Habitat ReStore Brain Exercises and Being on Channel 11 in Atlanta, GA

Special thanks to Becky from Organizing Made Fun for taking these photos.

For some reason, I like to spend my birthday at a Habitat ReStore. In 2010, I spent the morning wandering the aisles at the Raleigh ReStore. And this year, I gave a talk at the Atlanta ReStore.

During my talk at the Atlanta ReStore, there was a rogue cameraman who started following me around after the talk. I saw him ducking in and videoing while I was touring the store and sharing what I see in my mind when I look at gently used donations. Next thing I knew, he was interviewing me for the Ways to Save segment on 11Alive. There is a little article on their website about Easy Home Improvement Projects for Women, but as you know I believe that there isn’t a home improvement project that is too hard for women (so I cringed a little at the title.)

One of my readers, happened to capture the video segment when it aired and uploaded it to YouTube so y’all can see it here. A BIG thank you to Lori!

Being at the ReStore is one of my favorite things to do. Not only can you get some good deals, but I like to think of it as brain exercises. I love to challenge my brain to come up with some creative re-uses for the items. Do you want to see what I see? Here are two posts I created to help you see what’s in my head.

Re-imagining at the Habitat ReStore

What Do I See at the Habitat ReStore

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend. I’m not sure about your locale, but it has been hot, hot, hot here! Today is supposed to be up to 102F again.

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  1. judy more
    judy more says:

    oh yeah almost forgot I found this great site from tipjunkie.com [the branch towel holder]I have a branch that set this whole thing going and my hubby keeps say I do not how you are going to put it up with it looking dumb,cant wait for him to see you post on that

  2. judy more
    judy more says:

    Oh my goodness !! We descovered our restore about 3 months ago,I am redoing my very small and weird main bath and we got the wallpaper,vanitiytop sink anf gold faucet,the paint and my super light plus some little extras all from our restore here in utah.and I only spent like $25 total.I always find fun things to sraft with and it is my hubbies heaven on earth,he can spent hours in there.we are going to be redoing the wall around the tub/shower with tiles from there ae soon as we save up for the sheet rock.and we save all our cans for them.we are taking the old vanitiy back there too,it is in really good shape just to big and stuff for us.we love this store.

  3. katie
    katie says:

    So awesome that they did a tv interview with you too… added bonus! I too cringe when people make a sexist like title, but I guess you should be flattered!?!?! Keep up the great work!

  4. Jeff Patterson
    Jeff Patterson says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! That’s awesome you got on the news Brittany. Hopefully more people will visit your site and be inspired by some of the great projects you’ve done. Stay cool.


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