest change they made was to add flip up edge guards. Why would you want this?

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

It protects the wheels and the edge guard from getting paint on it when you reload the paint! Brilliant.

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

In the past, I had to be careful not to dip the wheels in the paint when re-loading. And, I inevitably had to wipe off the wheels with a damp rag when I did. Now, they flip up and out of the way when you raise the little handle between the roller wheels. After the paint is loaded, flip the handle down and the wheels and edge guards are ready to edge.

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

Simply run the edger wheels along moulding, window and door casing, and baseboards to paint a smooth, clean straight line.

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

Another change I noticed was the cut out notches on the pad to further keep the paint away from the rollers and edge guards.

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

Removing the pad is a little easier with the release tabs on either side. (Versus sliding the pad off the bottom of the edger.)

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

To replace the pad, simply snap it back in place and you are ready to roll.

Shur-line Paint Edger Review | Pretty Handy Girl

This Shur-line Edger Pro is only available at Lowes Home Improvement. My only complaint is that for a $1 more, I’d probably reach for the SHUR-LINE 01000 Paint Premium Edger (affiliate link). The differences are that the Pro Premium has a quick pad release button on the handle for true one finger removal. The rubber edged handle will rotate a full 180 degrees for better ergonomics. But, who knows, I haven’t tried the Pro Premium, so I can’t say for sure if I’d like it better.


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. This is a product review post that I thought you’d find helpful. I was sent a complimentary sample of the Shur-line Pro Edger. I was not compensated for my time, nor was I told what to write. My product review policies can be read here. I will always be honest and disclose to you when writing a product review or sponsored post. I also do not write about a product if I don’t like it.

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8 replies
  1. Kent
    Kent says:

    Damn, this new redesign with the notched edges is going to be a problem for the way I use the pads.
    I’ve discovered the pads are the perfect way to apply clear finishes/varnishes, much better than foam brushes, etc.
    You can apply the material quickly and strike it off at the end to remove any visible application lines or streaks – all of which leaves a very even and smooth finish.

    But with the notched edges I’m not going to have a straight trailing edge – and it’s mostly the last 1/2″ that is in contact when I apply clear, sort of like using them as a brush.

    Now I’m probably going to have the cut the pads or make my own holder.

    Anyway, for anyone doing clear finishes – at least if you can find the original ones – they really work great.

  2. Linda L Weeks
    Linda L Weeks says:

    I’m certainly going to look for this – I’ve always liked these but there is some inherent flaw that keeps it from being a solid use-more-than-once tool; I think they should find a sturdier polymer to build them from, maybe it would be a little more accurate than my last Shure-line! That said, I don’t know of any better tool for edging!

  3. Mary ann
    Mary ann says:

    I purchased the new paint pads and used them with the older style edger, did not notice a new edger was available …huge mistake! I had to hold the pad in place because it doesn’t fit correctly and slips while edging, I finally taped it to the edger, which helped some. Bottom line … You need to purchase the new edger, the new pads do not fit the old style edger!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    This is something i would definitely want in my painting tools collection. I had the same problem with the paint getting on the wheels with the old model.

  5. Melissa Boyce
    Melissa Boyce says:

    Thanks for the review, Brittany! I am a fan of the original but had the same issues with the wheels getting paint on them. Sounds like they definitely fixed those issues! Good to know!


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