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DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo horizontal

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer

Hi! It’s Sheri from Hazel + Gold, and I’m excited to share this DIY Concrete Desk Organizer tutorial with you! This organizer was born from necessity.  Do you have a jar or cup-like pen holder? Have you ever knocked it over reaching for a pen or pencil? I did this all the time!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- old pen jar tips over

One reason they tip is because they aren’t big enough to hold all my items. The other reason is these containers aren’t weighted enough. I knew there must be a better way and I’ve been itching to use concrete for a project. It dawned on me I should make something out of concrete to store my pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. Fellow pen and utensil tippers, want to learn how to create this awesome DIY concrete desk organizer? Then let’s do it!


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


Cut scrap wood to create the box mold for the organizer. A rectangle is space saving and easy to create.

Use three pieces at 8 ½” x 4 ½” and two pieces  5″ x 4 ½”.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - cut two pieces 5" long

The longer pieces will make the bottom and sides, while the two smaller pieces create the ends. Spread wood glue along the joints. (Wood glue holds great but allows the box to be easily removed later on.)

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use wood glue to assemble box mold

Use clamps to assemble and secure the mold while the glue cures.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use wood glue and clamps to assemble box mold

Let the glue dry for an hour. Then your box mold is ready for casting!

Prepping Mold and Adding Concrete:

To prevent the concrete from adhering to the wood, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the inside of the box mold.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use petroleum jelly

Collect your wine tumblers, concrete mix, water, and stir sticks. (I used large plastic cups to mix the concrete and ended up having to mix three different batches. If you have a larger container you can make one large batch.)

Mix the concrete according to the instructions on the package. You may have to do a bit of math because people typically use larger quantities of concrete and every concrete is different. I mixed it to a milkshake consistency and it came out perfect.

Pour the concrete into the mold, allowing room for the wine glasses.

Set the wine tumblers into the concrete. Make sure they are level, then use masking tape to hold them in place. Pour in more concrete until it reaches the height that you desire. Make sure the widest part of the glasses are submerged in the concrete to hold them securely.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use tape to secure the tumblers in place then pour concrete around them

Remove the mold:

Once the concrete cures (mine only took one day) remove the box mold. Use a knife to pry the sections apart at the joints.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- use a knife to pry the wood apart

They should come apart easily.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- remove all sides of the mold

The sides may still look dark, but it will lighten up.

Clean up and Paint:

Clean off all the splatter marks from the glasses. Use a retractable knife to lightly scrape the residue off. Follow up with a soft cloth to clean the glasses. They should clean up easily!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- use retractable knife to clean off glass

Time to make it pretty! Use some masking tape to mask off a line.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use masking tape to mark where to paint

Paint the bottom section (or wherever you prefer) with metallic copper paint.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- paint bottom section with copper paint

Add a piece of felt to the bottom to prevent your organizer from scratching the surface it sits on. 

Your modern DIY Concrete Desk Organizer is finished!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo in the shop

You can use it in your shop, the kitchen, your office, or anywhere you desire!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo horizontal

Wait until you see the huge number of supplies it will hold without tipping over!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo from right side

What do you think? Would you make one of these DIY Concrete Desk Organizers? Share your thoughts in the comments below and remember to pin this image to Pinterest so no one has to suffer with tipping containers ever again!

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Hi, I’m Sheri from Hazel + Gold Designs. Here are a few fun stats about me: I like love chocolate and peanut butter (together of course.) If you like stats, I have been crocheting for about 16 years, crafting for 20, and woodworking for about 4 years. I found a passion in making and being creative and began documenting my projects online at Hazel + Gold Designs.

When not working on projects, I enjoy spending time with my husband, four children, perfect dog, and ornery cat. You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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15 electrical fixes any homeowner can make social media image

15 Electrical Fixes Any Homeowner Can Make

Electrical work can be scary, even for seasoned DIYers who haven’t delved into electricity. Many people have a fear of electrocution or fear of burning their house down. There are definitely times to hire a licensed electrician (when adding new wiring or outlets or working with dryer or stove 240 volt circuits.) But, there are so many electrical fixes and updates you can make as a homeowner! All you need to know are the tools needed, what the wire colors mean, and how to turn off the circuit. The rest is easy! Here are 15 Electrical Fixes Any Homeowner Can Make. I hope you like these projects and they help you take on some basic home owner electrical changes!

