20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts

20 Upcycled Ideas for Recycled Glass Jars and Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

I have a hard time throwing away glass bottles and jars. Even though I recycle glass, I see amazing potential for those pretty glasses and jars. With that confession out of the way, I have 20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts to share with you today.

Painted recycled glass jars and bottles give them a colorful new look. Luckily, you aren’t restricted to just one type of paint. Available options are chalk paint, glass frosting paint, even straight latex paint will work if you prime your surface first. Here are a few ways to paint recycled glass jars and bottles:

Farmhouse Painted (chalk like paint) Jar Vases | Pretty Handy Girl

Shabby Chic Chalk Painted Vases

Radiant Orchid Vases from Recycled Cans & Jars | #upcycling | Pretty Handy Girl

Paint and Gold Striped Vases


Spraypainted Bottle Vases

Spray Painted Recycled Bottles


Frosted and etched bottles can give a classy look to your recycled bottles. Try one of these techniques to transform your recyclables into collectible vases or dispensers:

Frosted Vases from the Recycling Bin | Pretty Handy GirlGlass Frosting Spray Painted Bottles


Upcycle some old milk bottles or glass containers into these beautiful and chic Glass Etched Vases!

Etched Vases using Etching Cream


Faux Etched Soap Dispenser

Faux Etched Soap Dispenser


It’s amazing how easy it is to transform regular recycled glass with a few embellishments. Use paper, beads, wires, washi tape, glitter and more to make a recyclable a collectible!

Holiday Votive Holders


Hanging Beaded Vases


Easy Washi Tape Vases

Washi Tape Decorated Jars and Bottles


DIY Gold Leaf Vases from Recycled Bottles | Pretty Handy Girl

Gold Leaf Vases


Sometimes you can reuse those glass jars and vases to create a vase out of an object that otherwise isn’t water tight. Check out these fun ideas:

Spring Foyer Vignette | Pretty Handy Girl

Spring Showers Boot Vase


Beautiful rustic DIY decor for any room in your home!

Birch Bark Vases


Pounded Flower Paper Vase


Fake Flower Arranging

DIY Copper Sheet Metal Vase

Ready to break out the power tools? If you dare, you can transform recycled wine bottles and mason jars into something new and unique:

Wine Bottle Centerpiece


DIY Foaming Soap Dispenser


Sometimes a recycled jar or bottle doesn’t need anything but a beautiful spot to be displayed. You’ll love how easy it is to upcycle these recycled glass bottles:

Create a Living Wall Lattice Privacy Screen | Pretty Handy Girl

Living Trellis Screen


Vintage Coat Hook Wall Vase | Pretty Handy Girl Guest Post

Wall Sconce Vase


Holiday Home Tour - Kitchen | Pretty Handy Girl

Colorful Mini Light Lit Bottles


How to Build a Rustic Crate Centerpiece (No Power Tools Needed!) #DIYCourage | Pretty Handy Girl

Easy No Power Tool Table Centerpiece

Tell me, will you ever look at those recycled jars or bottles the same way again? I thought not. 😉


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20 Upcycled Recycled Glass Crafts | Pretty Handy Girl

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