Our preschool silent auction is today. Every year I donate a one-of-a-kind birdhouse to be auctioned off. I never spend more than $3 on the birdhouse and usually buy the unpainted versions at Michael’s or ACMoore. Then I get creative by hand-painting a scene and add unexpected touches to the house – thus creating birdhouses with style.
2008 – Jardin da Girasoli de Vendere “Vendor of Sunflowers”

Painting sunny sunflowers and some green grass gave this birdhouse a sunny garden look. I added a gold spigot for the new perch. Using a spade bit in my drill, I cut a hole slightly smaller than the spigot, then simply screwed the spigot in place. For added stength I coated the threads with some E-6000. Can anyone guess what the roof tiles are made from? They are canvas shims! Those are the freebie scraps if wood that come with a painter’s canvas! Painting them bright red took the little birdhouse from cute to bidding war worthy!

2009 – Red & White Bird Silhouette Round House

I apologize right now for the condition of this picture! Obviously this is the only picture I took of this cute little abode. The birdhouse was a $2 find at my local Goodwill. The roof was detaching and it was painted an ugly 90’s hunter green and burgundy. I gave the house a good cleaning, then glued and nailed the roof back on. After a fresh coat of primer and white paint, I hand-painted the bird motif and the roof and base. The perch is a curtain rod screw (that holds the rod in the curtain rod bracket). Then she received a little green ribbon and a silver bell on the top. So simple, but one of my favorites!

2010 – Christmas Time, Snow and a Pinecone Roof
Another unpainted house picked up at Michael’s. This house got some serious head turning attention with a pinecone plank roof, white snow, glitter, and a stick for a perch. The tutorial to make this birdhouse can be found here.

The back has a large Christmas tree decorated for the holidays. I hope the birds appreciate it.

To protect all my birdhouses from the elements (should they really be “for the birds”), I coated them with a few coats of polyurethane.

I know that some of you might be thinking you can’t do this, but let me float some ideas for you. Instead of decorative painting try:
  • Mod Podge Wallpaper on the sides
  • Mod Podge Fabric to the sides
  • Use a stencil
  • Search the web for picture inspiration and trace it onto your birdhouse.
  • Use painters tape to create stripes
  • Let your little ones decorate the house with paint

So, how much do you think my pinecone roof birdhouse will fetch today? I hope more than $3!

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  1. JAMES R.
    JAMES R. says:

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS Ma’am!!!

    For those who may be thinking, “I can not do that!!!”
    I have a few more ideas.

    after the wallpaper on the sides(on a small scale, wallpaper is really hard to mess up-meaning it’s easy to put on, especially if it’s pre-glued)

    Instead of trying to paint the trees,birds, etc., on the sides, what about Decals?
    Usually all you do is get them wet & place them wherever you want them….
    and decals come in just about anything you can imagine. if you can dream it, then there is either a decal of it or one can be made of it.

    Wooden shapes of birds, trees etc. paint these in your choice of colors solid or detailed), then after the paint dries, use exterior wood glue to glue them to where ever you want on the bird house…and you’ll have a 3-D effect!

    If you can dream it, you can do it…just remember, there is never any rush to get the project finished.

  2. Su
    Su says:

    I have a birdhouse for you for 2011. . .I found a pair of birdhouse bookends at a yard sale for $2. . .thy still had the Dilly Dally price tag on them. . they retailed for $70. I used one in my house and have another one that I tried to paint and I got frustrated. .I want to give it to you for 2011!! Love the art on 2010.. the tree and wreath .wow!! But my favorite is the bird silhouette. . .

  3. Christa @ Stories of a House
    Christa @ Stories of a House says:

    Oh, the talent. I am in awe of your abilities! I laughed at the spigot – how clever! I can't decided which one I like better, but what a neat additions to your school's silent auction! This will be the first year I contribute something similar.

  4. Just this... Alice
    Just this... Alice says:

    And to think i thought the front and roof was pretty…..until I got the the photo of the back. Oh my that is one special birdhouse that would never see the elements if I were there to bid on it to add to my collection. You did an outstanding job as usual. Thanks for sharing. btw they are all beautiful birdhouses.

  5. Denise
    Denise says:

    HI- I stumbled upon your blog today- and WOW. I always knew you were artsy but My goodness! You are amazing. I look forward to seeing all the projects you are up to! Hope you are all well!

  6. Erin @ Two Story Cottage
    Erin @ Two Story Cottage says:

    I love birdhouses! You did a great job with yours. So creative! You will have to let us know how much it goes for…that pinecone roof is awesome.


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