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Sea Shell Matching Game

Oh so sad that summer is over. If you were fortunate to get some time at the beach, you may have come home with a few dozen of these: Especially if you have little children who insist on keeping every shell that they find! So, what to do…
Writing Name in Sand Art | Pretty Handy Girl
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Writing in the Sand Picture

This is a fun project to do with your kids (or by yourself) while you are at the beach. Collect some cool shells, beach glass or driftwood. Use a broken shell with a sharp edge to write your name or message in the sand. Decorate your…
DIY Book with Storage Inside | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorative Book with Hidden Potential (and a gift for my 100th follower)

Two weeks ago I was thrilled when one of you wonderful readers signed on to become my 100th follower! What a milestone for a relatively new blog. This lucky, 100th follower was Sharon, who has an equally amazing blog called This Thrifty House.…
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Pottery Barn Inspired Lantern from $5 ReStore Light Fixture

If you have been following my blog, you may remember this light fixture that I rescued bought at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Read below for a Pottery Barn Inspired Lantern. Originally I thought about using it as a light in our…
Magnetic Mailbox Cover | Pretty Handy Girl
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A Mailbox that Can Take a Beating and Still Looks Great

Several years ago I painted a mailbox for my stepmom (the wonderfully talented author, Diane Chamberlain). Her house was on a busy street and the mailboxes on this street were a prime target for mailbox baseball. I wanted to paint her mailbox…
Sunprints | Pretty Handy Girl
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Sun Prints – Easy and Stylish Summer DIY Art (+ how to fake floating frames)

A few years ago while I was trying to entertain my toddler, we made sun prints on a hot summer day. What! You've never heard of sunprints? Well, you really need to get your crafty hands on this hot product. Visit the website…