You got a peek at my living room fall décor when I showed you how to make the book page oak leaf garland. As promised, I’ll let you see the rest of the room and how I decorated for Fall.

Before I invite you in, I have a confession to make. Until a few weeks ago, I still had my romantic Valentine’s Day décor up. Yup, it has been a busy year. I did some thinking last week and realized that January is the ONLY month in 2012 that I didn’t travel. Sad, but true. Pretty Handsome Guy joked that I went from 0 – 60 in terms of business trips this year. It was fun, but I’m ready to curl up in front of the fire and get caught up on some home projects. A recent email spurred me into decorating action: I was asked to curate a collection for Joss & Main. (Do you know about Joss & Main? They are an online site that hosts curated collections with a theme. And the prices are usually marked down for quick sale. For example, my good friend Stacy from Not Just a Housewife has a curated collection of home furnishings that fit into her Cottage Charm style.)

When I received this email, I was honored and perplexed at the same time. I asked the contact, “Are you sure you want me to curate a collection? I mean have you seen my furniture? Half of it is pulled from the side of the road.” Her reply was that they definitely wanted to work with me and that Cari Cucksey said the exact same thing when they contacted her. Well then, if they worked with Cari, I’d be honored to look through their catalog. And you know what? I was shocked to find plenty of yummy home goodies that fit into my chosen Warm & Weathered theme. Later this month the items that I selected will go live as collection that can be shopped from. I’ll give you a heads up later. As part of the process I had to submit lifestyle photos from my home. I sent some pictures, but really wanted to decorate my living room to fit the theme.

Here are some of the photos of my Warm & Weathered home for autumn.

Learn how to make your own map lampshade.

Directions for making your own book page ceiling medallion wreath.

Make your own Pottery Barn style lantern from a ReStore light fixture.

I’m in love with the woven rugs that are draped over the couch. My mom gave them to me last year and here is what she told me about their origin:

“The rugs were hand woven by Jakab Klara. She is a Hungarian Unitarian in our partner church village, Szentgerice, Romania. A minority group in Romania, but not Gypsys. In the village, the dirt floors are covered wall to wall with these long narrow rugs that overlap and are always handwoven by the women in the family. I admired the rugs when I visited Klara’s home, and she insisted on giving them to me. I know they took her many many hours to make and are very valuable. All cotton.”

Love, Mom
Can you imagine how beautiful it would be to walk into a small shanty that has these all over the ground? The imagery in my mind is breath-taking.

I used a smaller rug on our vintage slow cooker.

I’m partial to blue hydrangeas, but the green and purple tones work nicely for fall decorating.

The photos above the mantle are my images from a hike I took last year. I was tired of my old fall leaves framed print. Instead, I used the new Epson R2000 printer that was sent to me to try out. This sucker is big, but it prints up to 13″ x 19″ prints. Which makes it easy to print out poster sized images of your own photos! I measured the printer to show you how big it really is. Luckily it fit inside my office cabinet, but there wasn’t much room to spare:

I’ve been a fan of Epson printers for decades. What surprised me about this printer is that it uses a new eight color ink technology. The photos that it prints are definitely professional quality (in my non-professional opinion.) The only downside is that you have more ink cartridges to buy (and you know those ink cartridges aren’t cheap.)

You could look at the flip side and recognize that you are saving money by not paying for professional photo enlargements.

I didn’t even take the time to mat or frame my photos, just a few clothespins and I pinned them on the shutters.

I’m thinking it would be so nice to curl up in front of the fire with a nice hot cup of hot cocoa. The only thing standing in my way is the 90 degree heat and the humidity as thick as a wet blanket outside. ;-(

Have you decorated for Autumn? I’ve love to see what you have done with your home. Want to see how I decorated for Fall last year?


You might be interested in reading this post I wrote on 6 Simple Tips for Successful Seasonal Vignettes.  It should help make it easier to coordinate your decor and set up eye appealing vignettes.

(P.s. I apologize if you have or are having trouble commenting on my posts. I think I’ve fixed it, so feel free to tell me all that you’ve wanted to say this week! LOL!)

Disclosure: I was sent the Epson R2000 printer to try out. I was not paid or compensated for mentioning the printer. All the opinions and projects are my own.


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  1. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    Love that printer! Congrats on the curator collection at Joss and Main. I JUST signed up last week. I should have waited and signed up under you. 🙁 I have not done any FALL decorating because my house is decorated for Halloween (beginning stages). To me Halloween and Fall are two different things. I love Halloween so on Nov 1 I take it down and do the Fall decorating.

  2. shirley@housepitalitydesigns
    shirley@housepitalitydesigns says:

    Brittany…..I am so loving that book page leaf garland! It is just too darn cute!!…got to go back and check out the tutorial on the ceiling medallion flower!!…I have not begun to do anything for Fall yet…will start this coming weekend!!…I hope! Also, just love the artwork on the mantel…

  3. Jackie Rogers
    Jackie Rogers says:

    Hi Brittany,
    I went for fall shopping last week, probably would be done till December. You know I am such a lazy girl.
    Plus I’d say you have done a wonderful job for the fall, justified with the theme, and many best wishes for your new project with Joss and Main.

  4. Christine
    Christine says:

    I am SO glad you like the printer. I am very close to buying a new printer and the Epson that you have is very similar to the one I’m eying…Hope it works out well for you!


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