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Double Ribbon Valentine Wreath

Hi, this is Cristina from Remodelando la Casa, I'm so glad to be here once again, sharing with you a cute and easy project just in time for Valentine's day. While walking through Costco (it always happens there, you go for groceries but…
DIY Aged Chippy Paint Technique | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Aged Chippy Paint Technique

This is another one of those tutorials that I've been dying to share with you! Like sitting on my hands and anxiously waiting to type it out. But after taking 2 weeks off from blogging, I'm back and ready to give you this fabulous tutorial…
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How to Decorate a Candle with Tissue Paper

One of my favorite and most versatile DIY gifts to make are decorated candles: they are inexpensive and easy to personalize! Today I'm going to share a basic tutorial for how you can use tissue paper to decorate a candle for your home or as…
Chalkboard Painted Mugs | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs

The holidays are fast approaching and the last thing I want to do is wander through the stores aimlessly looking for gifts for my friends or for the service providers in my life. Instead, I came up with the perfect gift idea: DIY Chalkboard…
DIY Rosemary Wreath & Juniper Garland | Pretty Handy Girl
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Rosemary Wreath, Juniper Garland Tutorial

Winter is upon us and with the temperatures dropping we have our windows closed and doors shut. Thus sealing in the stale air and odors. Not to mention cold and flu viruses. Ugh. But, I have a few easy and inexpensive tips to give your home…
Giant Lighted Christmas Ball Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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How to Make Giant Lighted Ornament Balls

A few years ago we discovered a street in our city that is lit with giant hanging lighted ornament balls. We drove down the street with our low beams on and were truly speechless. It was magical, ethereal and beautiful seeing giant orbs…
How to Make Pine Cone Garland
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How to Make Pine Cone Garland

Happy December! The holidays are such a wonderful time of year and an opportunity to get creative with entertaining, cooking and decorating. Mostly, I love to make things simple and today's lesson on how to make a pine cone garland will be…
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Très Frugal DIY Gift Idea Round Up

Can you believe all the wonderful DIY gift ideas that we had for you this past month? 31 DIY gift ideas that are frugal and attractive in this Très Frugal DIY Gift Idea Round Up. And if that's not enough, you can view 10 DIY Gift Ideas…
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Hanging Ornaments Table Runner by At the Picket Fence

I have half of the dynamic duo from At the Picket Fence today and I couldn't be more thrilled! Heather and Vanessa are the sibling duo who create and blog about their beautiful homes and share scrumptuous recipes! I'm honored to have Vanessa…
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Marbled Picture Frames by Sarah M. Dorsey

Today I am so excited to have the very talented Sarah joining us with a fabulous très frugal DIY gift idea. Sarah is the creative genius behind Sarah M. Dorsey Designs. I am in love with her design style in her home. The coolest thing about…
Canvas Quote Art Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Canvas Art with Loads of Fun Laundry Quote

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you get your fill of food and family time today. I need to give a big congrats to the Silhouette Portrait Giveaway winner, Kelly Crumpler Kelly! Woo Hoo, you'll be making all your gifts with the Silhouette Portrait…
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DIY Cutting Board Tutorial

I don't know about you all but I am so inspired by all of the amazing DIY gifts being shared this month! Today I want to show you how to make this easy DIY cutting board which would be the perfect gift for any foodies on your Christmas list! Supplies: …
Paint Can Hostess Gift Idea | Pretty Handy Girl
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Hostess Gift Basket in a Paint Can

As the holiday party invites start to roll in, you might be struggling to come up with a new hostess gift idea. These chalkboard painted buckets are a quick and easy way to throw together a unique gift basket that will fill the recipient with…
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Scrap Wood iPad Tray by Infarrantly Creative

Today I have the honor of having the Queen of DIY here to show you how to build an iPad tray stand! Beckie from Infarrantly Creative is a triple threat DIYer (she manages three blogs.) I am so excited about this frugal gift idea, I can't…
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DIY Ring Holder by DIY Show Off

Today I have one fabulous thrifter and DIYer! She's well know for her DIY projects as well as showing off yours! Please welcome Roeshel from DIY Show Off. Hi, Pretty Handy Girl friends! I'm Roeshel from DIYShowOff and today I'm excited…
Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel | Pretty Handy Girl
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Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel

How about a cheap and easy DIY gift idea today? Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towels are sure to please anyone and they cost less than a dollar! I bought several of the red striped Tekla tea towels at Ikea that cost .79 a piece! I came up…
Pen and Ink Sketch Decorative Dessert Plates | Pretty Handy Girl
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Pen & Ink Sketch Decorative Plates

My goodness, November is flying by! Get it...flying...insects. I crack myself up. But seriously, I have been having a blast coming up with new creative gift ideas that you can make. This idea for making pen and ink sketch decorative dessert…
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How to: Hand Painted Monogrammed Ornaments

Jaime from That's My Letter here to share a handmade ornament as part of the Très Frugal gift ideas series running all through November. Today I'm sharing how to make a simple circular handpainted monogrammed ornament with a metal frame. You…
Easy Wooden Chalkboard Sign | Pretty Handy Girl
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Easy Wooden Chalkboard Sign {Countdown to Christmas Idea}

Do you keep scraps of wood and say to yourself, "I might need that for something someday." Well, today is your someday! Grab a scrap (or ask Lowe's for their scraps) and create this super easy wooden chalkboard sign. When you're done,…
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DIY Stamped Spoon Necklace from Thistlewood Farms

Today I have the honor of introducing the extremely creative KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms. She's showing us one of my favorite gift ideas from her idea farm ;-). DIY Stamped Spoon Necklaces! Hello Pretty Handy Girl readers! My…
Stenciled and Dyed Scarves Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl
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Stenciled and Dyed Scarves Tutorial

