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Plans for a Master Bedroom Makeover


Master Bedroom Makeover

Do you know that book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Yeah? I feel like I’m literally living inside that book, only the title is, If You Give a Blogger a King-sized Bed. It was inevitable. We finally made the switch to a king size mattress. Without getting into too much information (because I will be sharing with you in the near future, the mattress we chose and why it is the LAST mattress we will ever have to buy), we decided to upgrade to a king size mattress. When we brought the mattress in, we found out we needed to rearrange our room. And when we rearranged the room, we realized that our new arrangement would cover up the dandelion wall mural that I painted. And, since we were covering up the dandelion, we might as well paint the walls. And if we were painting the wall, wouldn’t it be cool to have dark walls with a white bed? And if I wanted a white bed, I needed to build a new bed. (Because, you know me…I have to build my own bed, instead of buying one.) And after I built the bed and put it in the room, I’d realize that we needed new curtains, new bedding, new….well, you get the picture right?! If you give a mouse a cookie…and on and on. Who understands these trickle down DIY projects?

I began pinning some inspirations for our bedroom.


Some of my favorites are:

courtesy of Anthropologie.com
And my favorite from Dear Lillie:

Dear Lillie’s wall color is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. This was the picture that made me take the leap and go dark!

Which leaves me with the big task of buying bedding and décor for our new bedroom. Not to mention getting my butt in gear and building the bed frame. I was feeling overwhelmed and ended up enlisting the help of the most fantastic interior designer to help me pick out these things for the room. There are very few people I can trust with helping me pick out things for my own home. But, this gal is one I trust 99.9% of the time. (Except the time she recommended a movie that was a total bomb, but that’s another story.) I know you’re dying to know who this designer is and why I would trust her with this monumental task. Well, it’s none other than my sister, Caitlin.


Yes, she’s the same one who I worked with to renovate the Topsail Beach condo.  (We really need a better photo of the two of us. I still feel sweaty looking at that photo.) She created a Pinterest board to help me see examples of what would work for the bedroom. It was like having my own personal shopper! (Check out Caitlin’s design business, Symmetry Designs, if you live in the San Jose, CA area. Or even if you don’t. She can help you with your next design project.)


With her help, I have finalized most of the things going into our bedroom. Here is my design board:


What do you think? Do you L-O-V-E the colors as much as I do?

I’m going to be a little busy for the next week or so. If you are looking for me, I’ll be up to my knees in sawdust. 😉


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  1. Shelia
    Shelia says:

    I am planning to give my bedroom a make over and maybe I should try dark colors for now since I always prefer white and neutral colors. Thank you for pushing me to try things which I don’t like.

  2. Karen Marie Kedzuch
    Karen Marie Kedzuch says:

    Brittany & Caitlyn,
    Pretty Handy Sisters is what I say on this post. How fun to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and come up with a plan together. I love the colors, we new there needed to be a few but, they blenf and bounce nicely off one another. Nice job so far ladies! Can’t wait to see how the room turns out, I am sure it will be beautiful like both of you.
    Karen Marie

  3. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished project in person in July. And YES, can we please work on getting a new photo for future posts 🙂 The transformation of your bedroom is going to be amazing.

  4. Kim (TheKimSixFix)
    Kim (TheKimSixFix) says:

    I cannot wait to see what you come up with! I love that second inspiration picture.. with the dark ceiling and one accent wall that is bright white. I am not sure I would actually be brave enough to do that, but i love it.

    I have been sitting back and delaying fixing up my master bedroom since I”m paralyzed with indecision. I am super impressed that you are putting yours together so fast, without a ton of hemming and hawing!


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