DIY inspirational Farmhouse Decor Ideas - Featured Image square

DIY inspirational Farmhouse Decor Ideas - Featured Image squareInspirational DIY Farmhouse Decor

Many of us are still in love with the farmhouse style of decorating. It’s warm, relaxing and full of character. Farmhouse style is a mixture of old and new pieces, bringing in a rustic and vintage feel, but not excluding shiny and new. Here are 31 Inspirational DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas that you can make for your home. You will love these beautiful and affordable ideas!

rustic roman numeral DIY ClockMake this DIY Rustic Roman Numeral Clock using a wooden round and clock stencil.


how to build a modern farmhouse bench Build a Modern Farmhouse bench to go with your table or on your front porch.


leanord media console by lazy guy diyNeed a space for your TV? Build this Leonard Media Console for extra storage.


diy rustic caddy with branch handleCreate this Rustic Caddy with a Branch Handle to hold a pretty flower display.


farmhouse family birthday sign by where the smiles have beenCreate this Farmhouse Family Birthday Sign and never forget a birthday again.


diy side tableBuild a DIY Side Table using gray stain to give it a weathered farmhouse look.


farmhouse style plant holder by jenna kate at homeAdd some beautiful greenery to any room with this Farmhouse Style Vertical Plant Holder.


easy diy farm animal cutting board by spain hill farmCreate these cute animal shaped cutting boards to decorate your farmhouse kitchen.


diy produce rackCute and functional, this DIY Produce Rack is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen.


Farmhouse Cake Stand by Making it in the MountainsMake a gorgeous cake stand to display in your farmhouse dining room.


IKEA Hack farmhouse window mirrorTurn a plain IKEA mirror into this beautiful Farmhouse Window Mirror.


diy window wall cabinet by timeless creationsBuild this DIY Window Wall Cabinet using an old farmhouse window frame.


king size headboard Create a Rustic Wood Headboard for your farmhouse styled bedroom.


farmhouse kitchen sign by michelle j designsAdd a DIY Farmhouse style Farmers Market Wooden Sign to your kitchen wall.

diy flowerbox centerpiece by hazel and gold designsAdd a Farmhouse Style DIY Flowerbox Centerpiece
 to your dining table and add flowers for greenery.


rustic bathtub trayBring the farmhouse look into your bathroom with this DIY Rustic Bathtub Tray.


DIY wood shutter shelf by Salvage Sister and MisterRepurpose an old shutter into this amazing DIY Wood Shutter Shelf that just screams farmhouse.


modern farmhouse picture frameTurn an old picture frame into this Modern Farmhouse Picture Frame design.


DIY Rustic media center by pinspired to diyBuild this DIY Rustic Media Center to decorate beneath your wall mounted TV.


farmhouse clock by vanderveen houseLearn how to make this DIY Rustic Clock from an electrical cable spool.


farmhouse style corbel shelf by hazel and gold designsMake a Farmhouse Style Corbel Shelf as a beautiful and functional addition to your wall.


Rustic Wood Cake Stand | Pretty Handy GirlDecorate your kitchen or dining with this beautiful Rustic Gray Cake Stand.


wire memo board by making it in the mountainsCreate this beautiful DIY Chicken Wire Memo Board for decorating or organizing!


diy herringbone table by our bright roadA gorgeous DIY Herringbone Table is perfect for your farmhouse dining.


diy tobacco basket by red cottage chroniclesLove tobacco baskets but don’t love the price? Make this DIY Tobacco Basket for your mantel or shelf.


farmers market box for cookbooksWhite wash an old wooden box to create this DIY Farmers Market Wooden Box for visible storage.


DIY Farmhouse wreath with wood backingThis DIY Farmhouse Wreath with Wooden Backing is beautiful decor for any room.


Weathered Wood Plank Wall by Pinspired to DIYThe perfect farmhouse addition is a DIY Weathered Wood Plank Wall.


farmhouse fireplace makeover by lovemysimplehomeBring farmhouse into your home by creating a Fireplace and Wooden Mantel Makeover.


diy farmhouse cotton stems by making manzanitaCotton stems are on trend! Make your own DIY Cotton Stems for a fraction of the new price.


diy wood lantern farmhouse by hazel and gold designsDIY Wooden Lanterns give a great farmhouse feel to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

I hope you liked this collection of inspirational DIY farmhouse home decor. The greatest thing about DIY projects is being able to customize them for your space, so I hope these ideas sparked some creativity and helped you discover some ways you can bring the farmhouse style into your home. Let me know what you think!

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Hi, I’m Sheri from Hazel + Gold Designs. Here are a few fun stats about me: I like love chocolate and peanut butter (together of course.) If you like stats, I have been crocheting for about 16 years, crafting for 20, and woodworking for about 4 years. I found a passion in making and being creative and began documenting my projects online at Hazel + Gold Designs.