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How to Hide Wires Behind a Wall Mounted TV

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Replace an Old Ugly Outlet with a New One


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How to Install a Hard-Wired Pendant Light

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How to Install a Light Occupancy Sensor 3 Way Switch.

How to Install a Light Occupancy Sensor


How do Install a Cable Outlet

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Converting a Recessed Light to a Pendant

Converting a Recessed Light to a Pendant


What do you think? Could you do these projects, or have you? What other electrical fixes are great for DIYers? I’d love to read your comments.

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15 electrical fixes any homeowner can make pinterest image



Check out these 111 DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas and get a ton of inspiration on how you can decorate your house in the farmhouse style without breaking the bank!

Check out these 111 DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas and get a ton of inspiration on how you can decorate your house in the farmhouse style without breaking the bank!

111 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Do you love farmhouse decor as much as I do? What is Farmhouse Style exactly? It can be described as worn, weathered, rustic, comfy, or anything that reminds us of a simpler time. If you’re like me (and love all things farmhouse), you may find yourself being lured into buying new decor that can put a dent in your budget. But, rest assured, today I’m giving you 111 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas to help you create the space you desire for less money. Get ready to be inspired!

DIY Lantern

DIY Lanterns for your mantel or side table.

diy sheet metal gift trays

DIY Sheet Metal Trays to display on tables, counters, or your desk.

DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Upcycle an old window into sweet wall decor.


personalized wood slice coasters

DIY Personalized Wood Slice Coasters to decorate your table.


make a tray from a cabinet door

Make a tray from a cabinet door for serving drinks at your next party.


Home State Pride Garden Flag from a Placemat

Make this Home State Pride Garden Flag from a Placemat to add some interest to your yard.


how to sew reversible recipe placemats

Sew these memory making Reversible Recipe Placemats for a personal touch to your tablescape.


Hanging Beaded Glass Flower Vases

Hanging Beaded Flower Vases add color and sparkle to your windows.


north carolina state capital rustic tray

Make this State Capital Rustic Tray to carry coffee each morning.


Artist imspiration board from an old window

This Artist Inspiration Board is made from an Old Window for the artist in your home.


How to Make Colored Chalkboard Paint

Another window can be transformed into a memo board with Colored Chalkboard Paint (make custom colors for your chalkboard projects.)


pen and ink sketch decorative plates

Gorgeous Pen and Ink Sketch Decorative Plates to hang on your wall.


how to install a scrap wood wall

How to Install a Scrap Wood Wall to add character to any room!


easy diy yard stick star

Easy DIY Yard Stick Star to stand or display on your mantel.


DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs

DIY Chalkboard Painted Mugs to give to guests at your next holiday party.


DIY Metal Number Sign

A DIY Metal Number Sign adds rustic/industrial interest to your wall collage.


Build a Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece

This DIY Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece adds rustic beauty to your table. Best of all, you don’t need any power tools to make it!


Reusable Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial

Reusable Tote Bag Sewing Tutorial would be cute hanging on a wall hook in your mudroom. Or use them at the grocery store and watch the other shoppers gawk.


Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art

Make Upcycled Cabinet Door Chalkboard Art to add a sweet quote to your wall.


DIY Feather Art

DIY Feather Art is unique and eye-catching.


DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

This DIY Star Garland is simple yet impactful for year round decor.


customizing a tote bag with an old shirt

Customize a tote bag with an old shirt to carry everything you need.


Make a Driftwood Gift Crate

Make a Driftwood Gift Crate to attractively store books, trinkets, or any small items in your home.


Frosted Glass Vases from the Recycled Bin

Frosted Glass Vases from the recycling bin can be used all over your home, with flowers or none.


Fork Photo Holder

This Fork Photo Holder is a simple and fun way to display photos!


Upcycled Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

An Upcycled Magnetic Chalkboard Frame lets your kids write messages on their door.


Decorated Chalkboard Clipboards

Decorated Chalkboard Clipboards are a great way to stay organized or give as gifts to the teachers.


Rustic Metal Magnetic Window Frame

Create a Rustic Metal Magnetic Window Frame to display photos anywhere.


Making a Decorative Barn Door

Make a Decorative Barn Door for impactful wall decor.


Dressing up Dormer Window with Shutters

Dress up a Dormer Window with Shutters to add cute character to a window.


How to make a DIY Tray Gift Box

Build a DIY Gift Tray or Box (because you can always use trays for a multitude of things.)


How to DIY a Barn Wood PIcture Frame

A DIY Barn Wood Picture Frame adds some rustic charm to your art.


how to make a concrete wood planter

Make a Concrete and Wood Planter for your sweet succulents.


