Welcome back. If you are up for some more creative gift wrappings, let’s get going.

Hanging Ornaments
Wrapping paper
Curling ribbon
Snowflake Embellishments
Hot glue gun
Elmer’s glue
Circle template: jar, glass, compass


Wrap your present in wrapping paper.
Using your circle template, trace different sized circles on colored paper and/or wrapping paper. Cut out the circles. Lay them onto your package with a few buttons to determine the desired layout.
Cut curling ribbon to the lengths needed to meet the ornaments and glue them with Elmer’s glue onto the package. Glue the ornament circles and buttons next using hot glue. Add stickers or snowflake embellishments on top of the circles. Finish by tying some bows with the curling ribbon and attach them just above the ornaments with hot glue.
“Deck the Halls”
Here is my girlfriend, Renee’s ornament package.
I love the little “x’s and o’s” she added for her daughter.
Musical Snowman 
Wrapping paper
Printed sheet music (do a google image search for: sheet music)
Snowflake hole puncher
white or scrapbook paper
Snowman sticker or embellishment
Elmer’s glue
Limber up those thumbs and get to work punching out mini snowflakes. Or better yet, let the kids do it (my boys had a ball making all these snowflakes.)
Wrap your package as you normally would. Using a solid color or wrapping paper with less detail seems to work best.
Tear the printout of sheet music to make the snowy hill. Lay it on top of the package and crease the edges so it wraps around the box.
Glue on the music sheet first. Then layout your snowflakes and snowman and glue them on.
 Feel free to add snowflake embellishments or circle hole punches if you want.
Tomorrow is the last day of my SIX days of Creative Gift Wrapping.

Click HERE to see an adorable polar bear and dove!

5 replies
  1. Danyett
    Danyett says:

    All of your gift wrapping ideas are fabulous. I think I spend more time on the wrapping than the thoughts behind the gifts sometimes. The silhouette idea is perfect for my grandchildren. I think I will even try chalkboard spray so they can save them and put them up in their rooms. Thanks.


  2. lifeyasadiywifey
    lifeyasadiywifey says:

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!!! So cute! …In fact, I have a favor to ask! I have a gift basket for the person I drew to be secret santa for this year. I made a super cute warm-color themed (off whites and hunny bee color) spa set gift basket. Thing is: I have no clue how to wrap it. I could do the big fluffy surround wrap clear sullofang style (spelling? uh…?)!!! But, that's really flashy?! Its is proper to put it in a bigger box maybe and wrap that?….hum….help? 🙂 thanks!

  3. Baye
    Baye says:

    Who knew wrapping could be fun? Well, you did and now I do. I cannot wait to share these ideas with the rest of the family. They THOUGHT I wrapped well. Wait til they see some Brittany-inspired packages! I'm loving this!

  4. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    You are very creative and take such care with your presentation of gifts. I try to take the easy way out and put presents in gift bags whenever I can!


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