When not working on projects, I enjoy spending time with my husband, four children, perfect dog, and ornery cat. You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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Rustic Wooden Caddy with a Branch Handle

Spring is right around the corner and I’m itching to cut some fresh flowers to bring inside. I love displaying them in jars placed inside rustic wooden caddies. Making a little caddy or tote out of salvage wood and branches can be an easy beginner DIY project. But, it’s also satisfying for experienced woodworkers looking to use up some old scraps or upcycle an old wooden box. Here’s how to elevate a simple wooden box into something more quirky and special by adding a branch handle.


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)

I happened to be browsing through a yard sale and spotted a sad little box begging for me to buy it and give it a new life:

How could I say no! It was only $3. I couldn’t leave it at the yard sale in its sad burgundy dust-covered state. I brought it home so it could sit in my garage collecting more dust. (This happens more often than I’d like to admit. It’s a sickness I have.)

Using the pry bar and pliers, I pulled off the lid of the box and removed any nails.

Then I had a basic box to work with. You can use this tutorial to create a simple box if you don’t have one.


Cut upper handle supports out of 1×3 or other scraps. Clamp them inside the box.

Pre-drill holes and drive wood screws through the sides of the box and into the vertical supports.

Now it the time to finish the wooden caddy using your choice of paint or stain. (I like to create a rustic look using a relatively dry brush and by letting some of the wood grain show through your brush stokes.)

While the paint is drying, use a hack or coping saw to remove any bumps or burrs from your branch.

Measure the ends of your branch and select the spade bits that are closest in diameter to your branch (you want the holes to be equal to or wider than the branch.)

Drill a hole into each side of the vertical handle supports.

Insert the branch into the side of the caddy. You might have to experiment with which direction to install the branch.

Fill some jars with flowers and set them inside the crate.

Set it out in a prominent spot in your home.

Enjoy your shabby chic crate, caddy, tool box, or whatever you like to call it.

Personally I can’t get enough of this branch handle:

I’m curious, would you have bought that little dusty box too?!

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Make a Driftwood Gift Crate | Pretty Handy Girl

Make Your Own Driftwood Crate

21 ways to reuse or upcycle an old sweater featured image

21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an old sweater - Pinterest Image21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an Old Sweater

Decorating for winter doesn’t always have to mean decorating for the holidays. Have you ever thought about reusing an old sweater to make winter decorations? Sweaters represent warmth and coziness. Implementing them into your decor can bring those same attributes to your home. Here are some fantastic ideas on how to reuse or upcycle an old sweater to make something new!


DIY Sweater SnowmanCreate this adorable Snowman for your winter decorations using a sweater and bags of rice.


wine gift bag from old sweater

Give the gift of wine wrapped in an awesome upcycled sweater.


Make Your Own Fall Wreath from a goodwill sweaterCreate a Fall Wreath from a sweater to add a cozy feel to your decor.


Create Felted wool roses tutorialShrink a wool sweater in the dryer and use it to create felt roses.


DIY Sweater turned into a lampshadeMake a gorgeous chic lampshade using an old sweater with a cool design.


10 minute tooth fairy pillow Create this 10-minute Tooth Fairy Pouch from an old piece of sweater.


create garlands out of wood sweatersMake these gorgeous wool garlands from old upcycled sweaters.


Make a cozy looking centerpieceHow cute is this sweater vase for a winter centerpiece on your dining table?


sweater covered potUse a patterned sweater and repurpose it into this cute plant pot cover.


Cover lampshade with sweater coverCreate some coziness in your room by covering this lampshade with a white sweater.


no sew sweater pumpkinThese no-sew sweater pumpkins are quick and easy additions to your fall decor.


turn sweaters into pillow coversCreate some DIY pillows using old sweaters and have endless variety of pillow designs.


ottoman from sweater Makeover a storage ottoman with a nice old sweater.


Cushion your camera strap with this upcycle sweater idea.


sweater wrapped vaseHere’s a tall version of sweater wrapped vases.


christmas ornaments made from sweatersUse old sweaters to make these adorable christmas ornaments.


diy felt rug from sweatersCreate a psychedelic rug using sweaters cut into strips.


diy sweater sleeve into pumpkinTurn sweater sleeves into these adorable pumpkins for your fall decorations!

Or if you still want to wear that old sweater this fall and winter, here are a few creative ways to re-use them:

upcycle goodwill sweaterRe-size and Dress Up a sweater from Goodwill with felt flowers.


Make leg warmers really quickly from a cute old sweater.


turn old sweater into winter hatTurn an old sweater into a winter hat in just minutes!