Pottery Barn Inspired Lantern

This Pottery Barn Inspired Lantern came from a super inexpensive source! You too can score one like it for less than $10!

Painting an Antique Wash Stand with Wagner Power Painter Plus Sprayer

Learn how to paint and antique an old wash stand or any furniture.


Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle

This Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle is the perfect farmhouse accent with rustic charm.


Creating a Faux Ceiling Medallion with Stencils

Create a Faux Ceiling Medallion with Stencils to add instant decorative detail to your room.


Aged Painted Pail Tutorial

Follow this Aged Painted Pail Tutorial to create chippy paint on almost any surface.


Refinishing a Garden Bench

Try Refinishing a Garden Bench to update furniture that has seen better days.


Shutters for Displaying Christmas Cards

Shutters are great for Displaying Christmas Cards or any cards throughout the year. It’s the perfect tall decorating item for your farmhouse look.


White Washed Window Box From a Wine Crate

A White Washed Window Box from a Wine Crate is perfect for a farmhouse accent for any window.


Curbside Vintage Step Stool Makeover

This Vintage Step Stool Makeover transformed from an old worn out style to new farmhouse style.


Create a Rustic Wood King Headboard

Create a Rustic Wood Headboard to add farmhouse beauty to your bedroom. You’ll be surprised by how affordable this project is.


How to Cut and Finish an Old Tabletop To Create a Wood Desktop

Cut and Finish an Old Tabletop To Create a Wood Desktop in your kitchen instead of spending big money on countertops.


White Washed Patriotic Flag Tutorial

A White Washed Patriotic Flag adds a patriotic farmhouse feel.


Rubber Bronzing Cabinet Hardware

Rubber Bronzing Cabinet Hardware can update your dated cabinet knobs and pulls.


Chalk Painted Stenciled and Distressed Table from a dumpster

A Painted, Stenciled, and Distressed Table was previously a dumpster cast off.


Rustic Red Pie Safe Painted with Milk Paint

A Rustic Pie Safe got a vintage makeover with some Milk Paint in a bright color. (Farmhouse style doesn’t have to be colorless.)


Chalkboard Calendar for the Refrigerator

Have an old fridge you don’t mind painting? Add a Chalkboard Calendar to keep your family on schedule.


Chippy Painted Corbels

Chippy Painted Corbels are the definition of farmhouse style. This is one tutorial you must read!


Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel

This Easy Faux Cross Stitch Tea Towel is a sweet farmhouse accent to your kitchen.


DIY Chalkboard Calendar

This DIY Chalkboard Calendar Wall is one way to be sure you don’t miss an activity.


DIY Painted and Distressed Wood Panels Tutorial

A Painted and Distressed Wood Tutorial will help you add rustic colorful wood anywhere you want.

DIY Vintage Painted Oars

DIY Vintage Painted Oars are a fun way to add nautical accents.


Installing a Branch Towel Bar

Install a Branch Towel Bar to add some nature to your bathroom.


Chalk Painted Wooden Stool

Chalk Painted Wooden Stools are handy and attractive to have around.


Aging Galvanized Metal Quickly

Learn How to Age Galvanized Metal Quickly and save some money on that aged metal look.


The Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe

My Personal Gray Restoration Hardware Stain Recipe is perfect for the farmhouse aesthetic.


Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

A Scrap Wood Christmas Tree is a great farmhouse holiday centerpiece.


Create Inexpensive Faux Copper Patina

Create Inexpensive Faux Copper Patina to add gorgeous character to your home.


Book Page Rose Wreath

This Book Page Rose Wreath is a beautiful DIY craft.


Perfect Rustic Paint Technique Tutorial

The Perfect Rustic Paint Technique Tutorial can be used for many items or furniture for a farmhouse look.


DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Aging and Antiquing Furniture Legs gives it an old, worn and beautiful look.


Blue Loft Bed Kids Room

Build a Blue Loft Bed with colorful wood stain, so pretty!


Make an Old Sign from a Footboard

Make an Old Sign from a Footboard to decorate your mantel. Signs like this sell for hundreds of dollars, but this one will cost you much less!


Create a Unique Wine Rack From an Old Dresser

Create a Unique Wine Rack From an Old Dresser for an instant bar cart.

Old Paintbrush Cabinet Door Handles

Old Paintbrush Cabinet Door Handles are a clever addition to your craft room.


