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How to make a Concrete and Wood Planter

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Hey, guys! Anika here again from Anika’s DIY Life sharing a project made with my new favorite medium – concrete. I have been experimenting with concrete lately and having a lot of fun with it! I started with a few concrete pumpkins and a mirrored concrete tray. Concrete planters are very popular right now and are easy to make! I decided to add a fun twist to mine by adding little wooden feet. Want to learn How to make a Concrete and Wood Planter?

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

If you have been thinking about making something with concrete, this is a great beginner project!


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Step 1 – Cut the square dowel into four 2″ pieces for the feet.

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 2 – Mark the corners of the outer box where the dowels will fit. (As a side note, you have to try these toffees! They are AMAZING!)

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 3 – Cut out the marked corners using the X-acto knife. It is important that the cuts are as accurate as possible to ensure a tight fit for the dowels.

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 4 – Insert the dowels halfway into the openings. Spray the inside of the box with cooking spray.

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 5 – Mix and pour the concrete into the box and set the smaller box in the middle. (You might need to add some weight into the smaller box to hold it down. I used a vegetable broth carton and put some rocks inside.)

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 6 – Let the concrete cure for about 12-15 hours before removing the cardboard. The cardboard should peel off very easily if you used the cooking spray. Your planter will need a couple more days to dry completely

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

Step 7 – Once the planter has dried for 3-4 days, smooth out any uneven edges with a medium grit sandpaper.

How to make Concrete and Wood planters

You can paint the wood legs or add painted accents to the concrete if you wish. I chose to leave it plain because I am kind of digging the natural combination. Add your favorite plant (or faux-plant) and enjoy!How to make Concrete and Wood planters

If you loved this concrete planter, be sure to take a look at my tiered concrete and copper planter. I have a few more concrete projects in the works too! Come follow along at Anika’s DIY Life so you don’t miss them!

Until next time!

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6 replies
  1. Emma Metson
    Emma Metson says:

    Thank you for sharing Anika and Brittany, this is great! I’ve seen tutorials in the past for making concrete planters, however I really love the addition of the wooden legs. Having those really gives the whole design some extra flare!

    I’ve been thinking about making some planters for succulents for a while now, but I’m wondering; what happens if/when the succulent outgrows the concrete planter? Would that be an issue? Or do they grow too slowly for me to worry about it?

    I think I’m going to share this on Twitter so I can help spread the DIY goodness 🙂

    • Barb
      Barb says:

      I have made many concrete planters and then planted them with succulents (which BTW are ridiculously easy to propagate) and they don’t grow too fast. You may want to consider sealing the inside otherwise the concrete will constantly be ‘sucking’ out the moisture. Succulents are used to be dry so it isn’t that much of a deal depending on your watering habits.

      Also, after curing concrete used for plants should be soaked in water to allow the alkalinity to leach out, if you are not sealing them on the inside.

      see examples here:

  2. Erin F
    Erin F says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was planning on making them with just concrete but I totally love how you made it even more fancy with the wood!


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