I hope you enjoyed all of these ideas on how to reuse or upcycle an old sweater. They are such creative and fun ideas! Please be sure to save this post on Pinterest so you can find it easily again and share via social media if you would like. Here’s a great photo for Pinterest:

21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an old sweater - Pinterest Image

Hi, I’m Sheri from Hazel + Gold Designs. Here are a few fun stats about me: I like love chocolate and peanut butter (together of course.) If you like stats, I have been crocheting for about 16 years, crafting for 20, and woodworking for about 4 years. I found a passion in making and being creative and began documenting my projects online at Hazel + Gold Designs.

When not working on projects, I enjoy spending time with my husband, four children, perfect dog, and ornery cat. You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

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DIY Pencil Vases

DIY Back to School Pencil Vase

Last year my son’s teachers asked for a pack of pre-sharpened pencils. Instead of just giving them a box of pencils, I wanted to give his teachers something prettier than a box of pencils. When I found a colorful package of pencils, I knew I was on to something. After some  sharpening pencils it was time to get creative.


(I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. I earn a small percentage from a purchase using these links. There is no additional cost to you. You can read more about affiliate links here.)


Remove the label and clean your recycled glass bottle. Dry it thoroughly. Apply double-stick tape to the top and bottom edges of your bottle.

Lay one pencil onto the bottle vertically. Press it against the tape for a temporary hold.

Continue adding pencils around the bottle. At about 1/3 – 1/2 coverage, slip a rubber band around the middle of the bottle over the pencils. This will help hold the pencils in place.

Continue adding pencils until the bottle is completely covered.

Choose a coordinating washi tape and tape one end of the pencil stack.

Press the tape firmly against the pencils and repeat along the bottom edge of the pencils.

Remove the rubber band.

Fill the bottle with water and add some flowers.

Deliver this beautiful DIY Back to School Pencil Vase to the recipient.

You might have to convince them it’s okay to remove pencils as needed.

Either way they look cute on the desk for a while.

Here’s a video tutorial to show you how easy it is to make the back to school pencil vases:

Like this idea? Pin it for future reference (and to share the love):

DIY Pencil Vases

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50 plus pallet wood projects you can make Pinterest Image

50 plus pallet wood projects you can make Pinterest Image50+ Pallet Wood Projects You Can Make!

Do you have a spare pallet lying around from that last large shipment? Or maybe you know somewhere to get free or inexpensive pallets? If you do, here are more than 50 Pallet Wood Projects that you can make with your own two hands!


Bread Crate Cubby Display Shelves

Create Bread Crate Cubby Display Shelves for any room in the house.


How to Create a New Tabletop from Pallet Wood by Shoppe No 5

How To Create A New Table Top instead of throwing out a table.


DIY Pallet Bookshelf by LollyJane

Make a DIY Pallet Bookshelf for your kids’ bedroom or an office.


DIY Wine Glass Carrier by Art is Beauty

Make this gorgeous rustic DIY Wine Glass Carrier to use when serving your guest a glass.


DIY Worm Compost Bin by SweethingsHave you ever tried composting? This DIY Worm Compost Bin For Vermicomposting is an awesome idea.


Pallet Potting Table by Refresh RestyleBuild this Pallet Potting Table to help you complete your gardening goals this year.


How to Build a Wood Deck Cooler by Fox Hollow CottageMake a Wood Deck Cooler before your next outdoor party.


Super Easy Pallet Couch DIY by Boondocks BlogKeep your pallets mostly intact and make this Super Easy Pallet Couch for some cozy outdoor lounging.


How to Make a Pallet into a Round Circle Shape by Fox Hollow CottageLearn how to Make Pallet Wood Into A Round Circle Shape that can be used to decorate any room.


Build this clever DIY Pallet Shelf to help turn your house into a HOME.


Coastal Whale Palette Art by Fox Hollow CottageCreate this DIY Whale Silhouette Coastal Pallet Art if you love bringing the feel of the beach into your home.


Before December arrives make this festive Scrap Wood Christmas Tree.


Start Being Awesome Typography Art by House of HepworthsCreate a “Start Being Awesome” Typography Art for your home as a motivating reminder to all.


DIY Coastal Whale Coat RackThis DIY Coastal Whale Coat Rack would be perfect for a beach home.


DIY Nautical Pallet Wood Coat Rack by Artsy Chicks RuleAn alternative option for a beach-themed home would be this gorgeous DIY Nautical Pallet Wood Coat Rack.


DIY Rustic Pallet Frames by Little House of FourDisplay your favorite photos with these beautiful DIY Rustic Pallet Frames.


Rustic Wooden Advent Calendar made from Pallets by Hazel + Gold Designs

Another holiday project, this Customizable Rustic Wooden Advent Calendar is a great way to countdown in December.


Reclaimed Wood Wall Hook Vase by Pretty Handy GirlBuild this Reclaimed Wood Wall Hook & Vase to add some functional beauty near your door.


Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray by Pretty Handy GirlA Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray would be the perfect luxurious addition to your bathroom.


How to Make a Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign by Pretty Handy GirlDecorate your holiday mantle with a DIY Vintage Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign.


DIY Farmhouse Sign by Making ManzanitaDIY Farmhouse Sign With Pallet Wood And Repurposed Lug Wrench


Build a Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece without Power Tools by Pretty Handy GirlLearn how to Build A Vintage Produce Crate Centerpiece full of rustic beauty for your tablescape.


How to Make a Driftwood Gift Crate by Pretty Handy GirlMake A Driftwood Gift Crate to take your next gift to a whole new level.


Painted Wood Pallet Garden by Pillar Box BlueHow To Make A Beautiful Painted Wood Pallet Planter for your yard or porch.


Install Pallet Bookshelves by Where the Smiles Have BeenHow To Make And Install Pallet Bookshelves With Knobs to organize your kids’ books and toys.


Pallet Art Shark by Sand and SisalAdd some edgy Shark Pallet Art to your wall.


Printed Map Pallet FrameMake A Stunning Printed Map Picture Frame to display your ever-changing family photos.


Pallet Blanket Ladder by Farmhouse Made Store and display your favorite blankets on this Easy Pallet Blanket Ladder.


DIY Potting Bench by Amber OliverCreate an amazing DIY Potting Bench like this to work at every year when springtime arrives.


Pallet Planter Privacy Screen by Designers Sweet SpotPallet Planter And Privacy Screen is a fun way to block others’ view to your patio.


How to Make Farmhouse Style Pallet Wood Frames by Create and BabbleHow To Make Farmhouse Style Pallet Wood Frames for a rustic and colorful touch to your decor.


DIY Outdoor Couch Pallet Project by Amber OliverAdd some comfort to your patio with this modern style DIY Outdoor Couch.


Flower Planter Box from Pallets by A Turtle's Life for MeMake a huge statement on your front porch with these Flower Planters using Free Pallets.


Create Rustic Wood King Headboard by Pretty Handy GirlUse a few pallets to Create A Rustic Wood King Headboard for your bedroom.


DIY Nautical Towel Rack by Pretty Handy GirlIf you have a pool, make this DIY Nautical Towel Rack to keep things organized poolside.


DIY Feather Art by Pretty Handy GirlCreate some rustic and beautiful DIY Feather Art. 


DIY Framed Pumpkins by Pretty Handy Girl

Make these DIY Framed Pumpkins, perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving!


How to Install a Scrap Wood Wall by Pretty Handy GirlLearn How To Install A Scrap Wood Wall to create a gorgeous accent wall in your home.


pallet love - pallet wood ideasHere are a bunch of DIY Pallet Projects By East Coast Creative.


Building Porch Swing with Pallet Wood by Pretty Handy GirlCreate a DIY Porch Swing Using Pallet Wood for your outdoor oasis.


DIY Pallet Slat Bin by Pretty Handy GirlCreate a DIY Pallet Slat Bin to hang on your door or use as a centerpiece.


rustic pallet serving tray by pretty handy girlCreate this gorgeous Rustic Pallet Serving Tray for your next brunch or party.


Make an Air Conditioner Screen with Pallets by Pretty Handy GirlMake An Air Conditioner Screen From Pallets to hide that ugly beast of an appliance.


DIY Pallet Plaques by Oh My CreativeThese cute DIY Pallet Plaques are perfect for displaying photos.


DIY Pallet Coffee Table by The Merry ThoughtBuild this stunning and rustic DIY Pallet Coffee Table for your living room.


Tropical Pallet Living Wall by A Piece of RainbowLove vertical planters? Make this DIY Tropical Pallet Living Wall.


DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter by DIY CandyBuild some beautiful storage with this DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder With Planter.

DIY Distressed Headboard How To Make A DIY Distressed Headboard for a beautiful rustic addition to your bedroom.


Super Easy Pallet Sofa Table by Twelve on MainMake A Super Easy Pallet Table for a huge conversation piece in your living space.


Pallet Wood Wall Hooks by Love and RenovationsThis DIY Kids Wall Hooks From Pallet Wood would be great, much-needed storage for any kids room!


DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Flag

Show your patriotism this July by making a DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Flag.

Now that you’ve been inspired, here’s how to harvest that pallet wood:

How to Salvage Wood From Pallets How To Salvage Wood From Shipping Pallets.

I hope you got some great inspiration from all of these pallet wood creations. Re-using pallet wood is a great way to save money and get a unique rustic feature for your home that you built yourself! Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear in the comments. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this post! Pin this image so you can refer back to this post!

50 plus pallet wood projects you can make Pinterest Image

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