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Homemade Tea Bags by Songbird

dish with tea bags Homemade Tea BagsHomemade Tea Bags

Oooo, you are going to be so excited! I have a very special lady visiting today, she traveled all the way from the Netherlands to share her Très Frugal DIY gift idea with you.

Please welcome the very sweet and very savvy Marianne!


Hello sweet friends. This is Marianne aka Songbird and I am so happy to be here again. I am thrilled and honored that Brittany asked me to be part of this awesome DIY gift ideas party. Today I want to share a quick and easy homemade gift that will warm the heart of any receiver for sure.

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of freshly brewed tea?

And how much better will that tea taste if it is made with a homemade tea bag?


You only need a few supplies, a bit of time and some patience.

Supplies for homemade tea bags

You will need:

♥ loose tea leaves
(make sure there are no ‘big’ pieces in there or it will be harder to fill the bags)

♥ coffee filters

♥ thread

♥ a template like a cookie cutter

♥ optional: washi tape for the labels

♥ sewing machine

Cut coffee filters

1. Draw the template for your bags onto the coffee filters.

Tip: don’t use too small a template, it will have to be big enough to loosely contain two teaspoons of tea.

cute shape tea bags

My templates were on the small side. I ended up not using the flower template because it just was a pain to stitch up. I made extra stars and hearts instead :-).

2. Cut out your templates. In my experience t is best to cut the shapes roughly, and then to do the precise cutting after the sewing

3. Stitch two coffee filters together. Leave a rather big opening or it will be hard to fill your bag with tea. I used two different colors of thread for an extra nice effect. Use a fairly small needle so the paper will not be torn too much.

4. Fill er up. Use a small spoon or a funnel to fill up the bags. My tea was a bit too ‘lumpy’ which made it harder to fill the bags.

5. Stitch the bag closed. Before you start stitching decide where you want your thread to be. I started stitching the stars at a tippy point, I ended there too. Make sure you have a long thread when you start and finish.

Don’t fret if the stitching isn’t perfect. After all you are making a disposable product here. In my opinion the thought and the sentiment in any homemade gift is always more important than its perfection.

6. Cut your tea bag into shape.

7. Attach a bit of washi tape as a label.

8. Done!

I ended up making my tea bags part of a tea gift package by adding a beautiful cup and some homemade sugar cookies.

Homemade Tea Bags gift with cookies

Now wasn’t this a quick and easy little gift idea! And you can even invite yourself over to come and enjoy it together with the receiver of the gift 😉

If you have enjoyed my uncomplicated and easy little craft, you might enjoy some of my other projects too. I happen to love crafting. Oh and I kind of am very much into simple and uncomplicated decorating too.

you look lovely today mug

Thank you all for sharing this cup of tea with me. And thank you Brittany for giving me this spot on your blog.



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