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21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an Old Sweater

21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an old sweater - Pinterest Image21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an Old Sweater

Decorating for winter doesn’t always have to mean decorating for the holidays. Have you ever thought about reusing an old sweater to make winter decorations? Sweaters represent warmth and coziness. Implementing them into your decor can bring those same attributes to your home. Here are some fantastic ideas on how to reuse or upcycle an old sweater to make something new!


DIY Sweater SnowmanCreate this adorable Snowman for your winter decorations using a sweater and bags of rice.


wine gift bag from old sweater

Give the gift of wine wrapped in an awesome upcycled sweater.


Make Your Own Fall Wreath from a goodwill sweaterCreate a Fall Wreath from a sweater to add a cozy feel to your decor.


Create Felted wool roses tutorialShrink a wool sweater in the dryer and use it to create felt roses.


DIY Sweater turned into a lampshadeMake a gorgeous chic lampshade using an old sweater with a cool design.


10 minute tooth fairy pillow Create this 10-minute Tooth Fairy Pouch from an old piece of sweater.


create garlands out of wood sweatersMake these gorgeous wool garlands from old upcycled sweaters.


Make a cozy looking centerpieceHow cute is this sweater vase for a winter centerpiece on your dining table?


sweater covered potUse a patterned sweater and repurpose it into this cute plant pot cover.


Cover lampshade with sweater coverCreate some coziness in your room by covering this lampshade with a white sweater.


no sew sweater pumpkinThese no-sew sweater pumpkins are quick and easy additions to your fall decor.


turn sweaters into pillow coversCreate some DIY pillows using old sweaters and have endless variety of pillow designs.


ottoman from sweater Makeover a storage ottoman with a nice old sweater.


Cushion your camera strap with this upcycle sweater idea.


sweater wrapped vaseHere’s a tall version of sweater wrapped vases.


christmas ornaments made from sweatersUse old sweaters to make these adorable christmas ornaments.


diy felt rug from sweatersCreate a psychedelic rug using sweaters cut into strips.


diy sweater sleeve into pumpkinTurn sweater sleeves into these adorable pumpkins for your fall decorations!

Or if you still want to wear that old sweater this fall and winter, here are a few creative ways to re-use them:

upcycle goodwill sweaterRe-size and Dress Up a sweater from Goodwill with felt flowers.


Make leg warmers really quickly from a cute old sweater.


turn old sweater into winter hatTurn an old sweater into a winter hat in just minutes!

I hope you enjoyed all of these ideas on how to reuse or upcycle an old sweater. They are such creative and fun ideas! Please be sure to save this post on Pinterest so you can find it easily again and share via social media if you would like. Here’s a great photo for Pinterest:

21 Ways to Reuse or Upcycle an old sweater - Pinterest Image

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  1. Barbara Warner
    Barbara Warner says:

    Great ideas Sheri! Love the lamp shade covers and those rolled flowers are gorgeous! I like the footstool reupholstered also. You’ve shared some lovely ideas about upcycling a sweater. Love the pumpkins!

  2. Faith Moore
    Faith Moore says:

    The Lampshades flower pots leg warmers wow so cool I love your ideas and documenting what a great idea I need to do this two I am huge fun making and creating many many things thank you so much, Faith

  3. Claire Armstrong
    Claire Armstrong says:

    I love to repurpose sweaters, as you can see from my rug and Christmas ornaments. Great round-up so many cool ideas.


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