25+ Art and Craft Boredom Busters

With the world looking at impending quarantine and school closures, I bet you’re wondering how you’ll keep boredom at bay. Have no fear, I’m here to share a bunch of DIY art and craft ideas you can do with (or without) children. I hope some of these projects brighten your day. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these craft projects.

25+ Art & Craft Boredom Busters

25+ Art & Craft Boredom Busters to Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

If you’re on a quest to keep the kids entertained, I have more than 25 Boredom Buster DIY art and craft projects for you and your kids. This list should give you something to do over the next few weeks. Just a note that you may not have all the materials for these craft projects, but I urge you to think creatively about what you do have on hand and what you can substitute. If you find good substitutes, please share them in the comment section. Thanks and stay safe everyone.

Painting with Alcohol Inks | Pretty Handy Girl

Painting with Alcohol Inks has easily become my favorite mindless craft project. You don’t have to worry about perfection, just blow your stress away with this art.


DIY Leather Word Bracelet

I had a blast making these bracelets with my nieces. With some assistance, even little kids can make their own DIY Leather Word Bracelet.


Thumbprint Pillow | Pretty Handy Girl

Have some leftover plain fabric? Consider making beautiful Kids’ Thumbprint Envelope Pillows to keep or gift to someone special.


Monster Dolls Designed and Made by Your Kids | Pretty Handy Girl

Here’s another sewing project sure to please the kids that love their stuffed animals. Let your child design their own Monster Dolls and then sew it.


diy sewing projects to help you learn to sew pinterest image

Speaking of sewing, if you’re trying to skip over these sewing crafts because you don’t know how to sew. I have 25 DIY Sewing Projects to Help You Learn to Sew.



Oh, what to do with all those broken crayons? Wait, don’t pitch them! Why not make Melted Heart Crayons and then use them after they cool to make fun and colorful designs?


Cute Sock Snowmen | Pretty Handy Girl

Have a bin of single socks? Time to use up those solos and make cute sock snowmen! My mom came up with this project and I love how adorable her snowmen turned out.


Sunprints | Pretty Handy Girl

This was one of my favorite art projects involving nature. Take the kids for a hike in the woods and collect items to make Sunprints.



While you’re on that hike in the woods, look for some blooming flowers to make Pounded Flower Art Paper.


how to make glass bead magnets horizontal photo

I still use these Glass Bead Magnets on our fridge. The best thing is they are so easy to make and the kids will love choosing their own pictures to use.


If you liked the Glass Bead Magnets, you might like this upcycled bottlecap flower magnet craft. Add photos of the kids or other images inside the flowers.


Make a Summer Garden Flag from a Dollar Store Placemat | Pretty Handy Girl

With summer just a season away, why not make a colorful Summer Garden Flag using a placemat (or leftover fabric.)


Home State Pride Spring Garden Flag | Pretty Handy Girl

If you liked the summer garden flag, you might really like this state pride garden flag.


Sea Shell Memory Game | Pretty Handy Girl

Learn how you can make your own Sea Shell Memory Game with the kids and then let them play the game. This is an easy craft you can make using almost anything you have lying around if you don’t have seashells. Use bottle caps, or just cardstock paper.


Dragonfly Garden Decor using a Dollar Store Whisk and Skewer | Pretty Handy Girl

This DIY Dragonfly from a Whisk and Skewer was a fun craft project to make with my friend’s kids. All it took was a skewer and a whisk.


block print tea towel

Have some plain pieces of fabric or tea towels lying around? Why not make Potato Block Prints to decorate plain tea towels or cover stained ones.



If you have washi tape and a full recycling bin, you have at least an hour worth of time spent making these Easy Washi Tape Vases.


It's inevitable your little ones will get bump or bruise. Make them a Boo-Boo Bear to sweeten those tough times by Prodigal Pieces www.prodigalpieces.com #prodigalpieces

Little ones always seem to get bumps and bruises. This adorable Boo Boo Bear Ice and Heat Pack is a cute project you can make with your kids (and they can be comforted by it after their next fall.)


how to make a yardstick star

 If you have some extra yard sticks (or scrap lathe wood), you can make these stylish DIY Yardstick Stars.


Spring is here and this is the perfect opportunity to dress up a plain wreath you have lying in storage. All you need is some scrapbook paper and buttons to create this one-of-a-kind Spring Paper Flower and Button Wreath.


Spray-Dyed T-shirts | Pretty Handy Girl

This was a really fun project I created with the kids one summer. If you don’t have plain shirts or RIT dye, use fabric and watered down acrylic paint. Anything goes with this fun Spray-Dyed Shirts craft project. Best of all, you can get the kids outside (to keep the mess to a minimum.)



The weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor activities today? Why not create this temporary Indoor Hopscotch with Painter’s Tape.



Sure the holidays are months away, but you can still make fun little Wine Cork Deer or other animals using this simple tutorial.



Want to get creative and make a storage solution at the same time? If so, you’ll love these creative block pen, pencil, or paintbrush storage blocks. The block construction is probably better left to an adult but the kids can safely decorate these blocks.



Have a plain (or stained) shirt laying around? Why not let the kids go to town making Doodle Shirts.



One of my favorite crafts that takes almost no effort are these Decorative Glass Jar Votives made with recycled jars and scrap paper and tissue paper. But, you can decorate them with anything you have on hand thin enough to be seen through.


Farmhouse Painted (chalk like paint) Jar Vases | Pretty Handy Girl

Still have some leftover jars? Why not paint them with chalk paint and add some fresh flowers to cheer up your day (or a friend’s day.)


Magnetic Mailbox Cover | Pretty Handy Girl

Mailbox looking a little dull? If you have car magnet material, you can make this Custom Painted Magnetic Mailbox Covers.

Still looking for more things to do? Why not organize those craft supplies with one or more of these Creative Art Supply Storage Solutions.

Do you have some great boredom buster ideas to share? Please share them in the comments below. I know we could all use some good ideas to keep busy over the next few weeks.


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25+ Art & Craft Boredom Busters


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