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WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirlWORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

A few months ago WORX sent me their WORX Lithium Cordless Chainsaw with Extension Pole for a product review. Our property is very wooded and we have so many trees that I’ve lost count. I do know that they need pruning and maintaining on a regular basis (at least every six months.) I knew our yard was a good test environment that would put the JawSaw through a rigorous test on our hardwoods and ornamental trees.

Recently one of our smaller trees died and needed to be removed. I charged up the JawSaw battery and snapped it in place after it was fully charged.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

As is always the case, as I got closer, that little tree didn’t look so small. I honestly doubted I’d be able to use the JawSaw for this task. But, I was pleasantly surprised when the jaws fit around the trunk.

To work the JawSaw, you have to push the button with your thumb and pull the trigger at the same time. To start the saw moving, you push the handle in towards the shaft.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

The blade easily cut through the tree trunk. And within about fifteen minutes I was able to cut the tree down and cut it into manageable pieces.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

Next I added the pole attachment to trim branches up to 12 feet high. The pole slides into the slot near the black handle. The handle snaps into the handle clamp on the pole. The JawSaw handle needs to be pressed into the shaft and the red bar is inserted into the bottom to lock it in place.  The power pack slides into the battery slot on the JawSaw. The battery pack is then inserted below the handle on the extension pole.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

The pole extension has a 12 foot reach, but you will need to position one hand on the black shaft to operate the JawSaw.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

After positioning the JawSaw “jaws” around the branch…

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

…pull back on the black shaft to set the blade in motion.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

The JawSaw does all the work for you while you remain safely on the ground. I also like the JawSaw because it gives the user a safe distance from the blade. With a regular chainsaw kickback is always a concern.

Logs and branches can be cut directly on the ground because the “jaws” blade guard holds the blade just above the ground. You can’t do that safely with a regular chainsaw.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

The only negatives about the JawSaw is that you will need to have a battery charged ahead of time (but I much prefer the cordless vs. a corded yard tool.) And you are limited to a 4 inch cutting diameter.

Using the JawSaw on the extension pole is a bit awkward, but I don’t have the strongest arm strength. However, once the jaws are around the branch you don’t have to support the saw the entire time.

WORX JawSaw Review | PrettyHandyGirl

Overall, this is one yard tool that I’m happy to have in our tool shed. It is invaluable for safely removing limbs and cutting up small trees. I highly recommend the WORX Lithium Cordless Chainsaw with Extension Pole for tree trimming and small tree removal over a chainsaw.



Disclosure: This is a product review for the WORX JawSaw Cordless Chainsaw. I was provided with the tool at not cost to me. However, I was not swayed to write a positive review or write anything at all. This is NOT a sponsored post. As always I am very particular about the brands and products I choose to showcase on this blog.  

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  1. julianaemmaberntsen
    julianaemmaberntsen says:

    My husband bought this saw 2 years ago for Mother’s Day and he grabbed it a few times to see how well it worked. I didn’t use it because I was busy doing other things in the yard. This year all the yard work has fallen to me as my husband passed away on Thanksgiving. I have a son that comes and helps me but he has two kids and plenty to do on his acreage. My other son died of cancer 3 years ago. I have a daughter that has college, a daughter every other week. My grandson is busy getting for his wedding.

    So I dragged out this jawsaw. What a joke. You can only do 4″ trees, shrubs or whatever you choose. The two “jaws” are generally in the way if it tight quarters. Therefore, I have to take with me my large loppers, a pruner and that hopelessly designed saw. If you notice, there are no women actually using this saw. They have still photos but that is it. The battery is heavy when you take it out to charge it but the saw still is heavy.

    The saw is heavy, my Black & Decker cordless is lighter and easier to use. Pushing the orange handle in to get the blade to come out as you press the button and hang onto the handle is a feat to be admired. I have large hands for someone 5′ 2″ and I do CrossFit. I gave my kids choice of the 4 saws in garage and no one wanted the jawsaw. Now I hope I can find my Stihl saw as we keep cleaning the out.

    • Brittany Bailey
      Brittany Bailey says:

      I beg to differ, I like this saw for limb cutting and cutting down smaller logs on the ground. I have a STIHL chain saw too and do like that for cutting larger trees, but this one feels safer and easier to work with when I don’t want to be on a ladder.

  2. Terrence Fittrick
    Terrence Fittrick says:

    We purchase the JawSaw a few years ago and haven’t used it much until lately. We, like many others it turns out, had trouble keeping the chain on. We called Customer Service for help they were unhelpful to say the least. We will dump this tool as a bit of junk and can not recommend it. It seems like a good idea that wasn’t thought through.

  3. Kay
    Kay says:

    Thank you for continuing to teach us “how To”, and thank you for your tutorials as I am a visual learner and like to see the process. I am methodically unsubscribing from blogs that show me how much they have instead of “how to’s” I have changed a sink faucet with your encouragement. Thank you , K

  4. Feral Turtle
    Feral Turtle says:

    This looks like an amazing tool. We live on a heavily wooded farm and this would be pretty cool to have! I wouldn’t have to fill it with fuel or fire up the chainsaw for smaller branches.

  5. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says:

    How timely! Hubby & I were just talking about how to cut down a couple of limbs that are hanging over our future home site. We have a heavily wooded lot, and I’m sure something like this will be used a lot. Chain saws scare me, but this looks much safer. Thanks for the review, Brittany!


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