Gifting Ideas

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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #1 – Using Elmer’s Holiday #GlueNGlitter Supplies

Every year I try to come up with new and creative ways to wrap Christmas gifts for my friends and family. For me, making beautiful packages is almost as fun as opening the gifts Christmas morning. In fact, I usually invite a few friends…
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Tree Branch Ornaments by Laura Makes

Today I have a special guest with a special holiday project. Laura is going to show you how to make those adorable tree branch ornaments! But, first, let me tell you a little about Laura. This is Laura with one of her four fur babies! Laura…
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Sewing Snowflake Box Bottom Gift Pouches

Gift pouches are super easy to make. You can use fabric, cloth napkins, or even a pair of pajama pants or boxers* (see bottom of this post)! I made pouches using fabric that I stenciled with Martha Stewart stencils and the roller top…
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Coffee Lover’s Snowflake Gift Set using Martha Stewart Craft Stencils and Paints

Looking for a gift for those hard to buy people on your list? Or simply an inexpensive gift for your child's teachers? I found the perfect gift while grocery shopping. Our local Kroger had Illy ground coffee and tumbler sets on clearance.…
Make Your Own Terrariums
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Make Your Own Terrarium and Save Hundreds of Dollars

  Terrariums are making a comeback in home décor. Gone are the octagonal mirrored terrariums. They have been replaced by sleak apothecary jars, tall cylinders and lidded glass vessels (to name just a few shapes.) Twig Terrariums…
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Paint Chip Wrapped Present

I've officially caught the paint chip bug! How about you? Have you seen all that can be done with those FREE* paint chips?! The possibilities are almost endless. (*Please use consideration when taking paint chips. Try not to take more than…
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Sharpie Stained Markers – Making a Keepsake Baby Shirt

Sharpie just sent me a new line of markers they just released. They are called Stained by Sharpie. The markers are permanent fabric markers and let you get creative on anything fabric, canvas or cloth. They couldn't have arrived at a…
Spraypainted Bottle Vases
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Spray Painted Glass Jars and Bottles

I have a real problem throwing away perfectly good glass jars and bottles. To me they are little craft gems waiting for me to transform them. With Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation coming up, I decided to turn some of our recycled bottles…
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Creating Silhouetted Gifts

Now that the Christmas hype has died down and my cold has lost its grip on my sinuses, I'm back with a quick little tutorial on creating a special silhouetted gift for your child. Thank you to my dear Pretty Handsome Guy for his guest post.…
creative gift wrapping
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #6

This is it, the last day of my Creative Gift Wrapping Tutorials. I saved these adorable silhouetted animals for last. Snowy Polar Bear Materials:   Wrapping paper White card stock paper Snowflake hole puncher Key tag Satin ribbon Jingle…
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #5

Welcome back. If you are up for some more creative gift wrappings, let's get going. Hanging Ornaments Materials:  Wrapping paper Curling ribbon Buttons Snowflake Embellishments Hot glue gun Elmer's glue Circle template: jar, glass,…
Chalkboard Tags for Gift Wrap
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #4

What happens when you have more gift wrapping ideas than presents? I guess I could go buy more presents, but I think Pretty Handsome Guy might not be too happy about that. So, I'll have to stick with just six days of Creative Gift Wrapping.…
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #3

Today I have two creative gift wrapping ideas that have a more natural feel. Perfect for the eco-conscious recipient in your life! Rosemary Gift with Bells Materials: Brown paper bag or wrapping paper Fresh cut rosemary Red ribbon (fat) Smaller…
Clustered Butterfly Gift Wrap
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #2

Welcome back! I have some more creative gift wrapping for you today. Next up at the wrapping station: Clustered Butterfly Gift   Materials: Wrapping Paper Wire Ribbon Butterfly hole puncher Colored scrapbook paper or other colored…
Snowman Gift Wrap
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Creative Gift Wrapping Day #1

The last few years I found myself up late on December 24th frantically wrapping presents, not exactly the way to get into the spirit! This year I knew I wanted to do it differently. These are the three things I wanted to happen: I wanted…
Sew Mini Gift Pouches from Napkins
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Mini Gift Pouches from Napkins

Oh the quandary of what to get my boy's teachers, the sitter, and all those other important people in our lives. Usually I take the easy way out and buy gift cards. Well – okay – I'm still going to give the gift cards, but this year I wanted…
Sew Mini Gift Pouches from Napkins
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Birdhouses with Style

Our preschool silent auction is today. Every year I donate a one-of-a-kind birdhouse to be auctioned off. I never spend more than $3 on the birdhouse and usually buy the unpainted versions at Michael's or ACMoore. Then I get creative by hand-painting…