Happy Independence Day America!

A few weeks ago I attended a birthday party for my niece at The Scrap Exchange in Durham. My kids had to drag me kicking and screaming out of there because I was in creative nirvana. There were all kinds of little gems of creativity. Bottlecaps, rolls of paper, extra tiles, scraps of fabric, stencils, etc. It was like being a kid in a candy store! One of the many things that caught my eye were these little glass vases. I brought a few of them to the register and the lady asked if I really only wanted three of them. Then she explained that they cost $1 each or $10 for the whole case!

So, I bought the whole case (it was a no brainer.)

But, what the heck would I do with 48 teeny glass bottles? I ended up using some to make these beauties.

They make adorable window ornaments and gifts. Can you imagine these hanging in the windows of a church during a wedding (coordinated to the wedding party colors of course)? Cute, right?!

They were super simple to make.


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Cut a long length of wire (about 2′ long). Fold it in half and thread one bead onto the wire. Then thread the wire through both holes on a button.

Wrap the wire around the middle of the bottle. Twist the wire tightly around the back of the bottle.

Continue wrapping the rest of the wire around the bottle and tuck the ends underneath itself.

Cut another long length of wire for the top of the vase. Find the center of the wire and wrap it around the glass bottle one time. Twist the wire around itself once to secure it to the neck fo the bottle.

Continue wrapping the wire around a few times. Then loop the ends under itself and add a curl or bend to the wire to keep it from slipping back through.

Continue to crimp and curl the wire with the needle-nosed pliers.

Add a bead or two and curl the wire. Continue adding beads to your liking. Then loop the wires up and twist them together.

Cut off the excess from one of the wires.

Curl the remaining end into a curly-Q hook for hanging.

Find a special window and hang your vase with a thumb tack and fishing line. Fill the vase with water and some freshly cut flowers.

Enjoy your little beaded glass vase!

I hope you have a Happy 4th of July. I will be remembering those who have sacrificed their lives while protecting our country. And a very special thank you to all of our soldiers and their families who continue to serve in the military.

P.s. Anyone have any ideas what to do with 45 little glass bottles?

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  1. Julia
    Julia says:

    Silly me never thought to check bottle size. Just left craft store with some not so tiny. My plan is to make them using your idea for my “girls” as we do Christmas from the Heart. These can hang form the kitchen window or wherever they decide. All gifts are handmade not store bought. Love the idea!

  2. Carolyn holcombe
    Carolyn holcombe says:

    I love your idea. I will put ivy or similar plant stems in and let them grow. Not very many blooms in a super hot Texas yard! I would love to find some little jars like these. Meanwhile I saw a site yesterday where a lady painted old spice jars with pastel glass paint, baked them, then strung on wires, different lengths to make an outdoor wind chime. Used beads n curls like you did. Filled with water and blooms for outdoor parties. Thanks for sharing. Carolyn

  3. KAREN
    KAREN says:

    These are so Pretty, Thank You for sharing. would you know of a craft site I could purchase these bottles from? Would love to make these for my Daughters Wedding Shower.

  4. La Vonne
    La Vonne says:

    What a cute idea, luv it! I’m not able to find the lil’ jars, is there a site on-line that I could buy them?


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