This past weekend I was able to make some serious progress on our laundry room. Yeehaw! Sometimes in order to make a room pretty, you have to make it uglier first. That was certainly the case with this project. If  you are just joining me, a few weeks ago the nice folks at Flow Wall sent me a custom wall system to install in the laundry room. The FlowWall system of storage will look something like this:

I started by boxing up everything in the room and storing it in our least used room (the dining room.)

Anyone else have one of these “unused” spaces? I think my dining room sees more use as a crafting room and catch-all room than it does dining.

If you have wall shelving like this, it is super easy to disassemble. Simply lift off the shelves; tap the undersides of the brackets with a hammer to release them from the track…

…and remove all the screws from the tracks. That was the easiest part of the demolition. And because the shelving is re-useable, I sold it to one of my neighbors.

I decided to “deep six” the boob light fixture. You’ll have to read Tracy’s and Beth’s posts to fully understand.

The room then got an ET style hazmat tent before I contined.

Up next…no my boys aren’t making me go prematurely gray.

But, the laundry room project is! Here is a sneak peek:

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  1. lauren
    lauren says:

    I love your inspiration board. I used the same fabric that you have for your window treatments in my kitchen. I just love it. I know you will love it in your new room too.


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