Once again I've created a DIY gift that I want to keep for myself! It's true, I've fallen in love with these stenciled and dyed scarves that I created this week. In particular, I'm rather fond of the blue/gray and yellow ones. So, my question…
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Handmade Greeting Cards by Just a Girl

Today I have a great DIY blogger, friend and cohort when it comes to appreciating a handwritten note in a handmade greeting card! Chris from Just a Girl has a wonderful tutorial for creating handmade greeting cards that would make a wonderful…
Spoon Tealight Candle Holder
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Spoon Tealight Candle Holder

Jacque and I are so excited to be contributing in Brittany's Trés Frugal- 30 DIY Gift Ideas!  We're no strangers to DIY gift ideas!  In fact for as long as I can remember, my family has taken part in a Make-a-Gift tradition.  Each year…
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3-D Snowflake Tutorial by Remodelaholic

3D Paper Snowflake Today's guest is the queen of DIY! She's all about doing it herself from huge home renovation projects down to small ornaments. Please welcome Cassity from Remodelaholic! I think it is fun to let your kids get in…
you look lovely today mug
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Homemade Tea Bags by Songbird

Homemade Tea Bags Oooo, you are going to be so excited! I have a very special lady visiting today, she traveled all the way from the Netherlands to share her Très Frugal DIY gift idea with you. Please welcome the very sweet and very savvy…
Beach-themed Succulent Garden | Pretty Handy Girl
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Beach Themed Succulent Garden

You like the beach right? Who doesn't?! Come December I long for the feeling of burying my toes in the warm sand. Bring back those memories by having a Beach-Themed Desktop Succulent Garden nearby. The idea for this garden came as I sat…
DIY Fabric Coasters
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DIY Fabric Coasters

Hi everyone! I'm more than excited to be here at Pretty Handy Girl with Brittany and to be joining the amazing team of contributors. Are you enjoying the fabulous Très Frugal DIY gift ideas so far? I'm Jessica and I blog at Decor Adventures,…
DIY Book with Storage Inside | Pretty Handy Girl
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Decorative Book with Hidden Storage Inside

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted a super secret place to hide things from your sibling? Having a secret book with a hidden storage compartment would have been perfect! Even as an adult, it's nice to have a spot where you…
Faux Etched Soap Dispenser
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Faux Etched Glass Soap Dispenser Gift

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to show you a fun Très Frugal DIY gift idea today - a faux etched soap dispenser. Of course you could use this paint technique on any glass item - a vase, votive, or pretty up a simple jar - but, to me, there's…
Rustic Wood Cake Stand | Pretty Handy Girl
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DIY Rustic Cake Stand Tutorial

Day two has arrived and I have ANOTHER fabulous Très Frugal DIY gift idea for you. Honestly, this is one of my favorites. And I owe it all to this little picture from my Instagram friend, Kennesha. She blogs over at Restoration House and…
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Michael’s Dream Tree Challenge – Feathered Nest

I know what you're about to say..."What?! It's not time for Christmas decorations!" Well, I received an email from Michaels asking if I'd like to participate in the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge. If you saw last year's contestants and the…
Painted Lampshade & a Quick Guest Room Makeover | Pretty Handy Girl
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Painted Lampshade and a Quick Guest Room Makeover {Lowe’s Creator}

My mom was coming to visit his month. Since she's a repeat guest, I wanted to give the guest room a little mini makeover for her. With the addition of some new pillows, curtains and a painted lampshade I gave it a new look in an afternoon. Here's…
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Abstract Art Ocean Painting Tutorial {Video Tutorial}

As promised, I created a tutorial to show you how you too can paint a giant abstract ocean painting. The easiest way for me to show you how was to share the video of the process. If you are viewing this post in your email, you will need…
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DIY Industrial Cupcake Stands

Make these DIY industrial cupcake stands now and you'll be ready for all the upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching!  The cool black steel plumbing parts base combined with the natural wood slice platform lends…
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DIY a GIANT Artist Canvas

Have you ever yearned to own a giant piece of artwork but the cost was prohibitive? Or you knew you could create some awesome abstract paintings, but buying large canvases would cost too much. Well, for those hesitant artists, I have this…
Easy Fall Wreath Tutorial
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Easiest Fall Wreath EVER!

Who's too busy to spend more than 5 minutes creating a new wreath for Fall? {Raising my hand high!} Well, I'm about to give you the Easiest Fall Wreath tutorial...EVER! Do you have one of these store bought wreaths? Pretty, but maybe…
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DIY State Capital Rustic Tray

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy gift idea or want to make this for yourself, this DIY State Capital Rustic Tray was fun to make and easy to create! DIY State Capital Rustic Tray Are you proud of your hometown? Want to create…
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State Pride Week!

I have this amazingly creative friend named Beckie. I'm sure you know her as the brains behind Infarrantly Creative. Well, this time she had the genius idea of having an entire week of State Pride related crafts, recipes, and tutorials revolving…
Color Wheel Mirror
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Mosaicworks Glass Tile Rainbow Mirror {Guest Post}

Have you ever been browsing Pinterest or the blog world and come across an artist that has literally left your mouth hanging open? Well Karen from MosaicWorks may have caused me to drool a bit on my keyboard. I immediately asked her if she'd…
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The Painted Distressed Wood Panel Tutorial

I can tell you are excited about this tutorial! I've had more comments and compliments on the side panel on my kitchen desk and on the range hood. Today we are going to talk about the painted Distressed Wood Panel Tutorial. They are…