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21 Tips to Make Your Home Winter Ready

21 Tips to Get Your House Winter Ready21 Tips to Make Your Home Winter Ready

Are you ready for winter? I know, I know, fall just arrived. But, there’s no time like fall to get your home ready for the cold of winter. The seasons seem to pass us by in a flash. The warm nights making s’mores and catching fireflies are over and the chill starts to set it. It’s pumpkin spice everything and warm fuzzy socks. Before you can cozy up to the fire here are 21 useful tips to make your home ready for winter.

1. Having pipes freeze and burst is the absolute worst, make sure to Protect  Pipes from Freezing.

2. Hire a chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney.


3. Make sure that your outdoor furniture will survive the cold winter months. Here’s how to Clean and Cover your furniture for storage.


4. If you haven’t worn it all summer then you most likely won’t wear it next summer. Clean out the closets and reduce the clutter.


cut branches and trees before winter

5. Clean up your yard before winter and trim trees and branches on your property.


make your home winter ready, replace insulation

6. You don’t want your heat to escape your home. Make sure your insulation isn’t missing or coming down. Replace insulation where needed.


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7. If you are feeling a chill in your home your fireplace may be drafty and need to be weather sealed. Put an end to fireplace drafts to prepare for cool winter nights.


add weatherstripping to doors and windows, prevent heat from escaping to prepare your home for winter

8. Don’t let the heat escape from your home. Add weatherstripping to doors and windows.


Semi-rigid vs. flexible dryer duct | Pretty Handy Girl

9. Protect your home from fire and make sure to clean the dryer vent duct before winter.


10. Prepare for the coming winter by checking your smoke detector and following these smoke detector maintenance tips.


caulk cracks and gaps around doors and trim, prevent water from getting in home, prepare for winter

11. Keep water and cold air from getting in. Check your home and caulk cracks and gaps in siding and trim.


Turn the ceiling fan direction for winter to improve heat efficiency.

12. Make sure your fans are turned the right way to heat your home more efficiently.


Do You Open or Close Crawlspace Vents | Pretty Handy Girl

13. Know when your crawlspace vents should be open or closed.


14. Check your roof condition and make repairs or replace before winter.

How to Make an Old Water Heater More Energy Efficient | Pretty Handy Girl

15. Make your water heater more efficient this winter.


16. Clean your gutters and downspouts to avoid damaging ice build up.


Seal Gaps Around Pipes with GREAT STUFF | Pretty Handy Girl

17. Check around your crawlspace and under sinks to seal all gaps and cracks around pipes, vents and voids.


18. Don’t let your garage steal any more heating and cooling costs. Install weatherstripping on garage doors to raise the temperature.


Protect Spigot from Frozen Burst Pipes | Pretty Handy Girl

19. Protect your spigots from bursting. Cover spigots with these insulated covers.


20. Change your air filters to keep your heating system in top form.


Is Your HVAC Choking? | Pretty Handy Girl

21. Clear any vegetation around your HVAC system to keep it from choking.

Are you prepared for the cold of winter? Take some time to follow all 21 of these useful tips to make your home ready for winter?

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