Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Today’s project is so easy, I named it the Easy Clipboard Stand (catchy name, no?) This is a great way to upcycle an old clipboard and a scrap 2×4. This clipboard stand is super versatile. It can be used as a traditional stand for announcements; a copy stand; a recipe holder; an art frame or anything you need to bring attention to. Plus, if you use a dark chalk paint color, it can be used as a chalkboard sign. Bonus.

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Cut the 2×4 scrap to the same width as the clipboard. Set your table saw blade approximately 2/3 height of the 2×4 block. Angle the blade to 15 degrees. Carefully slide the block over the blade. You’ll notice I use a GRR-Ripper Push Block to keep my hands away from the blade. (If you own a table saw, you need one of these!)

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

The 2×4 should look like the photo below. 

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Test fit your clipboard. If it doesn’t fit, tap the fence on the table saw to move it slightly and cut another groove next to the first.

If your clipboard is plexiglass, sand the surface of the lightly. (Masonite clipboards shouldn’t need sanding.)

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Insert a small broken shim into the clip to hold it open.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint one coat of chalk paint on the clipboard. Paint side-to-side for this coat.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

When the paint has dried, reposition the shim. Lightly sand the clipboard.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint a second coat on the clipboard. Your paint strokes should go top to bottom this time for maximum coverage.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

While the clipboard is drying, paint the 2×4 block with paint.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

After the paint on the block has dried, you can add some depth and finish coat it with an antiquing wax and/or clear wax.

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Insert the clipboard into the 2×4 base and enjoy your Easy Clipboard Stand anywhere!

Easy Clipboard Stand | Pretty Handy Girl

Happy Upcycling!



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14 replies
  1. Olivia Johanson
    Olivia Johanson says:

    You are lovely for sharing this DIY Clip Board stand! I have a friend who is opening a rustic themed cafe, and these is perfect idea for displaying menu-special on the counter, or clip brochures and more…

  2. Pia
    Pia says:

    how can something so utterly simple be so amazingly awesome?!?
    It’s brilliant!

    Is there any chance of the board tipping backwards?

  3. Tobias Hochgürtel
    Tobias Hochgürtel says:

    That’s an cool and easy to replicate kitchen tool. The instrucion is very clean documentated, It’s good to see how to get the board colored. Very intresting blog here ( :

    Kind regards,
    Tobias Hochgürtel

  4. Pakhi Sen
    Pakhi Sen says:

    Hey Brittany,

    Excellent idea to make use of an old Clip Board. I guess we all have those lying around but not sure how best to use it – now we can implement your tip and create a useful clipboard stand.

    Love the base that you have created, I do have a piece of wood that will make a great stand just need to figure out a way to cut,

    – Pakhi


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