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24 Fabulously Creative Fall Wreaths

24 Creative Fall Wreaths | Pretty Handy Girl

Hi Pretty Handy readers, it’s Colleen with Just Paint It. Although my focus is on painting now, I spent many years as a floral designer. With Fall right around the corner I thought you’d love to see this collection of 24 Creative Fall Wreaths.

Creative Fall Wreaths

Fall Floral Wreaths

Easy Fall Wreath TutorialThis wreath lives up to its name as the “Easiest Fall Wreath ever!


Fall Floral Wreaths

Jessica from Four Generations One Roof has a wonderful tutorial to make this full wreath laden with fall leaves and ornamentals.


Fall Floral WreathsIf you prefer leaving part of the grapevine base visible, Sweet Something Designs has some beautiful wreath ideas.


Fall Floral WreathStraw wreaths make great bases like this festive but inexpensive wreath using items from the dollar store.


Fall Floral WreathsMake a welcoming statement without flowers! This gorgeous magnolia wreath uses a white bud wreath as a base and hot glued fallen magnolia leaves behind it.


Fall Floral WreathThis lush wreath was created by Creative Green Living. She also shares tips to protect your door from getting scratched from the grapevine.


Fall Floral WreathsBrittany added some colorful preserved oak leaves to a cotton base to make a cheerful autumnal statement.


If you want to make your own design, follow these floral design basics – focal flowers, ornamentals, ribbons – in this tutorial by Just Paint It.


For a simple look for less than $10, you’ll love this branch wreath Karen made.

Fall Fruit Wreaths

Fall Fruit WreathMany think of gourds and pumpkins for Fall but it’s also harvest season for many fruit. The Wood Grain Cottage created this delish faux red apple wreath, cleverly hung with burlap over a chalkboard.

Fall Fruit WreathYou can use fresh apples too, like this adorable wreath by Lucy at Craftberry Bush. Talk about sweet!


Fall Fruit WreathDon’t forget about “sugared” fruit. This bountiful wreath by Mad in Crafts could easily take you from Fall thru Christmas!


Sweater Wreaths

Fall WreathI’ve seen sweaters used on jars and vases but this cozy wreath was a first for me. It conveys a warm and festive welcome and is quite easy to make!

Fall WreathJust a Girl created another sweater wreath adorned with feathers. This wreath echoes the warmth of the season yet is simple in design.


 Fabric Wreaths

Fall WreathsPatterned burlap makes a unique and stylish Fall wreath. City Moms Blog has a complete tutorial to create your own Fall Burlap Wreath.


Fall WreathSkip To My Lou offers a different take on a burlap wreath, full of texture and dimension and pretty in its simplicity.


Fall WreathWho would think to use denim fabric for a wreath? Crafts by Amanda, that’s who. Playful and fun and a great way to upcycle jeans!


Neutral Color Fall Wreaths

Fall WreathThis rustic chic wreath was made with strips of painter’s cloth by Live Laugh Rowe. Displaying it on the barn wood completes the look.


Fall WreathVicki of The Creative Goddess braided a natural raffia wreath and offers an easy to follow video tutorial.


Fall WreathThis oak leaf wreath made of book pages inspired an Autumn Garland.


Fall WreathThis book page wreath wasn’t made specifically for Fall by The Nester but it’s so spectacular, I had to include it.


Novelty Wreaths 

Finally, I’ve included these pieces to encourage you to think outside the . . . circle.

Fall WreathKim of Sand and Sisal created a beautiful door swag for Fall that has a designer’s touch.


Fall WreathsA green acorn wreath? Why not! Little Things Bring Smiles blog is credited designing this unique wreath.


Fall WreathIf your baseball team is lucky enough to be playing in October (World Series) Mad in Crafts shows you how to make a baseball wreath, sure to please. Go Team!


Fall WreathAn old rake with stems of bittersweet from Better Homes and Gardens that isn’t a wreath at all, but looks right at home on any door.

For a more modern look, you’ll love this simple wreath Karen made.

Whether you like vivid Fall colors or textural neutrals, a round wreath or old rake, I hope this collection has inspired you to create something fun this year.

Happy Fall y’all!


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  1. Stacy
    Stacy says:

    I like how each wreath is different. The green acorn wreath looks amazing! I would never have thought about a denim wreath. Super creative. This is a must pin!


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