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26 Brilliant DIY Coaster Ideas

26 brilliant DIY Coaster Ideas square imageAdd some personality to your home and prevent those awful rings on your tabletops by making some coasters to place under every drink! Here are 26 brilliant DIY coaster ideas to inspire you and show how you can use a variety of materials to create some really cool coasters in any decor style.

26 DIY Coaster Ideas

diy oilcloth drink coasters by pretty handy girlLearn how to make these DIY Oilcloth Drink Coasters that you can use both indoors and outdoors.


diy woodburned trivets and coasters by pretty handy girlUse cork and stencils to create these awesome Woodburned Coasters for your table.

diy mermaid tile coastersIf you love beach or mermaid themed decor, make these magical DIY Mermaid Tile Coasters.

diy watercolor wooden coasters from the handymans daughterLearn how to make these DIY Watercolor Wooden coasters to add some beautiful color to your room.

fabric wood coasters by pretty handy girlAdd some patterns to your room with these fun DIY Fabric Coasters.

turk head knot coasters by nourish and nestleUse some cotton rope to make these amazing Turks Head Knot Coasters.

scrabble diy tile coasters by green with decorDo you love words? Create these Scrabble Tile DIY Coasters for your next gathering.

mosaic glass coasterUse small glass tile mosaics to create these modern easy-to-make Mosaic Tile Coasters.

diy arrow wood slice coasters by house of hawthornesPersonalized Rustic Wood Slice Coasters would be so fun for your next dinner party.

map tile coasters by hazel and gold designsMake note of places that you’ve lived or loved with these Geographic Map Tile and Resin Coasters.

gold and marble coasters by pretty handy girlGold and Marble Coasters would make a gorgeous addition to your modern space.

diy arrow wood slice coasters by house of hawthornesA fun rustic option would be these DIY Arrow Wood Slice Coasters.

diy agate look ceramic tile coasters by rachelteodoroMake these natural looking Faux Agate Tile Coasters with alcohol inks.

decoupage coasters by hearth and vineUse some old paper or napkins to make these beautiful Decoupage Coasters.

diy scented coastesr by lemons lavendar and laundryMake some clever DIY Scented Coasters using essential oils.

coastal tile coasters copper patina by table and hearthIf you love coastal style, these Copper Patina Tile Coasters would be perfect for your space.

marble coastersIf you have extra tiles lying around, make something like these DIY Marble Coasters.

heart shaped fabric coasters by create and babbleThese Easy to Make Fabric Heart Coasters are a perfect way to use up some small fabric panels.

Dollar store flower coasters by crafty lumberjacksCreate these elegant glass Dollar Store Flower Coasters.

make metal washer coasters by smart fun diyCreate something unique by making these Metal Washer Coasters.

beach themed coasters with mason jar lidsUse some gloss glaze to adhere these awesome pieces and create a Beach Themed Mason Jar Lid Coaster.

quick and easy diy drink coasters Make these quick and easy DIY Drink Coasters for your next cocktail party.

diy farmhouse style coasters by a home to grow old in Tiles and black paint make the perfect canvas to make these DIY Farmhouse Style Coasters.

diy marbled clay coasters by craving some creativityMake these DIY Marbled Clay Coasters with any color combination you want.

concrete coasters by Brittany GoldwynYou will not believe how simple it is to make these chic Concrete Coasters.

diy painted rope coasters by practically functionalUse some rope to make these fun DIY Painted Rope Coasters for your summer parties.


I hope you found some helpful ideas in this roundup of DIY Coaster Ideas to help add some functional beauty to your room or next party. Remember to click over to each site for the full tutorial. Please pin this image on Pinterest to share with your friends!

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