DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

How to make a DIY burlap covered bulletin boardDIY Burlap Bulletin Board

Hello, Pretty Handy readers! I have a quick and fun project for you today! We’re going to make DIY Burlap Bulletin Boards together, hooray!

I love displaying pictures around the house, but sometimes I don’t have enough frames. Then there are the frames I have with broken glass. In the spirit of not throwing anything away (and finding a way to upcycle everything), I turned one of those glass-less frames into a burlap bulletin board. And it looks perfect next to my Ikea Ivar cabinet hack  and DIY mail organizer.

Ready to learn how to make this easy DIY Burlap Bulletin Board? Great, let’s go!


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Materials to make the burlap covered cork board



Step 1: Cut cork to the size of the cardboard backing in your picture frame. Glue it onto the cardboard using spray adhesive.

Add cork roll to make a DIY cork board

Step 2: Cut burlap fabric 2 inches wider than your cork on all sides. Attach burlap on top of the cork using hot glue to secure the burlap to the back of the cardboard backing.

Attach burlap on rok to make a burlap covered bulletin board

Step 3: Place the burlap bulletin board into the frame.

How to make a cork bulletin board

Feel free to add a little more character by stenciling a pattern on one side. (I chose to use red and gold craft paint to bring out the gold thread in my burlap fabric.

Adding stencils on burlap covered bulletin board

That’s the easy way to create a DIY Burlap Bulletin Board!

Use your bulletin board to display picture, notes and reminders. Personally, I use it to pin school calendars instead of letting them get buried in the pile of other papers.

Make a burlap covered corl board with this easy tutorial

Until next time!

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    That’s adorable and I love this idea for all the empty frames I have around. I would like to make some money selling them but that cork is really expensive! I don’t know if I would be willing to make that plunge.


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