Millie’s Remodel: Mini Demolition Update

Millie's Remodel Mini Demo UpdateMillie’s Remodel: Mini Demolition Update

I know it’s been a few weeks since you had an update on the Millie’s Remodel project. If you’re wondering who is Millie and what am I doing to her, you can read more here. Otherwise, let me give you the latest update on mini demolition and share the state of Millie’s Remodel.

With a few family vacations and several weeks of meeting with subcontractors, progress has been slow on the house. However, as you’ll see in my video, there has definitely been progress, but I still have more to do.

Anyone who has been involved in demolition knows a few things about demolition are for certain:

  • It’s fun and great for getting out bottled up aggression.
  • It’s hard work and can give you a better workout than a CrossFit workout.
  • It can be unpredictable and you risk opening a can of worms (or a wall full of razor blades. True story!)
  • Sometimes you discover more damage than you anticipated and have to do more demo.
  • Demolition feels like you are moving backwards instead of making progress.
  • Once you finish demolition, hopefully it’s all progress and building back from that point.

Since purchasing the house, I sold the carport immediately! After the carport was hauled away, the only thing left were several anchor rebar stakes sticking out of the driveway. I must have tripped on them a dozen times until I finally took care of them. It was a quick task cutting them off with my grinder. (Frankly I always like the opportunity to make sparks fly, so I’m not sure why I waited almost two weeks to remove them.)

grind rebar from driveway

The old refrigerator was also easy to sell and the man who picked it up was more interested in poking around the house and giving me his opinion about everything (insert my eye roll here.) He had no idea I’m a general contractor and didn’t need his mansplaining.

Unfortunately, I’m still trying to sell the brand new range. It’s black and has never been used, but I’m replacing all the appliances with stainless steel appliances.

My plumber showed up a few weeks in and helped get the water heater and dishwasher disconnected. He scared the bejeezus out of me by cutting the live electrical wire to the dishwasher because the circuit for it wasn’t labeled. Talk about flying sparks! Luckily we’ll be wiring and plumbing the entire house to bring everything up to code (and you know I’ll label those circuits clearly).

Are you ready for another tour of the Millie’s Remodel project after mini demolition? I can’t wait to give you the plans for the future layout and show you one last look before the major changes happen. Also, I’m giddy about my haul from our local Habitat ReStore! It’s going to really help with my renovation budget!

Watch this video for the mini demolition video and tour of the house:

What did you think? Would you reglaze the tub or replace it? What do you think about my ReStore treasures?

Keep in mind you can always follow the day-to-day snapshots of the project on my Instagram account. And I try to give a weekly Facebook Live update on Fridays (although this week it was on Saturday.) Of course, you definitely want to subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my videos before the blog posts go live:

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Get ready for the next update, it’s gonna be big. I’m all dressed up and ready to bring it to you!

But, I may have shed several pounds after sweating in this get up for two weeks.

Thank you to the sponsors of Milllie’s Remodel for helping me give this old gal a makeover!

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  1. Mary Porter
    Mary Porter says:

    I can relate to this remodel. 2 yrs ago we bought our 1955 ranch. The kitchen and bath were priginal. Dirty. I freaked. Rushed into a remodel. I wished I had just given it a good scrubbing and stepped back. Love my flooring(Tarkett). Grey barnwood cushioned sheet vinyl. Easy on the feet. White cabinets. Should have spent the extra money on a better grade. Butcher block counters. Love them. Stainless steel appliances. Not. Would have gotten white. Hate the stainless. Have hand made grey crackle subway tiles. Would have gotten something else. Used same cabinet in bathroom. Took out tub(not original). Put in fiberglass walk in shower. Wanted tile. Couldn’t afford it. Furnace was original. Replaced with high efficiency gas and central air. No matter how careful I was with purchases,it added up quick. I was horrified. Kohler faucets. Wood floors need refinishing but that won’t happen. Overall a nice little house.


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