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Laundry Room Reveal using Flow Wall

TGIF! Our spring break is officially here. Sadly I’m not going to Cancun to party it up like a bunch of MTV teenagers (As if!). But, I am hanging with two guys! My two little guys that is. I’m looking forward to crafting a little bit with them and maybe catch up on some sewing. My boys both like to sew. They also like to build with hammers. That’s my parenting mission at work. I vow to teach them to do everything that I know how to do no matter which gender that talent is associated with.

But, enough about me, what you are really here to see is the laundry room reveal! Before I give you the whole 5′ x 8′ tour, I want to show you how the Flow Wall cabinets and shelving are installed. Because you aren’t going to believe how easy it was. Before installing the cabinets, I installed the slat wall in no time!

The cabinets were shipped flat and need to be assembled, but there are detailed directions included. And if you’ve ever put together any flat packed furniture, this will be a breeze.

Each cabinet comes with four metal brackets that tilt into the Flow Wall. I inserted the hangers into the Flow Wall panel and gave them a skeptical glance.

Having just installed cabinets in my garage using a french cleat system, I wasn’t ready to trust those little metal brackets. I lifted the first cabinet (and was very relieved that I could lift them myself without assistance) and lined up the metal bar spanning the back of the cabinet over the brackets. The photo below shows the cabinet seated in the brackets and after I installed one shelf (which is hung after the cabinet is installed.)

Then I gently let the cabinet slide down until it was seated into the brackets. I might have yelled out “Suhweet!” Because — honestly — that was the easiest cabinet installation I had ever attempted. Plus, they seem solid and held up to my test of pulling on them!

I saved the best part, they are totally repositionable! Slide them side-to-side. Or remove them and move the brackets. No screws, no nails, they are easily reconfigured.

By sliding the one cabinet flush against the wall, I had room to install a twin next to the first.

The doors are attached with a hidden hinge. The white coated doors are hard and glossy, which means they should be a snap to wipe clean!

After the doors were installed, I simply added the two handles. Again, everything was super easy and the directions were easy to follow.

And the shelves? Easy peasy! Simply slip the top of the mounting bracket in and then lower the shelf until it snaps into the bottom ridge.

The wire shelves can be removed and re-installed infinite number of times. This allows for customizable storage on the fly.

Like the shelving, these translucent storage bins simply slip into the grooves to hold supplies you reach for on a regular basis.

Here is my laundry room Flow Wall in all its nakedness. Shhh, don’t tell Flow Wall that I shared naked photos of their products online.

You can look back, I’m sorry you had to avert your eyes. Here they are loaded up with my somewhat excessive collection of vases.

The other cabinet has room for all our beach towels and workout “stuff”.

There is enough open storage for everything I need to grab while doing laundry. And yet, it is conveniently hidden in the Flow Wall décor bins.

Speaking of the décor bins, check out this cute little storage cube that turns the bins into drawers.

The bins also come in a jumbo size which is perfect for hiding all my DIY Laundry Detergent supplies!

The Flow Wall shelves are coated so they make an excellent drying rack for rags waiting to be laundered.

More storage than you can shake a stick at.

I really love that the smart tile adhesive tiles work with the new wall color.

 Two of my favorite additions to the room are the sunny yellow chandelier…

…and this sign I bought at Carolina Pottery (my new favorite discount decor spot.)

I had some leftover pieces of Flow Wall panels that I installed on a short section of wall.

Just enough room to hold cleaning and dusting supplies.

The valance is still just the loose fabric draped over the rod. But, hopefully one day soon I’m going to make it a faux roman shade.

Okay, just one more look at my new laundry room wall. Do you remember the before?

And now the ahhhh-after:

Can you believe it is the same room? Yeah, me either. I absolutely adore the Flow Wall System and I’m thanking my lucky stars that they offered to send me their products to try.

Disclosure:  I have been compensated for my time and received the Flow Wall System compliments of Flow Wall. However, the ideas and words are all my own. I was not told what to write. I believe you have the right to know when a post is sponsored. Regardless of whether a post is sponsored or not, I believe in honesty, truthfulness, and complete transparency in my posts.


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  1. Liz rodriguez
    Liz rodriguez says:

    I have just viewed your Laundry room, fell in love with it, I am especially interested in the fabric you used in your window. Would you mind telling where I can purchase some of that fabric? The designer, name of print… I have been looking everywhere for the right fabric to complement my wall color and I know that will work perfect. Thank you.


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