An Autumn Book Page Leaf Garland

An Autumn Book Page Leaf Garland is a pretty and simple DIY craft that looks great.


DIY Springtime and Easter Blue Bird Nest

For your springtime tablescape, make this DIY Springtime and Easter Blue Bird Nest.


Rustic Farm Crate Sign

DIY a Rustic Farm Crate Sign to fake a farm in your family name.


Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light

This Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light looks like it came right from the farm.


denim bunting

This Patriotic Denim Bunting Tutorial is perfect for your summer decor.


Building a Kitchen Counter Height Desk

Build a Kitchen Counter Height Desk to customize your organization center.


Song Lyrics Lamp Makeover

This Song Lyrics Lamp Makeover has simple colors and is perfect for a bedroom.


Twig Star Decorations

Twig Star Decorations are quick and cute farmhouse decorations.


10 Uses for Old Windows

10 Uses for Old Windows help you achieve farmhouse aesthetic in any room.


Log Tea Light Pillar Candles

Log Tea Light Pillar Candles are rustic yet elegant.


How to Make a Chalkboard Surface Desk

How to make a Chalkboard Surface Desk to create a built in workspace for your kids.


How to Install Brick Wallpaper Mural

Installing Brick Wallpaper Mural gives an aged feel to any room.


Make a Mason Jar Soap Pump

Make a Mason Jar Soap Pump and use that blue ball glass to remind you of old times.


diy rustic cake stand

This DIY Rustic Cake Stand can be decorative and functional.


Painted Lampshade and Guest Room Makeover

Take a plain lampshade and paint it to match your farmhouse-inspired room.


Spoon Tealight Candle Holder

A Spoon Tealight Candle Holder is a great use of old spoons.


make a simple pinecone garland

Make a Simple Pinecone Garland to bring some outdoors to your indoors.


Build a Wall Chalkboard With a Chalk Ledge

Build a Wall Chalkboard with a Chalk Ledge for the entire family to use.


DIY Industrial Cupcake Stands

DIY Industrial Cupcake Stands are a cute farmhouse style addition to any party.


How to Mount Antlers

Learn How to Mount Antlers and bring some farm to your decor.


how to build diy rustic wood box crates

Here’s How to Build Custom Rustic Wood Box Crates that will fit into many spaces.


How to build a giant chalkboard

You must Build a Giant Chalkboard to decorate for all the holidays.


DIY Interior Cedar Shutters

DIY Interior Cedar Shutters are a staple for any farmhouse home.


Spigot Handle Drawer Pulls

Adding these Spigot Handle Drawer Pulls is a cute and creative way to update a dated dresser.


rustic ikea hacked cabinet

Learn How I Took a Standard IKEA Cabinet and gave it a rustic farmhouse look.


Farmhouse King Size Bed with Storage

A Farmhouse Bed with Storage is a great addition to your farmhouse styled bedroom.


Mirrored Glass with Spray Paint

Use Mirrored Glass Spray Paint to give glass an aged look and make it reflective.


Fall Chalkboard Art

FREE Printable: Fall Chalkboard Art is a great wall decor item.


Build a Trough Centerpiece

Build a Trough Centerpiece to add to your farmhouse style dining room.


Vintage Map Lampshade

This Vintage Map Lampshade is perfect for your living room or office.


Re-Paint Home Decor

Re-paint Dated Home Decor to update old decor and transform it into farmhouse style.


How to Build Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign

How to Build Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign and keep the farmhouse look through the holidays.


Metal Tree Form

This Metal Tree Form is simple and beautiful.


Pros and Cons of a Farmhouse Sink

This isn’t a DIY, but thought you should know the Pros and Cons of a Farmhouse Sink before you purchase one.


DIY Copper Pipe Centerpiece

A DIY Copper Pipe Centerpiece adds some shiny and industrial farmhouse feel.


Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles

Rustic Wine Crate with Rope Handles are an attractive way to store magazines or books.


Rustic Bark Vases

Rustic Bark Vases are so easy to make and look perfect anywhere in your home.


Make Your Own Street Sign

Make Your Own Street Sign to add your personal flair to your gallery wall.


DIY Sheet Metal Vase

DIY Sheet Metal Vase is shiny, industrial and beautiful.


Magazine File Box Facelift

Give Tired Magazine File Boxs a Facelift with rustic, natural papers.


Make Your Own Clock Sign

Make Your Own Clock Sign from any flat surface material.


Family Organization Center Door

A Family Organization Center Door with aged copper and distressed paint screams of farmhouse charm.


