Wood Burning Cork Trivets - Great Gift Idea!!!
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DIY Wood Burning Trivets and Coasters

DIY Wood Burning Trivets and CoastersDIY Wood Burning Trivets and Coasters

Hi there, Pretty Handy Girl readers! I’m Vineta from The Handyman’s Daughter, back with another tutorial for you! Every time we host Thanksgiving dinner, we seem to run out of trivets and coasters before the turkey hits the table. This year, I’m solving that problem by making a set of trivets especifically for Thanksgiving!

By using a wood burning tool, instead of paint, the design won’t be transferred to the bottom of a hot plate or glass. These trivets would make a great hostess gift if you’re not hosting the feast this year!


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Guess what! This was my first time wood burning, yet it was really easy to learn. If you can color inside lines, you can do this!

Brush off any loose cork from the surface of your coaster or trivet. Center your stencil on top, then trace around the outside edge with a pencil.

Trace around the edge of the stencil onto your cork trivets or coasters.

Remove the stencil and touch up any spots that are hard to see.

Remove the stencil to reveal your stenciled design on the cork trivets.

Open a nearby window before you start. Wood burning cork can create some smoke, and you don’t to set off the fire alarm when you have a hot tool in your hand!

Set your wood burning tool to medium heat. (The guide I used recommended a medium-high heat for burning cork.) Personally, I’d suggest staying on the lower heat end for more control over the color.

Use the tip of the wood burning tool to fill in the small penciled areas.

Use the tip of the wood burning tool to fill in small areas on your cork trivet design.

Use the tip to outline larger areas. Once the outside edge is done, fill in the centers. Slowly drag the flat edge across the surface to burn it to your desired color. The cork will flake off if you burn it to a crisp, revealing a new layer underneath. Just repeat the process with a little less heat.

Outline the edge of larger areas with the tip of the woodburning tool.

Combine multiple stencils to create new designs!

Combine multiple stencils together to create new designs on your cork trivets.

Use the flat edge of the wood burning tip to create crisp, straight lines. Drag the wood burning tool from the edge to fill in the rest.

Use the flat edge of the wood burning tip to create crisp, straight lines.

Keep the wood burning tool as vertical as possible. If the side gets too close to the cork, it will start to burn and ruin the design. Luckily, I bought some extra trivets.

Keep the tip of the wood burning tool upright, so it doesn't burn the wrong place.

For the larger cork trivets, I cut out a few stencils with my Silhouette machine. You could easily print a design on paper and cut it out too!

Create stencils with a cutting machine or make your own out of paper.

The designs really stand out on the larger cork trivets! I love how this pumpkin turned out.

This pumpkin cork trivet is perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving themes!

I’m especially pleased with this Thankful design. I could use it year round.

Make Thanksgiving themed cork trivets for your next family get together!

No more water rings on your coffee table this Thanksgiving. . .

These Thanksgiving coasters will keep your coffee table free of water rings!

. . . or burn marks on your dining room table!

Protect your dining table with these Thanskgiving cork trivets!

Wrap up a set to give as a hostess gift, or keep them with your Thanksgiving decor for next year!

Wrap up your Thanksgiving themed trivets and coasters as a hostess gift!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    I love this tutorial! I tried wood burning on wood slices, but it didn’t go well. Cork might be easier. Thanks for the great idea! Hopefully, I’ll have some great DIY Christmas gifts this year.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    I’ve seen some wood burning that has color. Do you think this is just painted? If so, after the wood burning, do you think it would be easy to paint. I have the wood burner, not to find the time! Thanks for your tips. I’m a Minnesota girl and love your blog….


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