DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo horizontal
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DIY Concrete Desk Organizer

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer

Hi! It’s Sheri from Hazel + Gold, and I’m excited to share this DIY Concrete Desk Organizer tutorial with you! This organizer was born from necessity.  Do you have a jar or cup-like pen holder? Have you ever knocked it over reaching for a pen or pencil? I did this all the time!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- old pen jar tips over

One reason they tip is because they aren’t big enough to hold all my items. The other reason is these containers aren’t weighted enough. I knew there must be a better way and I’ve been itching to use concrete for a project. It dawned on me I should make something out of concrete to store my pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. Fellow pen and utensil tippers, want to learn how to create this awesome DIY concrete desk organizer? Then let’s do it!


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Cut scrap wood to create the box mold for the organizer. A rectangle is space saving and easy to create.

Use three pieces at 8 ½” x 4 ½” and two pieces  5″ x 4 ½”.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - cut two pieces 5" long

The longer pieces will make the bottom and sides, while the two smaller pieces create the ends. Spread wood glue along the joints. (Wood glue holds great but allows the box to be easily removed later on.)

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use wood glue to assemble box mold

Use clamps to assemble and secure the mold while the glue cures.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use wood glue and clamps to assemble box mold

Let the glue dry for an hour. Then your box mold is ready for casting!

Prepping Mold and Adding Concrete:

To prevent the concrete from adhering to the wood, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the inside of the box mold.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use petroleum jelly

Collect your wine tumblers, concrete mix, water, and stir sticks. (I used large plastic cups to mix the concrete and ended up having to mix three different batches. If you have a larger container you can make one large batch.)

Mix the concrete according to the instructions on the package. You may have to do a bit of math because people typically use larger quantities of concrete and every concrete is different. I mixed it to a milkshake consistency and it came out perfect.

Pour the concrete into the mold, allowing room for the wine glasses.

Set the wine tumblers into the concrete. Make sure they are level, then use masking tape to hold them in place. Pour in more concrete until it reaches the height that you desire. Make sure the widest part of the glasses are submerged in the concrete to hold them securely.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use tape to secure the tumblers in place then pour concrete around them

Remove the mold:

Once the concrete cures (mine only took one day) remove the box mold. Use a knife to pry the sections apart at the joints.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- use a knife to pry the wood apart

They should come apart easily.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- remove all sides of the mold

The sides may still look dark, but it will lighten up.

Clean up and Paint:

Clean off all the splatter marks from the glasses. Use a retractable knife to lightly scrape the residue off. Follow up with a soft cloth to clean the glasses. They should clean up easily!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- use retractable knife to clean off glass

Time to make it pretty! Use some masking tape to mask off a line.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer - use masking tape to mark where to paint

Paint the bottom section (or wherever you prefer) with metallic copper paint.

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- paint bottom section with copper paint

Add a piece of felt to the bottom to prevent your organizer from scratching the surface it sits on. 

Your modern DIY Concrete Desk Organizer is finished!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo in the shop

You can use it in your shop, the kitchen, your office, or anywhere you desire!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo horizontal

Wait until you see the huge number of supplies it will hold without tipping over!

DIY Concrete Desk Organizer- finished photo from right side

What do you think? Would you make one of these DIY Concrete Desk Organizers? Share your thoughts in the comments below and remember to pin this image to Pinterest so no one has to suffer with tipping containers ever again!

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