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Bonus Room Plans to Convert to an Arts and Craft Room


Hello, this is Pretty Handy Girl reporting from the sick bay this week. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my trip(s) to the pharmacy and my hopes for those little pink babies:

That would be the infamous Z-pack that will hopefully kick this pneumonia to the curb. (If not, I think I might go out of my mind with boredom.) Sadly my body is sick, but my brain isn’t. So, the messages that it keeps sending me are: “Get up off your lazy butt! You have so much to do, you can’t just lie here in bed.”

But until I improve, this is where I must do my sentence:

At least I have the company of my good friends, Better Homes and Gardens.

But my painting partner is anxiously awaiting my return to work:

 That would be Buddy’s tail that doubles as a paint brush.

I had been working on our bonus room, as hinted at in my post about painting the ceiling fan to blend into the ceiling. But, my plans for the bonus room have been stalled until I can get back in the game.

I figured I’d let you in on some of the plans and the ideas I have. They involve this cluttered catastrophe:

And will hopefully alleviate the pain and suffering of this little art cabinet that shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

She usually gets emptied daily only to take up residence on the kitchen table.

Just before mealtime I spend a lot of time either yelling at the boys to put away their art projects or I end up shoving everything back into the cabinet and slamming the door before the avalanche of papers comes tumbling out.

And I have to admit, I’m not exactly an innocent crafter. Often times most of the time my craft projects are left strewn all over the dining room.

Finally the situation reached a breaking point. I put in a call to Flow Wall Systems with my plan to add some much needed storage. (You may remember Flow Wall from my beautiful laundry room makeover!)

They are truly the pros at storage solutions.

I want a bank of storage cabinets, shelves and bins along that back wall. The space doesn’t get much use besides the frequent head bonking. OUCH! It would definitely make the perfect spot to store all the craft projects and supplies.

As my Flow Wall order began its journey across the US, I began painting the room in anticipation of its arrival. Flesh colored floor to ceiling walls have been replaced by a white ceiling and Revere Pewter walls. I can’t wait to get moving on this project again. But until I get my energy back, the bonus room is in a state of limbo:

And the Flow Wall system has arrived and is being stored in the garage, anxiously waiting to be installed.

I also have some grandiose plans using this:

And I’ll also be using these:

And, I really can’t wait to see if my plans for this work:

 Can you be patient? Could you do a little get well dance for me? I could use some healing vibes right about…NOW!


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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    Be well! Looking forward to seeing this project unfold. I know how hard it is to want to finish something and not be able to physically. Hope it passes soon for your sake!

  2. Alice
    Alice says:

    Hi again,
    Darn, isn’t is a pain to be sick just when your plan starts to come together? Fear not, this is God’s way of making you take a rest. Take time to really get better . Every once in a while even superwoman takes a time out. Feel better soon.
    Alice G.

  3. Janet
    Janet says:

    As a lifelong chronically ill physically person, I feel your pain. Literally, as some of my illnesses are respiratory. When I spent 9 days in the hospital in April, they thought I had the P. word, but it wasn’t and I still needed 8 days of 2 IV antibiotics. So rest and do as you’re told!! If the Zpack doesn’t work you might need Avalox or a drug of its class. Your doctor will know what you’re talking about even if you’re faking it, lol. You can always google pneumonia and/or treatments. Hang in, hon, get better. The room, and your friends, will wait.

  4. julie
    julie says:

    We’ve had pneumonia here too. HORRIBLE. 10 days of fever for my 12 year old! Walking pneumonia for me. Lots of Doterra ON GUARD and antibiotics here too. Yuck. My brain has been just as lazy as my body though.
    Be well soon. Can’t wait to see!!

  5. Kim
    Kim says:

    Great ideas! I CAN wait to see the finished room. You take care of yourself, do everything your Dr says to do. I didn’t one time when I had pnuemonia, and put myself into the hospital for 2 weeks. Recovery back to 100% took me 3 months. Rest and drink those flujids! We want you healthy.

  6. Terri
    Terri says:

    I have the same room and I’m doing the same thing to it! I really need some ideas on what to do and now I know where to get them from. Sorry to hear your feeling bad.. get better soon and take care of yourself. 🙂

  7. Bev
    Bev says:

    Bless your heart! It’s the pits when you’re down for the count (physically), but your mind is running laps. 🙂 But just think what your room will be when you’re 100%. I can’t wait to see!!


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