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DIY Framed fall art from scrap wood
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DIY Scrap Wood Fall Sign

DIY Scrap Wood Fall Leaf Sign It’s Shara from Woodshop Diaries and I’ve been on a roll lately with scrap wood projects (remember the scrap wood caddy?) Today I have another fun project to help you get ready for fall! It's a super easy…
These giant citrus slices are a fun pop of color for any decor!

Giant Citrus Fruit Decor

What could be more inviting on a hot summer day than a cool drink of lemonade or a cocktail mixed with lime? Bring the tastes of summer to your home decor with these giant citrus slices! This project is an easy way to use up those oddly-shaped…
Cute DIY Animal Toddler Stools | Pretty Handy Girl

Toddler Animal Stools

What little toddler wouldn't love these super Cute DIY Animal Toddler Stools? Are you ready to make this adorable project today? I hope so! They’re made from REAL wood! Scrap wood! Just those little wood cut offs hanging around your…
How to Quickly and Easily Frame Canvas Art | Pretty Handy Girl

How to Quickly & Easily Frame Canvas Art

Are you guilty of hanging canvas art with no frame? (Yup, my hand is raised.) There are no longer any excuses for this behavior once I show you How to Quickly & Easily Frame Canvas Art. If you want to remain frameless and oblivious,…
This teacher sign is the perfect end-of-year gift!
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DIY Teacher Sign for End-of-Year Gift

Hi everyone! It's Vineta from The Handyman's Daughter back with another fun project to share with you! It's almost the end of the school year, and I've been racking my brain to come up with a nice gift for my son's second grade teacher.…
How to make a Concrete and Wood Planter | Pretty Handy Girl

How to make a Concrete and Wood Planter

Hey, guys! Anika here again from Anika's DIY Life sharing a project made with my new favorite medium - concrete. I have been experimenting with concrete lately and having a lot of fun with it! I started with a few concrete pumpkins and…

20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts

I have a hard time throwing away glass bottles and jars. Even though I recycle glass, I see amazing potential for those pretty glasses and jars. With that confession out of the way, I have 20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts to share with…
Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy Girl
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Frosted Glass Vases from the Recycling Bin

I love a good upcycle project, especially when it involves recycled bottles and jars. Now that Spring is here, I love cutting fresh flowers from the yard to give to friends and family. Giving flowers in a handmade vase is always a nice way…
Vintage Map Lampshade | Pretty Handy Girl
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Vintage Map Lampshade

Do you want to update a plain vanilla lamp shade? Do you have a vacation you want to remember? You can do both with this vintage map lampshade! The process to create a Vintage Map Lampshade is easy, especially if your lamp shade is close…
How to Paint an Abstract Water Lilies Painting | Pretty Handy Girl
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Paint an Abstract Water Lily Painting

I have an unsightly electrical panel in my kitchen. But, luckily I found a way to cover it using an Abstract Water Lily Painting. Best of all, I recycled an old canvas and used paints I had to create an abstract painting that goes with…
DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Gold Leaf Bottle Vases

Remember when you were a child and you would pick wildflowers and present them proudly to your mom in a soda bottle? The simplicity of a fresh picked bouquet and the opulence of real gold leaf makes these DIY Gold Leaf Vases the perfect…

Easy Gold and Marble Coasters

Hello Pretty Handy Girl fans!! I am Anika - the girl behind Anika's DIY Life. As a long time Pretty Handy Girl fan myself, I can't find words to tell you how excited I am to be a contributor to Brittany's amazing site and share my projects…
DIY Scrap Moulding Trays | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Scrap Moulding Trays

Are you on a purge mission to get rid of excess stuff? Me too! How about your workshop? Do you have scrap wood you need to get rid of? Yes? Perfect. Today I have a simple tutorial to show you how to make DIY Scrap Moulding Trays. DIY Scrap…

Concrete Jewelry Dish

Hello! This is Lindi, visiting again from Love Create Celebrate. I was here a few weeks ago sharing something I made from old milk bottles I found while cleaning and purging. Now I'm back sharing something I made to help organize my life…
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DIY Glass-Etched Vases

Happy New Year! This is Lindi, visiting again from Love Create Celebrate. How many of you are deep into cleaning and purging mode?! My husband and I have already cleaned out FIVE closets since the New Year! We're pretty proud actually!…
Fixing Common Gift Wrap Problems | OMG! So funny, you have to read this. | Pretty Handy Girl
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Fixing Common Gift Wrap Problems – Guest Post by Pretty Handsome Guy

Hi all, Pretty Handsome Guy here filling in for Brittany. Last night Brittany and I were wrapping presents and I thought I'd share with you some common gift wrap problems and how to deal with them.  Think of this as the polar opposite…
Easy Peppermint Snowflakes | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy Peppermint Star Ornaments

Last year I made these Easy Peppermint Star Ornaments. They were a lot of fun to watch as they melted and fuzed into a snowflake ornament. My son asked if we could make them again this year. Because the kids are officially out of school…
How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign | Pretty Handy Girl How cool! You can use this technique to make or transfer any sign graphic.
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How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign

How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign: You guys, I'm super excited about this Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign I made using scraps from my workshop. This sign turned out 200 times better than I imagined in my head. I knew I had to…
Galvanized Metal Tree Form | Pretty Handy Girl
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Galvanized Metal Tree Form

Want to make a super cute and fast galvanized tree form? This little galvanized tree will fit in with some of your holiday vignettes, especially if you like the rustic look. Last year I had fun playing with DIY galvanized metal (otherwise…
PPG Paint Trends and Demo Event Giveaway | Pretty Handy Girl
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PPG Paint Tips & Sips + a Giveaway

