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You may sense a theme here, yesterday I talked about weatherstripping the garage. But, as the temps are dropping, it’s important to take some time to seal your home and eliminate drafts wherever they are lurking. One of the biggest offenders in our home was the fireplace. On cold nights, it is cozy to light a fire. But, on the evenings we didn’t light the fire, I had to bundle up in a blanket to combat the drafty fireplace. Even with the flue closed, it just isn’t weather tight.


The solution can be as simple as cutting a piece of rigid foam insulation to fit into the opening of your fireplace. If you want some more attractive ideas, you could wrap the insulation with fabric. Or use construction adhesive to attach thin plywood and wood slices to the fireplace insert like Pepper Design Blog did:

Another option would be to cover the insulation with black craft paper and draw a chalkboard scene on it:

Chalkboard fireplaceInspiration from Sophia’s Decor

Finally, if you want an attractive reclaimed wood fireplace draft stopper, you can build your own following my tutorial here.


At the very least you can cut a piece of rigid foam insulation to fit under the flue. Just remember to remove it before you light a fire.

Stay cozy and warm this winter.


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wooden fireplace cover to prevent drafts

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  1. Linda Gardner
    Linda Gardner says:

    I cut a piece of plywood for an insert covered it with black bristolboard, but it didn’t quite fit so I put black shoe polish around the edge. I didn’t want to paint in Feb. so l cheated . Stapled the bristol board to the plywood. Inserted it and placed the screen over the top. What a difference it made. I had already put foam insulation in a garbage and inserted up in the flew. Thanks for the hint.

  2. Candye
    Candye says:

    Interesting comment regarding the fireplace balloon. I’d never heard of them. This cover is the prettiest cover I’ve seen. Thank you so much for showing me how to do it! I can’t wait to try one of those pocket hole thingies! My neighbor has a constant supply of pallets and I think I know where at least one of them is going! I might even make them one for Christmas! What a great custom gift idea for my mother in law who has everything and doesn’t want more stuff. As long as there’s a good pull she should be able to manage it. You are brilliant!!

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    I have been using a chimney balloon for some years now and they really do work. You need the right size and they do need blowing up again occasionally but I think they are excellent.


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