DIY Faux Aged Metal Pulley

Guess what?! This DIY Faux Aged Metal Pulley is actually a cheap plastic pulley I painted!


Hidden Storage Under Laundry Room Sink

Hidden Storage Under Laundry Room Sink makes an otherwise messy space beautiful.

I hope you liked these 111 DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas and found a lot of inspiration! Share it on social media and PIN this image to show your friends how they can save money on Joanna Gaine’s worthy decorating.

Check out these 111 DIY Farmhouse Decor ideas and get a ton of inspiration on how you can decorate your house in the farmhouse style without breaking the bank!

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How to Custom Build a Vintage Ruler Picture Frame

How to Build a Custom Vintage Wood Ruler FrameHow to Build a Custom Vintage Ruler Picture Frame

Every year when I go to meet my sons’ new teachers, I tell them if there is anything that needs fixing to let me know. It’s my small show of appreciation for all they do for my kids. Before Christmas, one of the teachers took me up on my offer. She asked me to fix a frame that had fallen off the wall and broke. I took one look at the cheap MDF frame and knew it was beyond repair. I didn’t tell her, because I wanted to surprise her with a Custom Built Vintage Ruler Picture Frame.

The great thing about this project is it uses cheap 1″ x 4″ lumber. And you can add your own moulding to dress up the frame if you like. Or just leave the frame plain, either way you’ll save major money by building your own custom frames!

Ready to learn how to build your own custom vintage ruler picture frame? Let’s get framing!


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


This tutorial assumes you have mounted art and glass, but if you don’t you can follow this tutorial for cutting your own art mats.

How to Cut an Art Mat Like a Pro | Pretty Handy Girl

Cutting the Frame:

Use a table saw to rip your 1″ x 4″ lumber. Run your board through the saw along the 4″ side, then flip the wood up and run it through again. This will take 1/4″ off one corner to create a rabbet to place your art into.

Lay your ripped 1″ x 4″ boards against the fence of your miter saw. (I like to pre-cut four pieces a few inches larger than my artwork.) Cut one end of your boards at a 45° angle (angle the saw blade to position the rabbet on the short side.)

Set one board against your art. Before cutting the other side, measure the width of the art. Add an extra 1/8 inch. Mark the inside corner and cut to length (angling the miter saw blade in the opposite direction as your first cut.)

Take your first cut board and lay it on to of a second board. A quick way to cut them exactly the same length is to place the already cut board on top of the second board and line up the ends. Then line the blade up with the cut on your first board.   Clamp the boards down and cut.

Dry fit the two identical sides. Lay one 1″ x 4″ board over the cut boards at a 9o° angle. Mark the inner corner where you need to cut.

Cut the side piece and dry fit to make sure the cut is perfect.

Repeat the process above to cut two identical parallel side pieces.

Dry fit the frame around your artwork to make sure everything is square and fits inside the rabbet.


Assembling the Frame:

Apply a line of wood glue on the corners.

Clamp the corners with a 90° clamp then use your staple gun to fasten them together (on the back side of your frame). The wood glue is strong, but this will hold it in place while the glue dries.

I like to add 1 ½” brad nails (one on each side of the corners) to further hold the frame together. (I don’t want the teacher’s frame to fall apart ever again!)

Clamp the frame and let the wood glue harden. If you don’t have clamps long enough, here is how to make one long clamp with two short clamps!

While the glue cures, cut off any chipped, broken, or rounded ends from your vintage rulers.

Lay the first two rulers against the outer edge of your frame.

Mark the ruler where you need to trim and cut off the excess.

Continue until the outer edge of your frame is covered by rulers. Then start working on the inside of the first rulers. Measure, mark and cut the rulers to fit. Don’t worry if you are left with a small section of frame showing.

After all the rulers are measured and cut, use wood glue to adhere them to the frame. Follow up with a few brad nails to hold the rulers in place while the glue dries.

Sand the edges lightly with your sander to remove any splinters or rough edges.

Securing Artwork and Adding Hanging Hardware:

Fit your artwork into the frame. Place a framing point onto the back of the artwork with the point toward the frame. Use a 5-in-1-painter’s tool (or other flat tool) to push the point into the wooden frame. These will hold your artwork secure within the frame.

Add your hanging hardware. I prefer using D-rings and picture hanging wire, but you can use any hanging hardware you like.

Congratulations! You are done and now have a beautiful (and unique) Custom Vintage Ruler Picture Frame!

