Welcome back to another 15 Minute DIY Gift Ideas! We’re on Day 3 and the gifts just keep comin’!

Sometimes the perfect present isn’t actually the gift itself. It’s how the gift is packaged. These quick and easy drawstring bags can be made to any size you want and can be filled with sweets, coffee or simply used instead of gift wrap. Best of all, the bag can be used long after the gift has been opened (and consumed!) Read more

10 days of 15 minute DIY gift ideas

December is here! Ack!!! Anyone else feeling the pressure? Did you buy gifts for everyone? Have you decorated? GAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Well, I’m here to help take some stress off your wallet and your to do list. Over the next two weeks I’m going to share with you gifts you can make in 15 minutes or less. There’s sure to be something for almost everyone on your gift list.

Meet me back here on Monday for the first tutorial. And stick around for all ten days! On Friday, December 14th if you still haven’t found an idea you like, I’ll set up a link party for everyone to share their own quickie DIY gift ideas!

It should be fun, wanna come?


I think 2012 could be named the year of DIY blogger authored books. So many fabulous bloggers have come out with phenomenal  books. Young House Love, Miss Mustard Seed, Ana White, and The Handmade Home just to name just a few.

For me this is a dream come true. Finally, the beautiful words and photos of my favorite bloggers are now in book format. Here’s a quick round up of three DIY books I think you’ll enjoy. You’ll surely want to add them to your holiday wishlist! Read more

Happy Independence Day America!

A few weeks ago I attended a birthday party for my niece at The Scrap Exchange in Durham. My kids had to drag me kicking and screaming out of there because I was in creative nirvana. There were all kinds of little gems of creativity. Bottlecaps, rolls of paper, extra tiles, scraps of fabric, stencils, etc. It was like being a kid in a candy store! One of the many things that caught my eye were these little glass vases. I brought a few of them to the register and the lady asked if I really only wanted three of them. Then she explained that they cost $1 each or $10 for the whole case!

So, I bought the whole case (it was a no brainer.)

But, what the heck would I do with 48 teeny glass bottles? I ended up using some to make these beauties. Read more

June is upon us, and that means that Father’s Day is just around the corner! Do you want to be the “birdie” of your hubby’s eye? Or maybe you want to give Dad a present that is above “par”! Well, I have a gift basket idea that is sure to be a “hole-in-one”! A golf gift basket! What could be better!

Instead of just presenting him with a gift certificate, why not have some fun and make him a golf themed basket as well. Read more