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Decorative Chalkboard Clipboard | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorated Chalkboard Clipboards

Teacher Appreciation time is coming up. Every year, I find myself scrambling for last minute gift ideas for the teachers. My sister-in-law is a school teacher and she has always lamented the amount of sugar-laden sweets she is gifted. For…
Fork Photo Holder | Pretty Handy Girl

Fork Photo Holder

Today I have a unique photo holder that you can create using forks from Goodwill... ...and an angel decor item that I bought on clearance. Good thing too, because I didn't own the angel for more than 20 minutes when I dropped it in…
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Bunny Place Cards

Spring is in the air so let's make some bunny place cards for the table.  Jaime here from That's My Letter sharing this easy scrap project that adds a touch of cuteness and color to your Easter or spring table. I used spring colored…
Make a Driftwood Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl
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Make a Driftwood Gift Crate

Make a Driftwood Gift Crate I love making small crates or boxes to use as gift baskets for friends. It's a great way to use up scrap wood and give a gift that can be used to organize a desk or shelf.  Stick around today and I'll show you…
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DIY Plywood Frame with Glass

They say necessity is the motherhood of invention. Today's project post on DIY Plywood Frames with Glass fits well with that saying.  Jaime at That's My Letter here sharing how I took scrap plywood and made it into frames for my kids' silhouettes.…

Family Game Night Hack: How to “Pause” Monopoly

Hi everyone!  It's Katie from Addicted 2 DIY again!  I have an easy and fun family game night hack to share with you that has helped us to enjoy one of our favorite board games until the very end!  We love to play Monopoly together as…
Build a Snowman and Win a Getaway for 4 on a Disney Cruise! | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Make a Snowman without Snow

Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let's go and play! Ha, my apologies if you have that popular Frozen song in your head now. Do you have snow where you are? We are on the tip of an "epic" winter storm that is rolling into North Carolina right…
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DIY Owl Bookends

Pretty Handy readers Happy New Year!  Jaime here today from That's My Letter to share how to make scrap wood DIY Owl Bookends.  It's January and everyone is in cleaning, purging, and organizational mode.  While you're cleaning out the…
It's inevitable your little ones will get bump or bruise. Make them a Boo-Boo Bear to sweeten those tough times by Prodigal Pieces #prodigalpieces
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Make a Boo-Boo Bear – A Rice Ice and Heat Pack

Hello PHG readers! I'm coming over from my blog, Prodigal Pieces, to share with you a sweet DIY that is easy to whip up and will make everyone smile (not to mention it makes a perfect last-minute gift!). Do you remember the days as a…
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Fabric and Wood Coasters

Pretty Handy readers we are nearing ever so close to the big day!  Jaime from That's My Letter here today to share a quick and easy last minute gift idea.  These fabric and wood coasters add just a touch of holiday cheer to any coffee…
Galvanized Metal Star Garland | Pretty Handy Girl
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Galvanized Metal Star Garland and Mantel Vignette

Remember when I told you I've been on a galvanized metal kick? Yes, you may have noticed my Rustic Metal Magnetic Window Frame on Monday. When I put the windows over our fireplace mantel, I knew there was something missing. I tried a few…
Rustic Metal Magnetic Window Frame | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rustic Metal Magnetic Window Frame

I was really inspired by Laura Putnam's new book: DIY Rustic Modern Metal Crafts. I love the look of aged galvanized metal and knew that our home needed more of it. Today I'll share with you a tutorial to create your own Rustic Metal Magnetic…
5 Steps for Beautiful Holiday Wreaths
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5 Steps for Beautiful Holiday Wreaths

Hello friends, it's Jessica from Decor Adventures. December is the most wonderful month of the year and these early days are perfect for holiday decorating. I'm sure you are decking your halls and getting ready to have a festive season. One…
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Halloween Canvas Door Decor

Today I have a special guest rockstar for you! Kim is here to show you how to whip up the quickest Canvas Halloween Door Decor. Kim is the creative goddess behind Today's Creative Life. She truly has an eye for the awesome. I mean…
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PB Teen Inspired Jewelry Organizer

Today, I'm super excited to have Jen Woodhouse here to present the tutorial to make this Pottery Barn Teen Inspired Jewelry Organizer. Jen is the creative muscle behind The House of Wood. She recently knocked my socks off with this…
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State Pride Magnetic Key Holder

Today on the Rockstar DIY stage is Brad! Brad is our first guy rocker to join the tour. He has an amazing creative brain and woodworking skills that will blow your mind. Brad has created this State Pride Magnetic Key Holder for you to build.…
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Pottery Barn Blue Textile Knockoff Art

Today we have Roxanne taking over the Rockstar DIY stage! Roxanne is the knock off queen. She will be showing us how to create these beautiful knock off Pottery Barn Blue Textile prints for much less. If Roxanne sees something from a high…
Easy Fall Wreath Tutorial
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24 Fabulously Creative Fall Wreaths

Hi Pretty Handy readers, it's Colleen with Just Paint It. Although my focus is on painting now, I spent many years as a floral designer. With Fall right around the corner I thought you'd love to see this collection of 24 Creative Fall Wreaths. Creative…
Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy Clipboard Stand

Today's project is so easy, I named it the Easy Clipboard Stand (catchy name, no?) This is a great way to upcycle an old clipboard and a scrap 2x4. This clipboard stand is super versatile. It can be used as a traditional stand for announcements;…
DIY Macrame Plant Hanger
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DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

If you follow home decor trends (or just love to add something different or vintage to your home), then a textile and macrame project is a perfect project to try.  If you think they are a nod to the 70's, you are right but this macrame…
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DIY Nautical Towel Rack

