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16 DIY Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas

16 diy built in storage and shelving ideas pinterest imageBuilt in storage and shelves are a great way to create an attractive home that is as functional as it is beautiful. Built-ins maximize the space you can use in your home and make it easier to keep organized and clutter free. Here is a collection of 16 DIY Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas to help you come up with ways you can upgrade your home this year with built in storage!

16 DIY Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas:

build a floating tv shelf

Learn to build this modern and sleek a floating TV shelf that doesn’t take up much space but offers great storage.


coat rack made from an old door

Add some beautiful hanging storage to your wall by building this Coat Rack made from an Old Door.


install scrap wood wall with built in ledgesAdd warmth, character and display space by building this Scrap Wood Wall with built-in ledges.


upgrade laundry room with flow wall cabinets and slat wall

Upgrade and organize your laundry or storage room with a Flow Wall cabinets and slat wall.


Glass Window Shelves

Add storage without sacrificing sunlight by building some Glass Window Shelves.


Install Rain Gutter BookshelvesOrganize kids books and keep them in view by installing these simple and functional Rain Gutter Bookshelves.


Industrial display shelves

Add some small decor features to your room by installing these Industrial Display Shelves.



Repurpose your space and turn a Spare Closet into a Reading Nook.


Build a Children's Closet Library

For a quiet kid zone, build this Children’s Closet Library to make great use of unused wall space.


Sports Gear Storage Shelf

Tackle your sports equipment by building this Sports Gear Storage Shelf within a small unused space.


Built In Storage and Shelving IdeasBuild full Chalkboard Front Storage drawers for your pantry to organize and easily find any item you need.


built in decorative shelf

Add some simple elegance to a room by building this Built-In Decorative Shelf.


shelves using corbel brackets

Take your decor up a notch by adding gorgeous Shelves Using Corbel Brackets for storage. Don’t let a tile wall stop you!


built in shoe shelves

Don’t search for missing shoes any longer, organize your closets by building these DIY Built-In Shoe Shelves.


build a wall mounted hutch

Upgrade your office or kitchen storage by building a beautiful Wall-Mounted Hutch.


Thvintage ruler stops for narrow pantry shelves

Make great use of small space by building these Narrow Pantry Shelves with vintage ruler stops.


I hope these DIY built-in storage and shelving ideas inspire you to maximize the space you have available in your home and create a more organized and clutter free space for your family to enjoy!

16 diy built in storage and shelving ideas pinterest image

Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas

Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas
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Built In Storage and Shelving Ideas

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