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Today I have one fabulous thrifter and DIYer! She’s well know for her DIY projects as well as showing off yours! Please welcome Roeshel from DIY Show Off.

Hi, Pretty Handy Girl friends! I’m Roeshel from DIYShowOff and today I’m excited to be sharing a super easy DIY gift idea for the Très Frugal Gifts series. a DIY ring holder!


  • Ramekin (Dollar Tree 3 for a $1)
  • Deer Figurine ($2.50 at KMart in the holiday ornament section).
  • Gold spray paint
  • Industrial strength glue

DIY Ring Holder Tutorial Materials

Use what you have on hand to keep your costs down! You can use left over paint and glue. This ring holder can also work using things you may already have at home. Ornaments with a top that fits a ring, plastic toys like a giraffe with a long neck or an elephant with a trunk. I personally use is a cat and the rings slide onto the tail. A finial or dowel would be pretty too! Or how about that dried out highlighter/marker? Paint it! For the base, jar lids or small saucers/plates would work equally as well. Tight budget? Search the junk drawer!


Paint the deer and let dry.

DIY jewelry holder tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Add glue to the bottom of the figurine and place into the center of the ramekin. Press down. Let dry.

DIY jewelry holder tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Easiest gift tutorial ever, right? And a cute gift idea too!

DIY jewelry holder tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Pair the DIY ring holder with a personalized lotion bottle (or hand soap or hand sanitizer) to create a cute gift set. I’m sharing the lotion bottle vinyl decal label tutorial today at DIYShowOff.

DIY jewelry holder tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Like what you see? You’re invited to join me at DIYShowOff for more holiday ideas, decorating and home improvement projects and to ‘show off’ your DIY!

Thanks to Brittany for hosting 30 days of fun Très Frugal gift ideas! Loving all of the creative ideas!


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DIY Ring Holder | Pretty Handy Girl

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