The kids are back in school, but we still have plenty of hot summer weather here in Arizona. This means a lot of time by the pool.  My boys swim every single day, and always leave a pile of towels left in their wake.  I was tired of…
Crochet Market Bag
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21 Ways to Make and Decorate Totebags

Have you been enjoying all of the awesome tote bag tutorials this week? Today we've rounded up even more sewing tutorials, decorating ideas, and an amazing crocheted tote bag. Let's talk about 21 ways to Make and Decorate Totebags. How…
Customize a Tote Bag with an Old Shirt | Pretty Handy Girl
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Customizing a Tote Bag with an Old Shirt

Welcome to another Tote Bag Week Post! Are you getting lots of ideas for how to make and dress up tote bags? If you're just joining in here's the line up: Monday: How to Sew a Canvas Tote Bag Tuesday: Dress Up a Store Bought Tote…
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Cute Reversible Reusable Tote Bag Tutorial by Sawdust Girl

Are you enjoying Tote Week?! If you're just joining in here's the line up: Monday: How to Sew a Canvas Tote Bag Tuesday: Dress Up a Store Bought Tote with Piping Wednesday: Reusable Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial Thursday:…
Make Piping Out of Thrift Store Finds | Pretty Handy Girl
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Dress Up a Plain Tote with Piping

Welcome back to Tote Week! If you're just joining in here's the line up: Monday: How to Sew a Canvas Tote Bag Tuesday: Dress Up a Store Bought Tote with Piping Wednesday: Reusable Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial Thursday: Customizing…
Make Your Own Clock Sign | Pretty Handy Girl
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Make Your Own Clock Sign

Making a clock is an easy project. All you need is a flat surface that you can drill a hole into and BOOM, you can make a clock. Let's get started and I'll show you How to Make Your Own Clock Sign. Materials: Chalkboard sign (I…
Metal Number Sign | Pretty Handy Girl
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Metal Number Sign

Want a quick and easy way to display a favorite number? Create a metal number art sign for your wall; for wedding tables; to commemorate your favorite athlete, etc. Materials: Metal sign (found at Michael's) Spray Paint …
Upcycled Cabinet Door Quote Art | Pretty Handy Girl
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Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art

What do you do with an old cabinet door? Besides keep it with your wood scraps for ten years like I did (not recommended.) You can create pre-framed art! Today I have an easy Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art project for you. If you…
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Home is Where the Heart Is – Door Decor

How about an unusual front door decor idea today?  Jaime from That's My Letter here to share this house shape door decor project with free plans to make your own. A little play on "home is where the heart is," this door decor is…
Easy Plexiglass Art Frame | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy Plexiglass Art Frame

Have you ever wanted to frame a piece of art but didn't want to pay the high cost to buy a custom frame? Or worse, you're like me and too lazy to DIY your own frame? That's where I found myself last week when I was creating the perfect gallery…
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DIY Feather Art

When I needed an extra piece of art for our living room gallery wall I created DIY Feather Art. You can create your own, but please purchase craft feathers, use fake feathers or paper feathers. (Per the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, it is…
Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall | Pretty Handy Girl
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12 Tips to Create a Perfect Gallery Wall

When you Don't Love It, a room in your home can become a place to avoid. Last week I hung our TV on the wall in our living room, but was cringing because that big fat TV was screaming "Look at me! Look at me!" It was killing the cozy vibe…
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Boredom Buster DIY Projects for Kids

If you're on a quest to keep the kids entertained, I have several Boredom Buster DIY craft projects for you and your kids that will keep you busy over the next few weeks or so. Summer Calendar & Bucket List   Kids' Thumbprint…
Little Playhouse | Pretty Handy Girl
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Little Playhouse for Ollie {Mystery Thrift Off}

I love giving my boys creative freedom on projects. Frequently I let them have access to my scrap pile. Inevitably they build little houses for their stuffed animals. This little house was designed and painted by my 8 year old for Ollie…
Housewarming Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl
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Housewarming Gift Caddy {Mystery Thrift Off}

Do you have a new neighbor or know someone who just moved? It's time to celebrate with them by giving them a housewarming gift caddy! This is an easy gift tote that you can customize to any size you like. Plus, the recipient can use the…
Chalkboard Arrow Sign (Mystery Thrift Off) | Pretty Handy Girl
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Chalkboard Arrow Sign {Mystery Thrift Off}

Are you having a yard sale, a lemonade stand or an open house? This Chalkboard Arrow Sign is an easy DIY project that will bring more attention to your event. But, let me back up to explain exactly how this Chalkboard Arrow Sign came…
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DIY Painted Pool Sign

Hey everyone!  Katie again from Addicted 2 DIY.  It's hard to believe, but it's been two months now since we finished building our dream pool.  If you've ever wondered what you can learn (and save) by contracting your pool out yourself,…
Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Dollar Store Whisk and Skewer | Pretty Handy Girl
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Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Wire Whisk + Skewer

Summertime is coming and I'm enjoying spending more time in our garden. I'm always looking for cute craft ideas that I can do with the kids while school is out. When I saw this great idea for making a wire whisk dragonfly on Morena's Corner,…
Spring Foyer Vignette | Pretty Handy Girl
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Love Your Home Challenge

My blogging friend Melissa Michaels just published a wonderful new book to help you "Love the Home You Have." She focuses on simple things you can do to embrace the home you live in. With easy suggestions and achievable goals, she breaks…
How to Paint a Deck Mandala Tattoo | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Paint a Giant Mandala Deck Tattoo

As promised, I'm back today to show you how to paint a giant mandala tattoo on your deck. Painting a design on your deck can turn an ordinary deck into a beautiful retreat. Add a few colorful accessories and you'll have a backyard Bali…