Super easy card table makeover
I can only imagine that Matt and I are not the only family in America with a less than stellar card table.  In fact both of ours were hand me downs from grandparents and though they may have been fabulous in the 80’s, now they are really lacking in the attractive decor department.  A few years go I picked up some vinyl table clothes with hopes of breathing new life into our sad card tables and once again life got in the way and I never recovered them.  I recently came across the table clothes and decided it was time to move on with my project but there was a small problem, I no longer liked the table clothes I had previously picked out.  Have no fear, after a quick trip to Target I was back in business and ready for my amazing, fabulous, incredible card table makeover!


  • Card Table (old or new)
  • Damp rag for cleaning
  • Ratchet with socket
  • Vinyl Tablecloth
  • Drop Cloth
  • Spray Paint
  • Sand Paper – 180 grit
  • Drop Cloth
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Scissors


Card Table

Give the table a good wipe down with a damp rag to remove any dust or possible cobwebs that may be lingering on the underside of the table.


Remove the top of the table from the frame and legs. (Be sure to store your screws in a safe place because you will need them later.)  Most tables will be attached with a few hex screws that can easily be removed using a ratchet and socket or a socket wrench.

Set the top of the table to the side and begin prepping the table frame and legs by lightly sanding them with 180 grit sand paper.  When sanding is complete, wipe the frame down with a damp rag to remove any sanding debris.

painted legs

Lay the drop cloth out to protect the ground or whatever surface you don’t want covered in spray paint.  Unfold the legs of the table and begin spraying the card table legs.  Give the legs adequate time to dry and turn the table over.  Continue spraying the frame until a smooth consistent coverage is achieved.  (More coats and lighter coverage is better than drippy spray paint.)  Set the frame aside to dry.

line up fabric

Lay the tablecloth face down onto a flat surface.  Place the card table top face down onto the tablecloth.

trim border

Trim the table cloth leaving at least a 2″ border of excess to be able to wrap around and secure later.

glue gun

Depending on the thickness of the table top, the tablecloth can be attached using a staple gun or a hot glue gun.  The top of my table is not very thick, so instead of risking staples poking through the other side, I used a hot glue gun. Apply a bead of hot glue in 2 – 3″ sections.  Wrap the tablecloth around the edge of table top and press.  Continue this process around the entire table top until all edges of the tablecloth have been adhered.


Trim any excess tablecloth as close to the hot glue as possible.

reattach table top

Attach the table top back to the frame.

card table makeover

In an hour or so you can transform a sad 80’s card table into a fun new functional piece fit for any celebration.  Once you complete a card table makeover, you realize how easy it is  and you won’t be afraid to do another one in the future!

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  1. Joan Wilkey Cook
    Joan Wilkey Cook says:

    Beautiful. You did a great job. I have 2 old card tables, one a wedding gift in 1965! The legs are hard to open and close, old hardware? Is there a solution or will I need to buy new hardware?

  2. Kristen
    Kristen says:

    I did this last summer, also my folding chairs and I LOVE it. Definitely sand first, though, because I didn’t do that and my paint chips easily.


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