3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Container gardening is easy and great for instant color gratification. But, it’s especially fun to find “unconventional” objects to use as a planter. You may have noticed my little red wagon planter in the Landscaping 101 post. My 3 Step Little Red Wagon Planter is sure to bring color to your landscaping while also providing some fun and whimsy. Plus, it’s easily rolled to a new spot if you want to change your view. But, the best part is, you can make this planter in 3 steps!


  • Drill
  • Large drill bit
  • Little wagon or other container
  • Rocks
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Hand trowel


Step 1: Drill several holes in the bottom of the wagon for drainage.

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Step 2. Add a layer of rocks to the bottom of the wagon to assist with drainage.

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Step 3. Add a layer of good potting soil or dirt to the wagon. And you’re ready to fill your planter!

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

I added some impatients, but any outdoor plants would be happy in this little red wagon.

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

The wagon is a perfect mate for my ivy topiary.

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

But, it also likes to travel and visit the other potted plants.

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl

Do you have any interesting containers that would make great planters? I’m always looking for new idea. Please share them with me in the comments!

3 Step Wagon Planter Tutorial | Pretty Handy Girl


Have a great week y’all!



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Three Step Red Wagon Planter | Pretty Handy Girl

11 replies
  1. Amy Trottier
    Amy Trottier says:

    I had an epiphany while cleaning out our pole barn earlier this week, “Oh, my teenage daughter’s old Red Radio Flyer wagon would make a great planter for my Inpatients which are spilling out of their containers.” I checked the prettyhandygirl.com website, and magically, my idea in full color reality! Thank you Very Helpful Girl!
    Amy Jane

  2. Hannah Golden
    Hannah Golden says:

    I am new to gardening and keeping plants alive—but I have a wagon I want to fill with flowers and thought this was a helpful tutorial. What do you do when the flowers die or are not in bloom anymore? Do you have to replant every season or will they grow back after the winter? Thanks!

  3. gale
    gale says:

    I found a few old metal washtubs at a shop that sells antiques. They had holes in the bottom so they were cheap and they look all beat up and dented and full of character! I’ve planted a zucchini in one and some gerbera daisies in one so far. Planning to put pansies in one. I love the wagon idea-I think we might have an old wagon in our shed somewhere. I also have an old milk can I want to put some plants in somehow. I have an old tonka truck that belonged to my 15 yo son that I’m hoping to plant hen & chicks plants in someday.

  4. Cassie Thompson
    Cassie Thompson says:

    I love this idea! I’ve tried something similar in the past with an old wheel barrel, but it didn’t seem to be deep enough for the flowers I planted. Do you have any trouble with that?

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      Cassie, Because I used impatients it wasn’t an issue. They don’t have long roots. I can see where some plants wouldn’t work, but pansies and low growing annuals are perfect for this.


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