This is an easy project to build and enables you to customize the frame to any size that you need. The vintage rulers add some character and charm to the frame.

I hope you liked this tutorial on How to Build a Custom Vintage Ruler Picture Frame. Check your local vintage shops, Craig’s List or Ebay for some rulers and make one of your own!

Pin or Share this project with your friends! Because friends don’t let friends spend lots of money on art frames!

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Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

Hanging a barn light tutorialHow to Hang A Barn Light

Hi everyone, it’s Dean from Diane and Dean today. I can’t wait to show you how to hang a barn light. Some may call it an obsession, but I  like to think of it as a significant interest! What is it? Exterior lighting! Most homeowners may not think much further beyond function, but exterior lighting can REALLY make a difference to the curb appeal of your home.

With fewer choices for lighting fixtures on the outside of the house (compared to the inside), getting the right light fixture is important. Like most typical homes, our’s came with the gratuitous flood light circa 1980. The light was mounted in a highly visible spot over a walkway to the paver patio and pergola. Unfortunately, the flood light lacked everything but function!

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

For a long time, I have been eyeballing gooseneck barn lights. They remind me of my summers in eastern Pennsylvania spent on my cousin’s dairy farm. These fixtures aren’t the most economical in price, but the prominent spot dictated reaching a little further into the old wallet. After placing the order with a local company, that makes replica fixtures by hand, I anxiously waited for its arrival!

Here it is fresh out of the box, and it looks pretty simple to install because it is simple to install!

How To Hang An Exterior Barnlight

Let’s get to it and I’ll show you How to Hang a Barn Light!


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


Step 1:  Turn off the power at the circuit breaker. (It’s a good idea to turn the light on before you turn off the circuit. Then you can visually verify that the power is indeed turned off to the light.)

Step 2:  Unscrew the cover off of the flood light (or whatever fixture you are replacing.) Pull the wires out of the junction box. Unscrew the wire nuts. Discard or recycle the old fixture and throw away the old wire nuts. (I like to replace the wire nuts when installing new fixtures because they are inexpensive and it insures a good connection.)

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

The gooseneck barn light comes with a face plate, a shade, and the gooseneck arm. All light fixtures have a white and black wire (together they provide the power); and a green wire (the ground wire). Thread the wires through the goose neck arm and the face plate (if not already threaded through). One end of the gooseneck arm is threaded and will attach to the shade. Wrap the threaded end of the goose neck arm with plumber’s tape (to prevent water from getting into the fixture.) Screw the threaded end into the shade. The other end is held into the face plate with a hex screw. Super easy, right?

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

Unfortunately, with this light, you must mount the entire fixture fully assembled (some fixtures can be installed by first mounting just the face plate first.) Therefore, you will need an extra set of hands to help hold the fixture in place while trying to connect the wire nuts and the fixture to the junction box.

NOTE:  This fixture is made from real materials (aka heavier than big box retail fixtures). You need to make sure your junction box will hold the weight of the barn light snug against the exterior wall. If not, you will need to replace a plastic junction box with a metal one to support the additional weight.

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

Step 3:  Cut the excess wires with the wire cutter. Using the wire stripping tool, remove approximately 1″ of the wire covering from each wire. (I like to remove a little bit more than usual because it can always be trimmed off if the wires don’t fit within the wire nuts.)

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

This fixture also comes with a gasket that goes on the back of the face plate (to prevent water from getting into the junction box.) Feed the wires through the gasket before the next step.

Step 4:  Holding the fixture close to the junction box, connect the green ground wire from the light fixture with the green or bare wire from the junction box. Connect the white with the white wire and finally the black with the black wire. Secure all the connections with new wire nuts.

How to Install a Wall Sconce | Pretty Handy Girl

NOTE:  For safety, all wire connections need to fit inside the wire nut with no bare wires exposed. If you want, you can wrap electrical tape around the wire nut and wires to fully seal and secure the connections.

Step 5: Gently fold the wires into the junction box behind the face plate or mounting plate. Lift the light fixture into place against the wall. Thread the two mounting screws through the holes in the mounting plate and into the junction box. Tighten the mounting screws.

How to Install a Wall Sconce | Pretty Handy Girl

Congratulations! You have just learned How to Hang a Barn Light!

Hanging A Barnlight Tutorial

Do you love the look of the barn light? Much better than the bare floodlights, right. I hope you’ll try installing an exterior light to your home, it’s not hard to do.

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How to Hang a Barn Light | Pretty Handy Girl