Beautiful ideas for DIY Rain Chains - Featured Image square
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Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains

Beautiful ideas for DIY Rain Chains - Featured Image square

Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains

Do you know what a rain chain is? They are an attractive alternative to those boring downspouts connected to our home’s gutters. Downspouts are incredibly beneficial since they help direct the draining of water during a rain storm. But, let’s be frank, unless they are gorgeous copper round downspouts, they don’t look great. But, did you know there’s a more beautiful solution? Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be wowed.

Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains

What do you think about those pretty rain chains instead of a downspout? Love them? What if I told you it is possible to make your own rain chains using various materials that you may have lying around the house.

Here are 21 awesome DIY Rain Chains you can make!

how to make a beautiful copper rain chain

Make a beautiful copper rain chain with leaf shaped pieces cut from thin sheet metal.

stock tank and rain chain by joes happy hour

Create this tranquil and pretty outdoor water feature using a stock tank and rain chains.

copper ring diy rain chain

Make this copper ring DIY Rain Chain using copper tubing.

diy mini pot rain chain

Use mini terracotta pots to create this fun DIY Ombre Rain Chain.

diy cookie cutter rain chain

Add some whimsy to your yard with this DIY Cookie Cutter Rain Chain.

copper wire and stone DIY rain chain

Use copper tubing and stones to make this beautiful, natural rain chain.

galvanized buckets into rain chain

Turn these cute galvanized buckets into a DIY Bucket Rain Chain.

Dollar General Rain Chain buckets

If your budget is tight, consider making this DIY Plastic Cup Rain Chain.

glass and copper diy rain chain

Learn how to make this stunning DIY Glass and Copper Rain Chain.

DIY Funnel rain chain

Make this DIY Funnel Rain Chain using aluminum funnels and chain.

bent silverware rain chain

Repurpose old silverware by bending it and creating this funky DIY Silverware Rain Chain.

succulent rain chain

Do you love succulents? Add more to your life by making a DIY Copper Rain Chain Succulent Planter.

vintage spoons rain chain

Wire vintage spoons together to make this DIY Bent Spoon Homemade Rain Chain.

watering can rain chain

Create a fun and bright rain chain for your garden using dollar store watering cans.

plastic yogurt cup rain chain

Have kids help you show your love for the environment by creating this DIY Reused Plastic Yogurt Cup Rain Chain.

Create a Key Rain Chain with a large collection of old keys.

shower hook rain chain

Use old shower hooks to create this DIY Hook Rain Chain. 

neon zip ties rain chain

Have extra zip ties lying around the house? Create this amazing Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain.

tart tins and colored glass beads rain chain

Add whimsy to your yard by creating this DIY Tart Tin Rain Chain with colorful glass beads.

polished stone rain chain

Drill through polished stone to create this amazing DIY Polished Stone Rain Chain.

wrapped rock rain chain

Finally, here’s another Wire Wrapped Rock Rain Chain that would be gorgeous and easy to make.

I hope you loved this collection of ideas to make your own Rain Chain! Do you have other ideas for creating a beautiful rain chain for your home or garden?  I’d love to hear it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains

Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains
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Make Your Own DIY Rain Chains

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