Last month I had the honor to represent PPG, makers of OLYMPIC® Paints & Stains , GLIDDEN® Paint, the LIQUID NAILS® brand and the PPG PAINTS™ brand, at the Paint Tips & Sips media event in New York City. It was an invite-only…
DIY Copper Pipe Centerpiece | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Copper Pipe Centerpiece

I'm super excited to be back with another fun copper pipe tutorial for you to make for the holidays! Today let's make this unique DIY Copper Pipe Centerpiece that acts as a candelabra . . . . . . or a floral centerpiece. This…
DIY Copper Ring Jewelry | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Copper Ring Jewelry

The holidays are here and you know what that means: It's time to check off items from your gift list. I don't know about you, but I detest braving the mall traffic and chaos. I'd much prefer to stay indoors and make gifts for the ones I…
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Rustic Bark Vases

Hi everyone! This is Lindi, visiting again from Love Create Celebrate. We are in the thick of winter here, which means I spend my evening curled up under a blanket reading or dreaming up new DIYs. That's where the idea for these simple…
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Making Hot Air Balloon Decorations

This year I'm helping out with the school book fair decorations again. The theme for our fair was air travel. We made cute hot air balloons, clothespin airplanes, a giant "Welcome" word cloud, and cut out book clouds (tutorial to come soon.)…

12 Toys that Help Kids Grow Creatively

For birthdays and holidays I like to buy gifts for my boys, nephew, and nieces that help grow their creativity and in turn boost their self-esteem. These gift ideas help increase creative thinking and problem solving (skills that are on…

Thanksgiving Pie Free Printable

Jaime here today from That's My Letter sharing a free pie printable.  As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I was looking for a cute Thanksgiving Pie Free Printable for the kids (and adults) to color but I couldn't find anything I liked.…
DIY Framed Pinboard | Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Framed Pinboard

Pretty Handy readers it's Jaime here today from That's My Letter sharing how to make a DIY Framed Pinboard. I'm always looking for solutions to make my tween girls' bedroom space more functional. I decided to take advantage of the wall…
Woodland Fairy Garden in a Jar | Pretty Handy Girl
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Woodland Fairy Garden in a Jar – Styled x3

Have you been following Stacy Risenmay's Styled x3 series? It's addictive y'all! It's kind of like the "who wore it best" in the home decorating world, but there's no shaming. The way it works is Stacy buys three of one item and ships…
DIY Framed Pumpkins | Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Framed Pumpkins

Hooray, Fall is on the way and that means it's time to bring out all the pumpkins.  Jaime here from That's My Letter sharing this DIY Framed Pumpkins artwork which is easy, fast, and makes a very big statement for little cost. I scoured…
Painting with Alcohol Inks | Pretty Handy Girl

Painting with Alcohol Inks

I've been indulging in my own art therapy lately. It's been a stressful month and I've found a new outlet for all that tension. Alcohol! Well, alcohol inks to be accurate. These brightly colored inks feed my love of colorful art. And the…
Clay Skull Placecards | Pretty Handy Girl

Clay Skull Place Cards

Jaime here from That's My Letter today getting ready for a Halloween birthday party with these clay skull place cards.  I have two kids with birthdays that straddle Halloween which is reason enough to throw a Halloween themed Sugar Skull…
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Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles

Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles Have you ever stumbled across a wine crate and wondered what you could do with it? I have just the idea for you and it will take less than an hour to create. Today I'll show you how to make a Rustic…
Make Your Own Street Sign | Pretty Handy Girl

Make Your Own Street Sign

Do you have a favorite street or a town that brings you fond memories? Don't you wish you could have a vintage sign from that place? But, what are the chances of stumbling across one in an antique shop? Probably slim to none. You could steal a…

4×4 Picture Frame

Sometimes the amount of scrap wood I accumulate can seem a bit excessive. I have a hard time letting go of all those little pieces because I know they have potential to become something more. I have big plans for some scraps, but little…
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Summer Garden Flag from a Dollar Store Placemat

I have to admit, I'm a little addicted to making garden flags out of fabric placemats from the dollar store (The Dollar Tree to be exact.) In fact this flag was made using all materials from The Dollar Tree. I bought fake flowers, bar towels…
DIY Sheet Metal Vase
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DIY Sheet Metal Vase

Last month I shared an easy way to make faux flowers look real. It's a simple way to add life and color to your decor. Today we're going to make a vase for all of those flowers! You can make containers or vases using a multitude of items.…
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Concrete Tea Light Candle Holders

Hi everyone! This is Lindi, visiting again from Love Create Celebrate! Have you ever made anything with concrete? I'm not just talking about the patio outside! I've noticed concrete projects slowly making their way indoors and I'm loving…
Cute Critter Plant Stakes | Pretty Handy Girl

Cute Critter Plant Stakes

Spring is here and so brings the critters, but these are the cute kind you'll want to keep.  Jaime here from That's My Letter sharing how to make cute critter plant stakes using wood parts and pieces.  I'm a sucker for any project with…
How to make yard dice | Outdoor Games | Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Yard Dice

When the days start getting longer and warmer, my projects start to focus on the outdoors. I love having fun things for my family to do while we are soaking up some sun and fresh air. While I was out shopping one day, I saw a set of…
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Simple Washi Tape Vases {Teacher’s Appreciation Gifts}

Teacher's Appreciation Week is coming up.  I needed a gift that would be special and would make the teachers' smile. And, I needed a gift that would require very little time to create. As I strode by the recycling bin, I grabbed some jars…